I've been adoring animals ever since and a lot of my freetime was somehow connected with them. My longing for a dog was actually the reason why a 20 years ago a black mixed-breed dog Ira, looking like a Labrador, joined our family. I spent a lot of my childhood with her and the horse Apollo. Both of them were my big friends and teachers and they influenced on my childhood a lot... After 13 wonderful years with our beautiful “blacky” the day came, when we had to say goodbye to her.

Many years passed, when in 2005 my greatest wish finally came true - I got my first own dog I wished for so many years - beautiful tricolour Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy, Nuba. The little puppy won me over immediately and we soon became inseparable.
As most beginners I never imagined that our path will lead us to dog shows, competitions or breeding. Nuba was the reason why all of this actually began and she was the one that later on introduced me in the world of dogs, shows and competitions. I believe together we have achieved an enviable success – in both, shows and working area. Nuba became Vice European and Vice World Champion, won several Club Champion titles, and passed numerous working exams, among them also the highest one of Rally Obedience – RO IV.

Nuba often left me open-mouthed in admiration. She is really special dog. Irreplaceable. Once in a lifetime dog. I am thankful for every day she is spending with me. Because of her stubbornness and strong will I really have to put all my eforts in training, but on the other hand she tought me a lot about training and dealing with dogs and in 2008 I passed my instructor licence for obedience from Slovenian Kennel Club. I am also regularly attending professional seminars about dog training and behaviour. In 2009 I graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. In the same year I passed also the state board exam. I work as a veterinarian in one of biggest small animal clinics in our main city, Ljubljana.

Nuba's numerous superior traits encouraged me to set foot on challenging path of breeding. In 2007 my own kennel KARANTANSKA was registered. We are the members of the Slovenian kennel Club (KZS), the Slovenian Club for Molosser and Big sized Breeds (SKVPM) and the World Canine Organisation (Federation cynologique internationale-FCI).

Dogs are part of my life and I cannot imagine to live without them. We treat them as an important family members and they of course live with us in the house. If I am the one who study pedigrees in details and choose the breeding combinations for our litters, whole family help me with taking care of the dogs and puppies. Our dogs have at least 3 long daily walks and whole garden and our house available. We work a lot with them, they accompany us everywhere and that is one of the reasons they are perfectly socialized. In 2008 I kept a female from Nuba's second litter, named Diva Karantanska. Diva is the result of a very well considered breeding combination and one of the steps towards the goals I have set for breeding Swissies in the future... My love and commitment to this breed have no limits and this is the beginning of our story in breeding Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

I hope you will enjoy reading our website and gain a lot of useful information on this breed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer.


Neca Jerkovič, DVM, kennel Karantanska