May every day of new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you, your family and dogs!

We visited Dallas Karanstanski past week. He grew into beautiful male. More pictures of the dogs from our breeding are added on our web under their own folders (check under litters).

Gaia Karantanska, 14 months

Dallas Karantanski, 3 years

Don Karantanski, 3 years

And at the end few photos of Nuba and Diva from snowy Pokljuka. We really enjoyed the day!


We successfuly passed RO II exam with Diva last week. She was fully focused on me and was performing excercises with a lot of passion and energy, so I am really satisfied with our work. Competitions in category RO II are planned for us in next season. In the beginning of November Lona visited 2 international shows with Mateja. She is developing into very nice girl. And moreover Gaia Karantanska attended dog show in Genova (I). Judge was really impressed by her and awarded her with excellent 1 and BOB. What a great result for 1 year old girl! Congratulations!!!

With Diva after exam

Lona on dog show in Vrtojba

Gaia Karantanska, 1 year

Our BREED STANDARD description has been enriched with more pictures for easier understanding how typical swissy should look like. Enjoy! Big thanks to all who borrowed me pictures.


We have been very busy the last two monts, but during national holidays I finally found the time to add some of the most important news on our page. Hope you will enjoy your reading.
In the middle of October me and Matej with Nuba, Diva and Val attended one of the biggest German dog shows in Dortmund (Germany), where Val (Vilin Karantanski) achieved amazing result. Judge Jochen H. Eberhardt (D) awarded him with the best male and title Bundessieger Dortmund 2011. Congratulations Val. What a results in this year! He won 2 specialty shows (in Italy and Austria) and in addition also Bundessieger show, all of them in strong competition. We couldn't wish for more. On Sunday it was day to laze and have fun. We spent nice sunny day meeting 3 boys from our G-litter (Gandalf, Grof Patoche and Grant) and their owners in a beautiful natural park in the Netherlands. I was so happy to greet my "little ones" after one year. I would like to express big thanks to Ad and Lia, dear friends and owners of Gandalf, who kindly offered us accommodation during our stay in Germany. Moreover-my warmest thanks goes to all our puppy owners, who are taking the best possibe care for the puppies. Some pictures from our meeting are added below, but you can see more individual pictures from G-litter puppies in their folders HERE.

Vilin, Nuba, Diva Karantanska, Netherlands

Grof Patoche, Grant, Nuba, Diva, Vilin

Vilin, Diva, Nuba, Grant, G.Patoche, Gandalf

Lona has now new site on our web page ::HERE::, where you can read more about her. Mateja attended few dog shows with her lately and Lona was judged as very promising all times. She is growing up very fast and has full time job making people aroung her to smile watching her tricks.

Great news are coming also from Netherlands. Father of our D-litter, Baron, had eye examination last month and he is still PRA and cataract free (6,5 years old). We are very happy with this results.

Devil Karantanski won open clas on Czech club show, where 60 dogs were entered alltogether. He will be father of 2 very promising litters soon and till now he sired more than 10 litters.

Devil Karantanski

Baron (Laris Corbett Canis v.d. zuiderwaard)

Nuba, KD Krim, 2nd place in category ROIII

Besides show results, I have to mention also our latest working successes. In the middle of September and last weekend in October I attended two national Rally obedience competitions with Nuba and Diva. Yes-also Diva is now prepared to a level to attend competitions. In Maribor Nuba won in category RO III and Diva was 13th in category RO I. In Ljubljana was Nuba 2nd (with the same points as 1st placed (189 points out of 190!), but a little bit slower time) and Diva 18th. Despite the fact I only compete on 3 competitions during this season (and you could get points from placing on 5 competitions), Nuba managed to achieve amazing common result. With 2 first and 1 second placements in category RO III, she gained 3rd place in national championship for the year 2011. I am very proud on her! 6,5 years old and still in perfect shape and condition!


We participated in club show (VSSÖ Jubiläumsklubschau, Spital am Pyhrn, Austria) on Sunday and achieved excellent results with Nuba, Diva, Lona and Vilin. We actually won everything we could, despite quiet strong international participation. I have to mention the biggest success, which was without doubt Nuba's BIS (best in show) title. She really had her day this Sunday! Val become the best male and Diva won open class and was than beated from Nuba for best female. Moreover Val and Diva gained 3rd place in braces. I would like to say big thanks to judges Marie-Louise Bill (CH), Jelly de Jong (NL), Freddie Klindrup (DK), Lisbet Utke Ramsing (DK) and Dietlind Stingl (A) who awarded our dogs with highest prices. That is a big confirmation for us and our breeding. We had a great day in excellent weather and in very nice company. It was so nice to meet some old friends too. At the end I can only say "what a day"! I am looking forward to next shows.

Nuba (champion class): excellent 1, CACA, best bitch, BOB, BIS (best in show)
Diva Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CACA
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CACA, BOS (best male)
Marguerry's Belona (puppy class): very promissing
Diva and Vilin Karantanski, braces: 3rd place
With those 4th gained CACA, Diva and Vilin Karantanski became also champions of Austria in beauty. Both are now champions of 4 different countries what is also great result. Congratulations!

choosing best in show dog-Nuba on right

Nuba and happy me

Vilin Karantanski

Diva and Vilin Karantaski, braces

Marguerry's Bellona

Diva Karantanska


With my friend Živa Munih we wrote an article about our lovely breed-Great swiss mountain dog, which was published in Slovenian national cynologic magazine Kinolog. You can see the scan of article ::HERE::, unfortunately only in Slovenian language. I would like to say many warm thanks to Maud Velders, who helped us a lot with photo material. Many, many thanks Maud!

Devil Karantanski
; 2,5 years

Gaia Karantanska; 9 months

Devil Karantanski take part in 2 specialty shows and both times he achieved excellent results:
2.7.2011 Club show KCHMPP (open class): excellent 1, CAC, club champion, BOB
17.7.2011 NVP Mlada Boleslav (open class): excellent 1, CAC, national winner, BOB
Two shows, 2 nice winnings. Congratulations Pavla and Devil and many more success in the future!


Diva Karantanska and Lona

Marguery's Bellona (Lona)

In next days a very special mating is planned. Nuba will be mated with stud dog from abroad with amazing character. My expectations for this combination are big and I have my fingers crossed for nice puppies from this couple. At the end of August we are participating in specialty show for swiss breeds in Austria, which is organized to celebrate the 50 years of existence of the club (VSSO). Nuba, Diva, Vilin and Lona are all entered. We can't wait to meet our swissy friends again.


Ultrasound examination yesterday has confirmed my doubts about Diva's pregnancy-she is unfortunately not pregnant, so there will be no puppies in our kennel this summer. New litters are planned for autumn with Nuba and next spring with Diva. More informations follow soon.

Last week me and Diva successfully finished Bbh exam (exam from obedience with behaviour test in the city (meeting bikers, runners, other people, other dogs) and writing exam for the owner. Here are some newest pictures of Diva and Nuba-I made them yesterday on our walk.

Nuba, 6 years

Diva Karantanska, 2 years and half

Diva Karanatanska, 2 years and half

New photos of puppies from our G-litter are added on their pages. To see them click ::HERE:: and choose the name of the puppy in the table. The best news are coming from Belgium this time-Grof Paroche attended specialty show in Belgium and got very promissing 1, best puppy of breed and best puppy of show (BIS puppy). Congratulations! Fantastic result. Judge description is on his page. And here are some photos of swissy meeting in NL where our G-puppies pariticipated too.

Grof Paroche and Gandalf in the front

group photo of participants

Ad, Gandalf Karantanski and Rover

Peter and Kal (Dart Karantanski) did another amazing work. They took part in special 3-days trekking in the nature, where dog has to pull his owner. Every day they walked about 20 km and carried all the equipment for sleeping and food with them. Kal was pulling as a real machine and didn't have any problems with this adventure. I have to say that both guys are really amazing!

Peter and Kal during trekking

Peter and Kal

sleeping outside on the meadow

And another exciting news for the end. 14 days ago little Lona (Marguery's Bellona) joined our family. She is coming from reputable kennel in Germany (near Berlin) and has really outstanding pedigree with some beautiful dogs in it. If everything goes according to our plans, she will be the founder of second (parallel) line, which will carry the name Karantanska in the future. She is still staying with us at the moment and is accompanying me at work every day, but in next weeks she is moving to my friend and her coowner Mateja, where she will live in the future. Her character is amazing and I am really thankfull to her breeder Gerlind Roericht, who trust us this lovely, little girl. More about her will be soon posted under "our dogs", but for now only few pictures of her...

Marguery's Bellona (Lona)

proud coowners; in Mateja's lap Lona's brother Boromir, who is staying in DE


Diva is in her heat finally and we are going to mate her in next days. If everything goes according to our planns, puppies are expected in the beginning of August. Both parents are completely healthy, with nice character and typical representative of the breed.

It has been 6 years already from the day, when I got the most beautiful, most precious and most admiring present-my little Nuba. It is hard to believe, how quick time flies by. It seems like it was only yesterday. We wish you happy birthday our Nuba and many more years to come!

I managed to persuade owners of Dallas Karantanski, that he should participate on some show, as he developed really nicely. And so me and Dallas attended national dog show in Hrušica and gained excellent 2 in open class. I am sure it was not our last time in the ring. Judge: Baič (SLO). Foto: Bešter.

Dallas Karantanski, 2,5 years

Dallas Karantanski, 2,5 years

Dallas Karantanski, 2,5 years

And I have another exciting news. We are waiting for new, little swissy girl to join our home. She is coming in next weeks from Germany and will live with our friend. When she is all healthy, she will be the founder of second (parallel) line, which will carry the name Karantanska in the future.


Me and Diva participated on international dog show CACIB Pohorje (SLO) on sunday and achieved great results. Judge: Inese Pablaka (LAT).

Diva Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (best of breed)

With those last titles Diva fullfiled all conditions and become slovenian (Ch.SLO) and international (Ch.INT) champion in beauty. I am very proud on her. It is great to close Ch.INT (for what the dog needs 4 CACIB's in 3 different countries with 365 days between) with such a young age.

Diva Karantanska, 29 months, BOB

Genja Karantanska, 7 months, youngster BOB

And in Finland Genja Karantanska attended her first dog show (in youngster class, 6-9 months), judged by Bengt-Åke Bogren (SWE). She gained very promissing 1, best youngster with wonderful show description. Congratulations to her owner! Description from the show can be read ::HERE::.


Interesting weekend is behind us (again)... On Saturday we drove to Logatec to cheer for Peter and Kal (Dart Karantanski). They attended Dryland sleddog competition, discipline: canicross (cross country running with a dog-the dog is in harness with a line attached to the human at the waist and he pulls the human along adding distance to the runner's stride and assistance to the uphill bits) and finished on 11th place. The distance for runners was both days (Saturday and Sunday) a little bit more than 5 km (route went up hills too) and they finised it in 24 minutes. Congratulations to both, nice to see swissy running so fast and with such an enthusiasm. I am proud on you!

warming up before start

after start -Dart (Kal) pulls with all his power

Let's go Peter and Dart Karantanski!

And on Sunday me and Nuba compete in national Rally Obedience competition. This time the competiton was organized in connection with national dog show. That meant many people and dogs around competition field-so a lot of disturbances. Nice challange! As we had to skip last season because of Nuba's pregnancy and puppies, that was first obedience competition for us after Autumn 2009. But Nuba worked quiet smootly and stable (I unfortunatelly impact little bit on her with my nervousness-check her heeling improvement after finishing the obedience part) and we gained 1st place in category RO III. Diva was not allowed to compete, as we didn't received a working book (after passing the exam past week) yet. Next competition will be at the end of May.

Nuba on competition field

performing excercises

leaving field in perfect heeling position
(All 3 photos taken by Nina Bešter-Thanks!)

And here are some new pictures of our G-litter puppies (who are 6 months old already). Past Saturday Gaia, Grant, Grof Patoche, Gandalf and their owners met at Netherlands having real family gathering. As you can see puppies enjoyed this a lot. Thanks to all for nice pictures and messages!

Gandalf and Grant (Liam)

Grof Patoche

Gaia, Lianne, Barrat

one group photo

Rover, Ad, Gandalf

Liam (Grant) and Roland


Last weekend was very successful for us and our dogs. All started on Friday, when me and Diva pass our Rally obedience 1 (RO1) exam and moreover Nataša and Vila Karantanska Rally obedience 2 exam (RO2). We were both really proud on our swissy ladies! Photo: G. Nered. Thanks a lot!

Diva Karantanska, RO 1

Diva Karantanska, RO 1

Diva Karantanska, RO 1

Vila Karantanska, RO 2

On Sunday we drove to Italy, where specialty show for 4 swiss breeds took place-Raduno C.I.A.B.S. (Valeggio sul Mincio-VR). We were there with 4 dogs from our kennel: Vilin, Nuba, Diva and Gaia Karantanska. As it was specialty show, I decided to enter Nuba too-she was not in the ring from last world dog show. We achieved excellent results-like in dreams. Nuba and Vilin won over all entered females/males and crashed together in the ring of honour for best of breed. Title went on Val this time and I was very happy about this. Judge: Tuominen Matti (FIN).

Vilin Karantanski (open): excellent 1, CAC, BOS, BOB (best of breed)
Nuba (champion): excellent 1, BOS (best of opposite sex)
Diva Karantanska (open): excellent 3
Gaia Karantsnka (puppy): very promissing

At the end we participate also in breeders group presentation. We had great fun! Thanks to all for a great day in super company! Special thanks to owners of Gaia for enetering her on this show-I was very happy to see her after 4 months. My little sweety!

Vilin Karantanski, BOS, BOB

Gaia Karantanska running

L-R: Papaya, Macbeth Bety, Diva Karantanska

L-R: Nuba, Princess Leia, Kim B2, Happy Tail

our team

breeding group

New pictures of Grant Karantanski and Genja Karantanska added. They both look very promissing!


Yesterday we participated on breeding permission test and all our dogs (Diva, Dijk and Dallas Karantanski) successfully pass it. Way to go our sweethearts! Beside Devil also Dijk and Dallas are now available for stud. You can read more about both and see more pictures HERE.

We received wonderful photo of our Gaia Karantanska in the age of 5 months. Thanks Lianne!

Gaia Karantanska, 5 months

Dallas Karantanski, 2 years

Katja, Matej and Dijk

In the beginning of April we will take part in specialty show for swiss mountain breeds in Italy with Nuba, Diva, Vilin and Gaia Karantanska. I am really looking forward to meet some new dogs and their owners! Before that me and Diva will try to pass obedience exam, so keep fingers crossed.


We spent this weekend on international dog show in Zagreb (CRO), where Diva achieved excellent results. Both days she won over all entered bitches and with last 2 CAC titles gained, she fullfiled all conditions to become champion of Croatia in beauty (Ch.CRO). Well done Diva-first real champion title in the pocket. I am very proud on her, specially because she won over 2 champion bitches, which are in my opinion beside Nuba, the most quality bitches in Slovenia at this time.

Saturday: judge Ligita Zake (LAT): Diva Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
Sunday: judge Uschi Eisner (A): Diva Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB


We gained excellent results at international dog show IHA Graz yesterday. Most of the credits goes to our Vilin Karantanski (Val), who won over all entered swissies and was awarded with BOB. Also Diva did great job, receiving res. CACIB. Judge: Maria-Luise D. Doppelreiter (A).

Vilin Karantanski (champion class): excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Diva Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CACA, res. CACIB

With this last achieved CACIB title, Val fullfiled all conditions and become international champion in beauty (Ch.INT). Congratulations Matej and Val! Thanks to all who had fingerss crossed for us!

Vilin Karantanski, IHA Graz, BOB

Peter and Dart Karantanski, 2 years

training-running toward finish line

While we are "fighting" for beauty titles in the show ring, others are training their stamina. Peter and Kal (Dart Karantanski) are training canicross (running with dog) on a regularly basis and they are making big progress-their results are better and better. It is so nice to see a swissy who enjoy it's work and is capable of competing with lighter and faster breeds successfully. Bravo Peter and Kal! We wish you a lot of good results in the future. (Foto Kal: Žan Žepič, thanks a lot!)


We are back from our holidays in Pokljuka, where we spent wonderful week. I can not say with other words-it was just magical: perfect sun, clear blue sky and glittering snow all around us. Valleys and mountains were waiting for us to explore. Pokljuka lies in Triglav National Park and is well known for biathlon. So cross-county skiing was on our daily schedule too. Nuba and Diva enyojed exploring the nature and we all build up some stamina. Urša and her berners Athos and Best visited us for few days. We really had a great time, as you can see on the pictures below.

Diva Karantanska and Nuba

Diva Karantanska, 2 years

Nuba, almost 6 years


Athos, Diva Karantanska, Nuba, Best

Nuba and Diva, cross-country skiing

We are adding first pictures from new homes of Gaia, Genja, Grant, Gandalf and Grof Patoche on our page. And also new photos of Vila and Darma Karantanska. Thanks a lot to their owners for sending us pictures and letting us know how "our little ones" are doing.

It looks like it's puppy time. Vilin Karantanski and Raylai v. Augusta Raurica become proud parents of 7 sweet swissies. They will be available to go to new homes in the middle of March. For more info you can contact their breeder. Moreover Devil Karantanski is having a litter of 3 in Czech Republic and is expecting another litter in March with Conny Quarterworld. And Dora Karantanska is waiting for her second puppies, the father will be Karon (repeated combination from last year).

We are planning next litter in late spring with our young bitch Diva Karantanska. Before that there are many other plans-for now I can say we are taking part in 3 dog shows. At the end of February on IHA Graz (A) and beginning of March CACIB Zagreb (CRO). Keep fingers crossed for us!


We added extensive article ABOUT BREEDING (click) on our page, where I write about every needed procedure/action before mating the bitch (acquaring documents and breeding permission), preparation of the bitch before mating, mating time, care for pregnant bitch, whelping, care for puppies, etc.). It is available only in Slovenian language and is meant as a help for "new" breeders.

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