We wish everyone an amazing new year🙏! Keep your determination and spirits unshaken, carry on the good work, may the happiness always shine on you and be surrounded with lots of love😘! Another year that was mostly filled with joyous times and sweet memories is coming to an end... Let’s give a warm welcoming to the upcoming year and make it a wonderful one. ❤️❤️❤️





Troja is pregnant ❤️❤️❤️. We are expecting little swissies just before Christmas, juheeeejjjj. Father is Black Jack from Nina's farm. Thank you Marianna Smataníková and Lucie Vymazalová 🙏🙏🙏 to let me use him. And biiiiiig thanks to my friend Eja K. Hrček for company and all the fun we had on this trip 😎. Now let's cross fingers all goes well.





It's great day today. Official results arrived, Nuba Troja Karantanska HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free. Eyes to be done. Juuuuppppiiiiiii, I am over the moon. Despite we call her Troja, it is not coincidence in her pedigree she is carrying also name after her grandma, founding bitch of our kennel. It was love on first sight. This puppy is so amazing and something you can wish for years to get. After Ronja Karantanska (WW 2017), she is something really special again. I keep frozen semen for her for years, to make my dream combination true in the years to come. Alpina Karantanska is really giving us nice legacy.

Nuba Troja Karantanska: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free




It's been long time since last post was published here in the news section and sooooo many things happened inbetween. We are more active on facebook and somehow I can't find enough time to keep our web up to date. However, we enjoy life with our furry friends to the fullest: going for a trips and travells all around Europe, having fun on every day walks, running around with doggy friends end cuddling as much as we can. We attended many shows and had great success (one of the highlights was club show in Langenthal, Switzerland, where we took all the prices (BIS and BOS and more)-and there were almost 100 swissies entered). Quiet some puppies out of Alpina's first litter were screened and ALL till now with perfect health results. I am very proud and happy. I promise, I will post at least the most important news in next months here under, just be patient :).

I have some very exciting news today. In november me and Alpina drove long way to Switzerland to meet her with nice stud, Sheriff v. Ayala. What a couple they were. I had an eye on this stud for many years, more precisely since 6 years ago when his mother was mated to Klark. All went well and...

Sheriff v. Ayala and Alpina Karantanska Sheriff v. Ayala and Alpina Karantanska Sheriff v. Ayala

We have 10 gorgeous puppies-7 females and 3 males. This mating was actually planned for later, because it is for me one of the most important breeding combinations for the future. But as I might move abroad for awhile (and meybi for some years I can't breed), I decided to do it now. In pedigree we can find amazing dogs, from my Nuba (founding bitch of our kennel) to beautiful Klark (father to our V-litter born back in 2007) who had big impact on our breeding and produced excellent offspring. Both parents have perfect health screens (HD A, ED 0, OCD free, eyes free) and great temperament. I really have high expectations for this litter and for now I can only say that puppies fullfiled all my expectations. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me. Here few photos from first week.

siesta, bellys completely full group photo , 2 days pink female, 4 days
blue male tired mummy with her puppies, 2nd day paw :)
green male resting on Alpina's paw slurp little ones, 4 days
group photo at the age of 6 days grey female, 5 days violet female with her "tatoo"-lightning bolt


Our puppies are growing nicely, but for now their days are not very exciting-eating, sleeping and cuddling with Alpina is all what they do. Eyes are almost opened and their noses are colouring in black. Alpina is so careful mother, breeding female that you only wish for. We are spending a lot of time with little ones and I guess they are the most spoiled swissies in this world already. Hihi.

our little ones 12 days old fourth day: mothers milk is the best third day
breath taking moments-Alpina is so gentle heeeejjjj, who is waking me up... female, 12 days
fourth day: hrrrrrr, hrrrrr, hrrrrr the most beautiful paw in this planet :) milk bar is open

Even though it is all about puppies currently at our home, I have great success to share! Last weekend we attended SKVPM specialty show (which was organized in connection to double international show CACIB Ljubljana) with our co-owned female Ronja Karantanska. And she achieved amazing result. From junior class she won over all swissies (also champion male) and became not only JBOB, but also best representative of the breed-BOB and to make it even better, she got JBIS in the finals (best youth dog of the show). What a day!!! In 2014 I took JBIS with her mummy Alpina (in the same show!), so this is second JBIS and great recognition for our dogs and breeding. Like mother, like daughter... I am so happy and proud. I would like to sincerely thank to both judges-breed judge Mr. Christopher Habig (DE) and JBIS judge Mr. Joaou Vasco Pocas (PT). And of course thanks to Ronja's co-owner Mateja who is taking care of and made it possible that Ronja stayed under our kennel.

Ronja Karantanska (junior class): excellent 1, PRM, junior club champion 2016, JBOB, BOB, JBIS

proud co-owners and our sweet Ronja Karantanska (13 months) Ronja got excellent description by German judge-he was really impressed Alpina's (2014) and Ronja's (2016) cup for best junior dog of the show (JBIS) from all breeds under SKVPM

And this is not all. In the morning her brother Roth Karantanski attended international CACIB show. Judge: Mr. Piotr Krol (PL). His owner presented him nicely and they achieved great result: excellent 1, PRM, and JBOB. He needs only 1 more PRM (JCAC) to finish Slovenian ch in beauty. Congratulations!!!


And here they are, little swissies. The most beautiful puppies in the world! After long delivery which this time unfortunately ended with cesarean section, we got 5 females and 3 males. This was one of the most exhausting parturitions for me, physically and especially mentally. I was awake for almost 60 hours. With Alpina we stayed up whole night and first little, sweet boy was born at 6 am. All went well and last-the eight one, came to the world a little bit before 1 am. I knew Alpina carries at least 12 puppies as I saw them with ultrasound. Unfortunately good luck was not with us this time. 9th puppy stucked in the birth canal, but Alpina initially didn't show any signs of discomfort. She took a nap (which is normal with big litters) and I was not worried, as pulses of the puppies which were still inside looked great (I had portable ultrasound at home and was able to check). After 8 hours, contractions started again-but there was no puppy. I realized soon that something was wrong. When I checked I could feel puppy deep in the birth canal and I knew it will be very difficult to get him out  (he was in the wrong position). Because of the puppies that were still in the uterus, I decided not to try too long. We immediatelly rush to our clinic and performed cesarean section. Unfortunately, none of the 4 puppies survived. Because of strong contractions (Alpina has been trying hard to get baby into the world), the placentas of others most probably deatached but they could not move out because of the stucked one and were left without oxygen. When we got them out hearts were still beating, but unfortunately puppies inhaled too much amniotic fluid. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to revive them. I cried like the rain. Breeding is not always easy and nice and such moments crash you completely. Sometimes not all goes according to plan, despite we try our best. Well-although all sad moments we have a wonderful litter. And mommy and puppies are doing great.

big Alpina few days before deivery whelping box ready ... and so is Alpina... sweeties...
our box of happiness little paw green boy
blue boy we only eat and sleep for now ... proud (and tired) mummy with puppies

On the New Years eve Diva's E-puppies celebrated their 1st birthday! We wish them a lot of fun, crazy hikings, cheerful moments, great meaty bones and some nice cuddlings. Simpy enjoy your life!

And we have more good news to share. A female from our breeding-Prima Karantanska, will become mother in the beginning of February. She is expecting first puppies with the male Cerber Refugium Polonica (import from Poland). And moreover-her brother, Pal Karantanski, will be father for the first time too. Lucky female is Kinga Cesar v. Carintia. Both pregnancies are confirmed by ultrasound. We wish both females and their owners safe delivery and a lot of good luck!!!


Juuuhhuhhhuuhuuuuhuu! We would like to announce with great pride and joy, that in the beginning of januar 2016 we expect little swissies. Parents will be our Alpina Karantanska and Aegis Boston Karantanski (import from USA). Pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound in early December and we can't wait to welcome little ones to this world. More about both dogs can be found on our web under section "our dogs". I enclose some photos from mating. Reservations are still possible.


We were really diligent with Alpina and passed 2 obedience exams in November (jup, finally). First one was Bbh (obedience with behaviour test in the city) which we performed in extremely bad weather conditions (heavy rain mixed with snow). We showed the best obedience of the day and earned nice 98 points. Judge was really impressed by our work and make some very, very nice comments. I really felt great about it. And just a week after Bbh, we attended Rally obedience (RO 1) exam, which we also successfully passed. If all goes according to my plans, we will do RO exams till the highest level in next season and most probably you will also be able to see us at the RO competitions.

Few "fresh" Autumn photos of Alpina and Diva. We have great weather at the moment!

Alpina Karantanska Alpina and Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska

Since last news update, we celebrated quiet few birthdays. On 24th of November our D-puppies (with our sweet Diva Karantanska on the top) became 7 years old. Diva got delicious cake and big meaty bone and of course a new toy. Than it was Boston's turn. At the end of November he was 2. Time goes so fast!!! His co-owners also prepared a huge and delicious cake for him. And than in December we celebrated birthdays of our V-puppies and last years's R-puppies. Puppies from our first, V-litter Karantanska, are already 8 years old and are now officially called veterans. I am very happy they are doing so great and are still in such a great body shape... Soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone and we wish you many, many more happy and healthy years to come. And many thanks to their owners for all the photos and reports. It always make my day, when I receive some warm news from you!

Mateja in Ronja Karantanska attended 4 international shows (Ronja was entered in junior class).

CACIB Šempeter (7.11.), judge: Mr. Štefan Šinko (SLO): exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB
CACIB Vrtojba (8.11.), judge: Mrs. Carsten Birk (DK): exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB
CACIB Zagreb (28.11.), judge: Mrs. Eva Liljekvist Borg (SWE): exc.1 JCAC, BOS
CACIB Zagreb (29.11.), judge: Mrs. Ekaterina Senashenko (RUS): exc.2

And so Ronja finished her Slovenian junior championship in beauty! Moreover did her sister, Rubin Karantanska (Poland), finish Polish junior championship in beauty. Way to go girls!!!

CACIB Zagreb: Ronja Karantanska, side movement Ronja, Mateja and Swedish judge Rubin Karantanska, 12 months (Poland)

Our Diva was operated shortly ago. I took her to Italy (close to Ravena) to one of the best specialists in Europe. More about her injury on the achilles tendon was written in September news (she torn gastrocnemius tendon, the most important part of acilles tendon in her right rear leg). In October also small lump-a mastocytoma was found on her muzzle. Despite it's benign look, I decided to remove it first, to avoid any risk for her future health, but it postopned her tendon operation a little bit. Final decision of the surgeon was to do arthrodesis of the tarsal joint. Operation took 3 full hours and was not an easy one. Now she has quiet some screws and a metal plate in her leg... Diva is for now recovering nicely and I hope she will be ready for running and hikes as soon as possible...

Diva waking up after long operation that's how her rear right leg looks now... and AP projection

We wish all visitors of our web many happy moments in the upcoming holidays! Let Christmas and New Year be magical, playful, full of joy and funny games with your four legged friends!


Slovenian club show (CAC SKVPM 2015) is behind us and we spent great time showing our dogs and meeting friends there. There were 16 swissies entered, which is quiet good number according to latest trend. Our dogs achieved super results. We took junior male club winner (Roth), junior female club winner (Ronja), club winner (Alpina), BIS I brace and BIS II breeding group! Outstanding achievements and I am really proud of all our dogs!!! Judge: Mrs. Barbara Mueller (CH). Results:

Roth Karantanski (junior): excellent 1, JCAC, junior club winner for 2015
Aegis Boston Karantanski (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC
Vilin Karantanski (champion): excellent 2, r.CAC
Ronja Karantanska (junior): excellent 1, JCAC, junior club winner for 2015, JBOB
Alpina Karantanska (champion): excellent 1, CAC, club winner for 2015, BOS
pairs (judge: A. Korozs): Alpina Karantanska+Vilin Karantanski: BIS 1st place
breeders groups (judge: C. de Giuliani): BIS 2nd place

Vilin and Alpina, best brace of the show, 1st placement in final BIS program braces: Vilin and Alpina Roth Karantanski became junior club winner for this year (foto: N.Šmalc)
few champion males (Vilin and Matej third from left on this photo) (foto: N.Šmalc) Ronja with Mateja and me with Alpina-judge choosing best swissy female (BOS) BOB and BOS (foto: N.Šmalc)

This was first show for Roth and his owner. Despite beeing youngest in the class, Roth presented himself nicely in a competition of 3 dogs, persuaded the judge and and took home his first victory. Hope this will be a good reason for his owners, to present Roth on some more shows in the future! Also his sister, our co-owned sweety, Ronja Karantanska is developing great. In the finals judge had hard work to choose the best female between her and her mother Alpina (who has previously beaten intermediate and open class female for the title of club champion). Frankly, I could understand her very well and would probably awarded Ronja myself. Although she still needs to gain some masses and develop to the full (she is only 9 months though), her conformation is better than Alpina's. I am very proud of her, she is great family dog with amazing character and I am happy that she is already stepping in the footprints of her mother Alpina and grandma Nuba. With Alpina we also did great job, winning club champion title and BOS and in the final BIS she won the best pair of the show together with her half-brother Vilin. Finally Vilin, Alpina and Ronja became also second best breeders group. Amazing results for our kennel! Huge congratulations to all Karantanska dogs and their wonderful owners and co-owners. After the show it was of course time to celebrate. We went to the nice restaurant nearby. Delicious dinner (and a little bit too much beer) ended in interesting discussions and exchange of views with some breeders of other breeds. Hardly needs to be mentioned we came home late at night (or better early in the morning, hehe). Thank you all for a nice day!!!

In October our G-puppies (Gaia, Genja, Gandalf, Grof Patoche and Grant) celebrated their 5th birthday. We wish them all the best and many, many happy years together with their marvellous owners!

And here are some nice Autumn photos of Alpina, Diva and Rumba, who spent short vacation with us...

Rumba Karantanska, 10 months Rumba, Alpina and Diva Karantanska Rumba Karantanska, 10 months
Rumba with her mummy Alpina Rumba Karantanska, 10 months Alpina Karantanska, almost 3 years

Our boy Boston finally got his own pages... We are still working on few of them, but some basics are already updated and you can read more about him ::HERE::.


We attended specialty show for 2nd and 9th FCI group, which took place in Skrad (Croatia). I showed Alpina and Rumba this time. Show was really nice and atmosphere very friendly, so we all had great time. Our dogs achieved great results, judge was Mr. Srećko Kukić (CRO). At the end of the show organizers prepared gathering with delicious meal for everyone and after that we decided to go for a longer walk and visited Veli Vir fall, nice sightsee quiet close to the show ground.

Alpina Karantanska (open): excellent 1, CAC, BOB (best of breed)
With 4th croatian CAC she finished championship and became Croatian champion in beauty  (Ch.CRO).
Rumba Karantanska (puppies): very promising 1, best swissy puppy, 3rd place in final BIS program

Alpina Karantanska, CAC and BOB Rumba was 3rd in final BIS program (on the photo together with her mummy Alpina) Rumba, berner Kalles and Alpina in the beginning of our walk towards Veli Vir fall

In the beginning of September we X-rayed our boy Boston, imported from USA. Evaluation was done at the University clinic in Ljubljana by prof.dr. Bojan Zorko. Results are  nice and we are very happy.
Aegis Boston Karantanski: HD B/B, ED 0/0, OCD free. ECVO eye test is planned for beginning of 2016.

And we also had some bad luck. While chasing a cat, Diva injured her achilles tendon. This is one of the worst injuries dog can get (similar in people), specially as rehabilitation in dogs is so complicated. In Slovenia we do not have one really skilled specilist for tendon injuries, so we drove to Ravena (Italy) to see one of the best specialists in Europe. Diva will most probably need an operation (one of the most important tendons which together form achilles tendon (composed from 4 tendons) is torn), but final decsion will be made in October. I still hope-somehow-she gets better without operation! As we drove so far, we decided to make short vacation in Rimini, which lies very close to Ravena. Uncountable numbers of hotels, extra-long sandy bitches, umbrellas in thousands of coulours, sand all around,... Our swissies were real attraction-in a positive way of course (also in hotel, where they are obviously not used to so big dogs). On the beach people were constantly stopping us and asking questions like which breed is that, can we pet them, are they nice,... and with Matej we tried our best to explain (with our poor knowledge of Italian language) everything. We visited Mailo (from Papaja's co-owned litter) who lives close to San Marino and on our way back Estor Aki (from the last Diva's litter). I would like to express sincere thanks to both families for kind invitation, excellent food and nice gathering.

evening walk : Alpina, Val and Diva on the long, sandy bitches in Rimini Alpina and Val playing Diva-Baywatch :)) Who can find her...
Estor Aki Karantanski, 8 months-first time stacked in a show pose Karantanska dogs (L-R): Diva, Alpina, Vilin and youngest-Estor Aki Happy meeting after 6 monts, until he left with new owners; smiling with Estor Aki in lap

On Sunday there was breeding exam and 2 males from our kennel were presented (breeding exam is obligatory in Slovenia before dog can be used as a stud). As expected, both dogs successfully pass it and achieved breeding licence with remark exellent (A).

1)Aegis Boston Karantanski (22 months, parents: Shamrock Curageous Admiral×Breezy Ridge im Wald und auf der Heide, breeders Kristin Krumpe, Eric Bachli, Katie Bachli, USA; Boston lives with co-owners in  Ljubljana)-excellent conformation, HD B/B, ED 0/0, OCD free, passed the breeding exam (A)
On this place I should give huge credit to Boston's co-owners, Damjan and his family. Our cooperation really works well and they are taking amazing care of him. Boston is in nice shape, socialised to great extend (real family member, who goes everywhere), completely non-conflict toward other dogs, has excellent temperament and very nice body conformation. Though, he is a little different type as our European dogs. We will prepare his own site under "our dogs" soon, where you will be able to read more about him, how he came to Slovenia, what is his background, etc. Sincere thanks to his breeders, specially Kristin Krumpe (kennel Aegis), who trusted us with Boston almost 2 years ago. I need to say a very big thank you Krisitin, for all your hard work and a big well done. To highlight-only 2 dogs from their breeding are in Europe and I am proud that one of them is with us. I very much hope, Boston will contribute with his good qualities to the breed development in Slovenia in the future...

Aegis Boston Karantanski, 22 months Boston spent vacation with his family in country of his origin (Switzerland) this summer. Here resting with Urban somewhere in the middle of Bern. Boston is proudly posing with his mum Barbara at one of the mountain passes
Walking in Langenthal with his friend Domen, city where this breed "was born"... Damjan and Boston enjoying great view at Obernalppass, close to famous Ren riwer Boston cooling down in city fontain in Innsbruck-temperatures were really high

2.) Admiral Berto Karantanski (almost 3 years old; parents Nuba×Taboo from Swiss Star, owner Uroš Mezeg, SLO)-excellent body conformation, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free, passed the breeding exam (A)
Berto comes from the last litter of our amazing female Nuba (Nera). His qualities are very massive body, strong bones, nice-completely black coat, strong male's head, strong and correct carried tail, very easy temperament. He has-on the other hand, not as good rear angulations as one would wish for.

Amiral Berto, he will be 3 in January Admiral Berto Karantanski massive body, wide chests, strong bones

Both males are available for breeding for the females who have valid breeding licence and are fully screened (HD, ED, OCD). If you are interested please contact us.

Since Boston have met all the criteria to gain valid breeding permission, I can, with great pride, announce our future planns. In the beginning of 2016 we plan new swissy litter, from very well considered and highly promising combination!!! I am really looking forward to it...

I enclose few photos of our swissies and swissies from our breeding, which we received recently. Thanks to all the owners, who are giving them warm, loving homes and treat them as family members!

Son of our Genja Karantanska-Solagros Buscado Brando (right) became club champion and BOB at Finnish club show Rubin Karantanska (left) with her family is sending greetings from Poland Rubin Karantanska (9 months)-in the water
Vilin Karantanski and Alpina Karantanska, Bohinj, August 2015 Ronja Karantanska (9 months), our co-ownerd female is developing georgeous Pal Karantanski, Bohinj, August 2015
Pal Karantanski-withour hesitation he jumped in the water to catch his Wubba toy Alpina Karantanska, 2,5 years L-R: Marguerry's Bellona, Jantar, Ronja Karantanska, Alpina Karantanska, Best, Vilin Karantanski, Kalles and litte Sidd in the front
Riiwa Karantanska having fun in Sweden Tell Karantanska (2 years) with her lovely puppies Alara Karantanska, 2,5 years

In the beginning of October (3.10.) we will attend Slovenian club show in the beautiful environment of Lipica Stud farm (stud farm of one of the oldest cultural horse breeds-the Lipizzaner). From our dogs Alpina, Vilin, Ronja, Roth and Boston will take part. Judge will be Barbara Mueller (CH). If you would like to combine show with a great trip, do not hestitate to come. I am sure we will have great time!


I wish I did not have to start news this way, not for some years to come at least.  After two months I am still barely able to gather enough strength to say it out loud, and I am writting this with tears in my eyes. In May we had to say goodbye, way too soon and unexpectedly, to our dear girl Nuba-that incredibly unique Swissy who changed my life and started our Karantanska story 10 years ago. Without her our kennel and breeding would not exist. She was a perfect friend, a once in a lifetime dog. I still vividly remember the day, when I held her in my lap at the breeder and we went home together-this was one of the happiest moments of my life. Very quickly a special bond grew between us. Nuba had everything-great structure, with a perfect character, a big heart and attitude to match, she was very stable, faithful, even magical.  She had the most beautiful look and the softest hair in the world. With her charisma she could easily impress people and with only a glance she could tell other dogs where their place is. I am incredibly lucky she was mine!

  Nuba (20.5.2005-18.5.2015)  

It is impossible to count the unforgettable moments we shared together, all the paths we travelled together, our daily cuddling, trips, walks and all the joyful times. We spoke the same language. I took her almost everywhere with me and she was her happiest by my side. She led me in the world of shows, breeding and competitions with huge steps. In the show rings we achieved results, which will be nearly impossible to repeat. She is still the only Slovenian swissy, who gained success also in the obedience field-not only passing the exams, but successfuly competed in national RO competitions for many more years. She proved that swissies truly can work and many times she surprised even me. She left a big impact on the breed and deep footprints in Slovenian breeding, which other Swissies will not easily fill in the future. She is written in history with golden letters.

Nuba, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, BOV (best veteran) progeny group (L-D): Vilin, Diva, Alpina, Nuba and Gandalf; BIS 2nd place Rally competition-with Nuba we won many national competitions, she was amazing

Nuba was prepared to do anything for me and I loved her to the rainow and back. She was an amazing mummy, an excellent breeding female. She gave us 4 litters and set up a magnificent foundation on which we work and will build upon in the future. She was just the best! Nuba, I sincerely thank you for everything. Thank you for being the best dog I could imagine. Thanks for all the Karantanska dogs, for all the friendships we built on our trips. I am proud of you, proud of everything you gave us. You will always stay with us in our priceless memories and all your progeny. Thanks to everyone who helped us, for all your sympathy and nice words. She left us way too soon and I was sure she would stay with us for at least few more years. She was in excellent shape and in June she would have run toward her veteran world winner title. I never doubted she would achieve it, she was without competition. But obviously it was not meant to be... I had already  bought everything for her birthday cake, this year it would be something special as is fitting for her 10th anniversary. But I never managed to bake it. Only 2 days before her birthday she closed her warm eyes forever. We buried her in the woods near us. Goodbye my beauty, we miss you deeply!

Nuba with her daughters Alpina and Diva and granddaughters Riiwa and Rumba, March 2015 Nuba with her children (L-D: Vilin, Nuba, Diva, Alpina) after successful competition at VSSO club show (A) with Nuba on Pokljuka (2014) where we spent one of our amazing vacations

But life goes on... It is not easy, but it must go. It was almost unbearable to go back in the show rings without Nuba and each image of her made sharp cuts again and again. But we manage to attend all planned/entered competitions. Even those (WDS Milano), where Nuba should run with us too...

CACIB Umag (Croatia), 31.5.2015, judge Mrs. Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar (PL)
Ronja Karantanska (babies): very promising 1, best baby of breed, BIS III baby
Alpina Karantanska (open): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
After the show we afforded some fun-our traditional swimming in the sea (with dogs of course). And in the evening we were celebrating excellent results with a delicious fish dinner in the restaurant nearby. Thank you Mateja and Urša for great company. Till next year!!!

VSSO club show (Austria), 4.6.2015, judge Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler (A)
Ronja Karantanska(babies): very promising 1, best baby of breed (no BIS for babies this time)
Alpina Karantanska (open): excellent 1, CAC, BOS
Ronja's sister Rumba (who is also co-owned) was with us this time too (despite only as a visitor-to get some socialization and to keep us and our dogs company). We met breeders from Czech, Belgium, Austria, Germany and even breeders from USA, who came to watch the show. Alpina was again best female and Jana's Vili (Cerber Refugium Polonica) won BOB. Bravo! Slovenian team did it great again...

CACIB Umag (CRO): Mateja (co-owner) with Ronja Karantanska, very promising 1, BIS III baby Ronja standing, 5 months old Ronja with her mummy Alpina Karantanska and the cup she won
Ronja, Diva and Alpina Karantanska Alpina chilling at the beach Mateja, Ronja, Alpina, Rumba, Jana, Vili

And than there came Milano-the WORLD dog show, with more than 50 swissies entered. Consolata, the owner of Mango Zar Karantanski, who lives near the center of Milano, kindly offered us accommodation and so we spent few nice days together. It was amazing to meet all the friends/breeders from all across the Europe and we had great time alltogether after the judging. Italian group of swissy owners organized nice party and all participants brought some good food with (we baked few delicios things before we left from Slovenia too). The show was organized on a really high level, halls were climatized, rings were big and everything was going smoothly. Except judging, which unfortunately left us bitter taste... We knew the juge is not specialist for our breed and didn't have high expectations, but what happened was just a catastrophe, I never saw such a bad judging in my life and never should. Italian judge, Mrs. Adriana Griffa Bocca, judged without any right criteria or knowledge about breed, prices mostly went to Russian or national handlers and some dogs should really not be awarded (long legs without typical body mass, bad angulations and movement, curled tails)... Despite all, our dogs achieved nice results in good competition. More for fun than something else (with little Ronja in the team we were not competitive) we attended also breeders group competiton and had great time in final BIS ring. We left show in a good mood-mostly because of all nice impressions and great moments which we spent with friends. On our way back home we stopped and visited Nicolo and his swissies-Energija Huma Karantanska and Bella. It was great to meet Huma after few months. We drank some coffee and went for a walk with all the dogs, but than we had to leave as we still had many kilometers ahead of us. I would like to say big thanks to Consolata, Nicolo and Ilaria for their kind welcome. And of course to Matej and Mateja for all the happy and friendly moments we shared.

Vilin Karantanski (champions): excellent 2 (out of 10 champion males!)
Alpina Karantanska (open): excellent 3
Ronja Karantanska (minor puppy): very promising1, best minor puppy, world's hope 2015
Meja Karantanska
(youth; owners Irma Bovolo and Alberto Rinaudo, ITA): excellent 3

Breeding group Karantanska: best breeding group GSMD WDS 2015

Ronja Karantanska, best minor puppy and world's hope 2015 Vilin Karantanski, 2nd place in strong champion class with our kind hostess Consulata and her swissies: Sacher and Mango Zar Karantanski
Alpina and Vilin Karantanski in Consulata's wonderful garden Bella, Nicollo, Energija Huma Karantanska, Alpina and Vilin with my beauty Alpina

And here is short video from the show: open class females, Alpina running in the front. She made nice performance and was great in the ring, but unfortunatelly we didn't have any realistic chance under this judge (even if I would come with a goat, I doubt she will notice, hehehe). Both bitches from her class later got title world winner and vice world winner... Both in the hands of Russian handlers.


And here you can watch breeding group competitions video. We can be seen in the minutes 2:10, 7:27 and 9:27. Until this presentation, we had to wait in the preparation ring for more than one hour, with dogs standed in the show pose, which was very tiring (also for us). Despite that Vilin and Alpina manage to go nicely, but for our youngest Ronja it was a little bit too much of everything. We had a lot of fun and prepared "strategy" for the future competitions though, hihihihihihi...


And to finish our summer show tour, we choose nice international Slovenian show CACIB BLED (21.6.) Alpina was on the top this time, gaining BOB and later she was also shortlisted in BIS under the strict eye of the Canadian judge, Mr. Joe Lobb. I was showing also Milan's Bosco v. Zündli, who got CAC from open class and so fullfilled all conditions to became slovenian beauty champion. Congratulations!!!

Alpina Karantanska (open): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in BIS
Aegis Boston Karantanski (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC
pairs (Alpina+Boston): shortlisted in BIS-u (from cca. 15 pairs, which was great success)

Alpina Karantanska with the judge Mrs. Jasna Matejčič (CRO) winning BOB Alpina Karantanska: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in BIS Bosco v. Zündli (owner Kamin M.), 1st place in open class, CAC and res. CACIB
Aegis Boston Karantanski and Alpina Karantanska, pairs selected pairs-we were the only big breed which manage to be shortlisted in BIS our USA import Boston with Damjan and Domen (co-owners)

In Slovenian magazine Moj pes (My dog) article about raw feeding was published. It was written on the basis of 10 years of experience with this type of feeding by our dogs and puppies. You can find all important basics about raw feeding in it, but unfortunatelly it is in Slovenian language only...

And moreover we were TV stars again, team from 4paws (4 tačke) visited us. We made a short presentation of raw feeding. Nataša and Dino are great persons and it was a lot of fun doing it, but this filming was one of the hardest moments in my life. Only day before we lost our beloved Nuba and I was almost crying when mentioning her in this video. We-also Alpina and Diva, were not in the right mood, despite we tried very hard. I think, due to sad circumstances, we still made great...


Our co-owned females Rumba and Ronja Karantanska visit us often and we also take them regularly for short vacations (I want them to feel with us as at least as good as with their co-owners). I am adding few photos which were made on different occasions. Both are for now completely healthy, cheerful and are developing nicely. We are very happy to receive also photos from all the other puppies who live in Slovenia or abroad (sorry, I am not publishing them this time), so we are able to follow them closely. Most of the owners finished puppy school with their dogs already and are in the moment having so well deserved vacations. Thank you to be the best owners to our puppies! Have fun!

Rumba in our cat's bad. She has her own few meters away, but it looks this one is better :) with Rumba and Alpina after CACIB Bled Diva having fun
Alpina and Ronja Karantanska, almost 7 months Ronja Karantanska, almost 7 months Ronja Karantanska, almost 7 months old

Diva's daughter Taiga Karantanska (France) gave birth to 7 healthy, little puppies (who are right now already moving to their new owners) and so has puppies Alpina's sister Aruba Maisa (Finland): 4 little sweeties. Moreover also Tell Karantanska (France) is expecting first puppies in August. Good luck!!!

And we are enjoying this summer with full speed too, photos will tell you more than thousands words. We have been to holidays to Pokljuka, Kolpa and Bohinj and are planning to do some more trips and vacation. We are still waiting for our sea-side vacation which I am sure will be great as always. Can't wait! We wish you nice summer and have a lot of fun with your furry friends. See you soon!!!

my, my Diva Diva and Alpina playing Alpina, Diva and Best-best friends
Diva, Alpina, Best and Urša's new little bernese friend-Kalles Diva Karantanska, 6,5 years having fun with Diva in one of Pokljuka's beautiful swamp surroundings
Alpina Karantanska, 2,5 years Vilin Karantanski (7,5 years), Diva Karantanska (6,5 years) and Alpina Karantanska (2,5 years) Alpina-turbo swimmer
Alpina Karantanska Diva Karantanska Alpina between flowers in our garden


It's been long time, since we updated our web, but we were simply too busy in last months. We had cute, little puppies and to be honest, I rather spend every free minute with them, than here behind computer. Another thing is that there are portals as Facebook now, where we regularly publish news and new photos of our dogs and than we somehow forget about our web page:)). A lot has happened in this period and I will try to cover shortly at least the most important news...

At the end of December we welcome another litter to our home, Diva's and Bosco's puppies.  In addition to 9 puppies out of Alpina Karantanska and Hart v.d. Wonneproppen, we got 5 females and 3 males, beautiful little giants slovenian-swiss bloodlines. To raise 17 puppies was very responsible and quiet tiring, but on the other hand also incredibly amazing experience. Proudly I can say, we made great work and our puppies went to new homes perfectly socialized. Each day from 6th week on, I took 3 or 4 puppies with me at work (so they get used to driving), we made many visits to our friends, interesting trips and walks on different places. As you can imagine we were quiet attraction for other people. At this point I would like to express BIG thanks to my friends, specially Urša and Matej,who helped us a lot by socialization and photoshooting of our little ones. All Diva's and Alpina's puppies are with their new families already and we are very happy to receive nice news how they are doing. It's great to know they are all in wonderfull, loving homes. Rumba and Ronja Karantanska remain in co-ownership and I am sure we will hear about them in the future. If you want to learn more about this exciting experience, please visit page of each litter (still working on them): R-litter and E-litter Karantanska.

Alpina's puppies Diva with puppies-first time outside naughty puppies :)
group photo -R litter Karantanska with Riiwa (she is now in Sweden) part of our puppy packages (for new homes)
family photo -all 17 puppies together playing, running, having fun ,... Alpina with 3 daughters: Riiwa, Regina and Rubin
doggy family : Nuba, Alpina, Diva, Riiwa and Rumba at lake Bled Etna Karantanska, 7 weeks Alpina with puppies

At the time when we had puppies, we got a visit from Nataša and Dino from TV show 4 paws. We had a great time together, chatting about this and that and filmed nice documentary about our dogs, which will always remain as a pleasant memory. It is in Slovenian language only, but have fun watching it!


Arsien Karantanska achieved amazing success again. In early March she participated at CRUFT'S, one of the most prestigious European shows. In good competition she became BEST FEMALE (BOS). And moreover-at the end of March she won over all swissies at international dog show in Luxemburg with BOB (best of breed) and with that she became also champion of Luxemburg in beauty (Ch.LUX). Way to go! Hugs for Arsien and many congtaulations to her owners.

Arsien after the show Arsien Karantanska, 2 years, CRUFTS (foto:H.Stigt) rosettes

Alpina, Pal and Prima Karantanska had their first ECVO eye test examination performed by ECVO specialist Tadej Zemljič, dr.vet.med. All three passed the test successfuly (ECVO certificate) and are free from all degenerative eye diseases. We are very happy!

In April we attended national dog show CAC Barje with our co-owned boy Boston (USA import). Judge: Mr. Miroslav Zidar (SLO). In smaller competition Boston won and received excellent 1, CAC and also best of breed (BOB). He got great description by the judge. With this CAC he also open the championship of Slovenia in beauty. Next show planned for Boston is international dog show CACIB Bled.

Aegis Boston Karantanski, almost 17 months
Aegis Boston Karantanski,almost 17 months
Aegis Boston Karantanski, almost 17 months

Nice news came from France this time. Tell and Taïga Karantanska have beed X-rayes and both have excellent results (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD-is unfortunately not evaluated in France) of which we are very proud. We wish their owners a lot of happiness and joy with both females and a lot of success in breeding!

Prima Karanatanska successfully passed breeding test (with excellent). I am posting few photos from breeding evaluation and also nice film, training and preparation for exam (showing teeth, measuring), which Prima's owner Zdenka send to me before test. Congratulatios to Prima's family and we can't wait Prima's first litter. Mating is planned for May. Our fingers are crossed for Prima and her great owners!

Prima Karantanska, 3 years Prima Karantanska, 3 years Prima Karantanska, 3 years


We also participated in the competition TOP10 SKVPM (selection of the ten most successful dogs on the shows, with the purpose to recognize show results of the club members on the shows in Slovenia and abroad). Alpina has achieved an excellent 3rd place (which means she is the most successful Slovenian swissy for 2014) and Nuba was best veteran. Both received nice cups and gifts from the sponsors. And we already have a whole lot of the plans for the future. We will attend the international show in Umag, club show in Austra, international show in Bled and world dog show in Milano. I also plan to pass rally obedience exam with Alpina. So a lot of fun for us and I can't wait. And here some photos of our dogs...

Best, Alpina, Boston, Diva and Nuba-group photo after nice walk Best, Alpina, Nuba, Diva-trip around lake Bled with Urša and her berner Best Nuba with her granddaughter Rumba, who is like Ronja staying in co-ownership


And here they are, first Alpina's puppies. We have 6 females and 3 males, georgeous small giants. We never had such high birth weights in our litters until now! Alpina did great job delivering the little ones to the world and I am sooooo proud of her. Combination of parents is carefully chosen and this mating combination was planned for years (before Alpina was even born), so I believe it is hard for anyone to understand how important this litter is to me. Alpina's own page is in preparation and I promise I will publish it as soon as possible (I know-lazy me, hihi). Until than, few photos of our jewels...

We wish all our friends and visitors to the website Merry Christmas and healthy, successful New Year!


We competed at European dog show in Brno (CZ) where our dogs achieved excellent results. We got titles EUROPEAN WINNER, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, VICE JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER and VICE EUROPEAN WINNER. Despite we were always placed high in most of the shows in the past, this is almost unbelievable. There were almost 70 swissies from all around the Europe entered. Judge was Mr. Jiří Janda (CZ). Our dogs were in great mood and really presented theirself nicely. I didn't have any expectations and was completely unnervous in the ring. We were great team, gaining title after title! Most of the praise went to Nuba as judges couldn't believe she is still in such shape with 9,5 years. She was very energic and showed great movement and didn't have any problems to compete with much younger dogs. I am very proud of her: her offspring Vilin and Alpina became european winner and vice european winner. Matej and Vilin (Val) were on te top this time (after second place from the world dog show last year) and they really deserved it-Val was running so nicely with strong drive from the rear. We were cheering loudly for them and were very happy when judge awarded them with 1st prize. Our young hope, Alpina, is already stepping in her mother's paws (Nuba achieved her first vice european title approximately at the same age). Not only she is nice in conformation, but I am really in love with her attitude and personality and I believe she will have great future. Co-owned male, import from USA, Boston (10 months old only!) was second in strong youth class which was fantastic. Diva was 3rd among 10 bitches in champion class. Great success, specially as she torn her paw ligaments 3 weeks before show and I was not sure if she will be able to compete. Luckily she stopped limping, but I couldn't presented her in the best way. Pal got very good because of high carried tail. Summa summarum amazing results for our team and conformation for me as a breeder. I am very proud!
On this place I would like to congratulate also Vilin's son Kenan Aga and his owner Joža, who got 2nd place in champion class (among 12 dogs-just behind Vilin and Matej). With this result they contribute to the success of Slovene breeding!

Aegis Boston Karantanski (junior class): excellent 2, VICE JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER
Pal Karantanski (open class): very good
Vilin Karantanski (champion class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, EUROPEAN WINNER
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB, VICE EUROPEAN WINNER
Diva Karantanska (champion class): excellent 3
Nuba(veteran class): excellent 1, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, BOV
Nuba won veteran class also next day (on national show, organized as a part of european show) and with that fulfilled all conditions to became Czech veteran winner in becauty (Vet.Ch.CZ).

Vilin Karantanski, EUROPEAN WINNER Alpina Karantanska,VICE EUROPEAN WINNER Nuba, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, BOV (best veteran)
Aegis Boston Karantanski, VICE EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER part of our team with judge with Nuba after Saturday's veteran BIS
Karantanska dogs at Špilberg castle swissy whisperer :) cheering on our great results

I would like to say big thanks to our dear friends: Mateja, Matej, David, Tjaša, Filip and Urša for their company and all the help at the show. And moreover for all great moments we spent together in Brno and it's surrounding before and after the show, exploring the city and enjoying it's atmposphere.

While we were driving home, I received another pleasant news. Zdenka send me a message, that also Prima Karantanska is HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free (X-rayed at the University faculty in Ljubljana). Now we have X-ray results for all our P-litter puppies. Sincere congratulations to Prima's owners!

Prima Karantanska, 2 years and half Prima Karantanska, 2 years and half Prima Karantanska, 2 years and half

I also have to share few results which dogs from our breeding achieved on the dog shows abroad... Congratulations to their owners for all the effort and excellent outcome! Good luck in the future!

Alea Karantanska represented us in Ukraina. In Lviv she gained excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.

Tell Karantanska took part in national show Metz (FR) and amazed breed specialist, judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach, who awarded her with victory-she gained excellent 1, CACS and BOB with great description.

Gandalf Karantanski won at the international show in Bleiswijk (NL). He was judged by breed specialist too, Mr. J. Utke Ramsing (NL) who gave him excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, best male and BOB.

Tell Karantanska, 17 months, BOB Tell Karantanska, 16 months Alea Karantanska, 20 mth Alea Karantanska, 20 mth

For the weekend we got a sweet visit-3 puppies from our co-owned M-litter and their owners. We went for a nice walk and at the end quickly shot some new photos... With Majaron we are flying to the Netherlands to his new family at the end of next week. All puppies have found great homes and Melona is of course staying home, with co-owner Boris and Papaja. We wish all of them great and happy life!

Papaja, Melona, Majaron and Megi Majaron Karantanski, 3 months Melona Karantanska, 3 months
Majaron Karantanski, 3 months Boris and his Melona Melona Karantanska, 3 months


Wonderful male puppy Ron (Majaron Karantanski) available due to cancelled reservation. He is from our first co-owned litter (Papaja×Hart), 12 weeks old, with very nice structure and easy temperament. Already vaccinated, microchipped, with FCI pedigree and EU passport-looking for the best home. More info about litter ::HERE::. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.



We have a lot of news today-not surprising as I haven't update my web since August. There was just no time to keep you up to date with doggy stuff as we were so occupied during the summer-vacation, shows, obedience training with dogs, co-owned litter... Really busy months behind us!

The most important thing I want to share with you are Alpina's X-ray results. She was evaluated with the best possible outcome-all free, same as 3 of her siblings. Moreover she also passed breeding test at the end of September with excellent remarks and with that she fullfled all conditions for breeding. I can't tell you how happy I am. Alpina is very important to our breeding. She is a great family dog, the best everyone could wish for, has nice structure (and looks like old type swissies) and moreover she has amazing character. I think she is package of everything that every swissy should have!

Alpina Karantanska: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free (X-rayed at University faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

with my Alpina on the pier Alpina and Wubba toy Alpina (right) with mummy Nuba

We added new photos of our co-owned M-litter puppies on their page. Puppies are in their new homes already (except boy Ron, who is still looking for his perfect family) and Melona Karantanska is staying at home with Boris and Papaja. It was not an easy decision which female to pick up out of the litter as all females were very correct in structure and uniform. But I think we made good decision. We wish Boris, Papaja and Melona a lot of fun and good luck in the future! Mora about litter ::HERE::.

Boris with all M-puppies Mali Karantanska with grandma Diva Karantanska pumpkins all around
Meja Karantanska 4 generations-few of M-puppies, great grandmother Nuba, grandmother Diva and mother Papaja Melona Karantanska

In August (23.8.) we attended specialty show for II.FCI group in Skrad (CRO). Judge Mr. Vibor Ježek.
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, BOB
Nuba (veteran class): excellent 1, VBOB, BIS III veteran
With that last achieved title Nuba fullfiled all conditions to became veteran champion of Croatia.

In the beginning of September it was also vacation time. We spent some great moments at island Vir-of course together with our dogs. We had perfect time, but let's photos tell you the story...

group photo : dream team going to swim with Nuba and Alpina my golden oldie: veteran Nuba-9,5 years
sunset with my swissies with Alpina, Urša and her Best Alpina-19 months
sea sharks, hihi Diva,almost 6 years Nuba-9,5 years
Diva Diva, Alpina and Nuba Matej and hisVilin Karantanski (Val)

At the end of September two dogs from our breeding took part in Dryland pulling competition in Maribor (Slovenia). Peter and Kal competed in canicross and David and Pal in cathegory doggy scooter. Below you can watch two short videos (video clips) filmed during the competition. I am very happy to show you that swissies are great working dogs. Congratulations to both couples! Way to go.

Peter and Kal-canicross

David and Pal-doggy scooter

We have new photos of our American boy Boston. He has grown a lot! No wonder-he has 10 months...

Boston standing with Boston Vilin and Boston

Pal Karantanski attended international dog show CACIB Lendava (SLO). Judge Mrs. I. Yuhasz (HU). He gained excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB and finished slovenian championship (Ch. SLO). BRAVO!

Our G-litter puppies (Nuba×Harley) celebrated their 4th birthday in October. Happy birthday!!! Grof Patoche had new eye examination already done-ECVO examination (after 4th year some countries demand new eye test if dog is available as a stud)-results are still perfect, all free. I am very happy!

At the end of October we will participate at European dog show in Brno (Czech) and after that we are staying for short vacation in Czech. Nuba, Diva, Alpina, Pal, Vilin and Boston will run in the ring. There are almost 70 swissies eneterd! Can't wait-it will be for sure great adventure in nice company.


Papaja's puppies are 4 weeks old and it was about time to do the photos. Now they became real small dogs-their eyes are opened, they can hear us and they can run around prety well. They explore their surrounding with big curiosity, but if they are surprised with something new and "terrible", they will quickly look for a shelter in our safe laps or close to their calm mummy. Papaja is great mother and takes excellent care of the little ones-but you can see she is also a little bit tired of them. Puppies got their baby teeth (which are of course very sharp) and of course they are biting her in the nipples while drinking milk and she is not happy about that. She can't hide happiness when Boris take her for a long walks, when she can run and sniff around without little "sharks" around her. If weather is going to stay nice and warm, we plan to move puppies in the outside area (Boris is just building it up), where they can run and have more options for entertainment during the days. More about litter ::HERE::.

Papaja feeding the little ones Boris and female (yellow) red strip beauty
our little princess ... male (green) male (white)

Our A-litter puppies (Nuba×Taboo, born 13.1.2013) are 19 months old and 3 of them were X-rayed recently. We are very proud and happy as all of them got perfect results. Big congratulations to the owners and a lot of success in the future! We are cheering with you! Jupppppiiiiiiiiii.

Aruba Maisa Karantanska (Finland): HD A/A, ED 0/0 (no OCD evaluation in Finland)
Arsien Karantanska (the Netherlands): HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free
Admiral Berto Karantanski (Slovenia): HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free (University clinic, Ljubljana)

Tyron Karantanski and his owner took part at international show, CACIB Gradisca (ITA). It was their first real show and they did just great in the ring. Tyron is 14 months old and was entered in junior class. He gained excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB and BOB (best of breed). Way to go!

Denise and Tyron during judging Tyron Karantanski (14 months) standing Tyron Karantanski

And here you can see Tyron's brother Bono (Terabono Karantanski). He lives in Finland and his owner sent us update with nice photos. If we had very cold and rainy summer in Slovenia this year, north was complete opposite with high temperatures, over the average. Bono was very happy to spent vacation in a cottage near lake where he enjoyed pleasant water in company of his owners.

Bono (Terabono Karantanski), 14 months swissies enjoy company of their owners a walk with black friend

This summer we have co-ownership litter with Papaja (and most of the care for our M-puppies goes on Boris and his family) which gives us opportunity to have more free time and vacation. We spend nice holidays at cape Kamenjak (Croatia) with friends already (I attach few photos) and we are looking forward to our "traditional" vacation with dogs at the island Vir in next week. Apartment is already booked and I can't wait! I am sure we are coming back with great impressions and memories.

German short-haired pointer Falko and Alpina Alpina Karantanska, 18 months with Alpina at cape Kamenjak


Our puppies are 14 days old and they are growing fast and nicely. Really georgeous litter. Eyes are almost opened, but they can't see yet. We are cuddling a lot and have much fun with them. In next week they are going to be dewormed for the first time and also first meaty meal will be presented. I am sure they will love it! Some photos added below, but more about litter can be found ::HERE::.

puppies out for the first time

Papaja cleaning the little one

male with white strip

Papaja and her small copy in my lap

Boris and Papaja

proud co-owners with Papaja

first manicure

violet strip female

typical "swissy pose"

We were in Bohinj and made few amazing photos with Tjaša... A nice gymnastic training in nature...

Pal Karantanski with Wubba

Tjaša with Nuba and Alpina... Amazing training!

with Nuba, Diva, Alpina, Athos and Best


Here they are, finally! Papaja Karantanska gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies, 4 males and 5 females (DOB 25.7.). It was pretty long and exhausting delivery-specially for me and Boris who kept Papaja company during whole night and also next day (21 hours!) until the last puppy was born-just to make sure everything was ok. Papaja is great mummy, very gentle and sweet and she takes excellent care of the puppies. For now they are just sleeping, eating and cuddling, but we are looking forward to the moment when they will open their eyes and make their first steps. Puppies were born with high weights and they are really nice colourated. It's a beautiful litter and we are very proud and happy!

Papaja few hours before delivery started

most females will pant really bad before delivery, but Papaja was very calm

co-owner Boris and Papaja Karantanska

first puppy was born around 9 p.m., until 4 a.m. we had 5 cute, little bears

puppies with their mummy

Papaja is very careful-cleaning, feeding and nursing puppies

our box of happiness

one of the boys

female with red strip

Few puppies are still available. This is Papaja's first litter, but otherwise the 3rd generation of our own breeding (grandmother and great-grandmother can be seen at our home). Both parents (Papaja Karantanska and Hart v.d. Wonneproppen) have lovely temperament, nice structure, excellent health (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free-both evaluated at Slovenian University clinic by prof. dr. Zorko) and are great family dogs. Litter is co-owned and puppies are raised by Boris's family-of course with our help.

Puppies can go to new homes in September, afer the age of 8 weeks. With pedigree of the Slovene kennel club (FCI), veterinary checked, checked 2 times by breeding refugee, vaccinated, microchipped, with EU passport and package of food, goodies and some basic equipment. We are looking for caring and active owners, who will make our puppies part of their family. Welcome to visit us!


We are back from club show in Mallnitz (Austria) where we spent lovely day in company of friends and other swiss breeds owners and breeders. Nicely organised show with such a pleasant atmosphere, you rarely experience on the shows. No rivalty in the ring, no envy-only pure fun and happinness. We were the only participants from Slovenia with Swissies and Nina, Urša and Ksenija showed their Berners... I was delighted to meet our Gandalf again, after almost 1 year of break. Also 3 of his puppies from the litter with Isa v. Derschau were entered and it was great to pet them all over. We achieved nice results. Judge was Mrs. Regina Rieger (A). Big thanks to our friends Urša and Nina for their help with handling in BIS ring. BIS judges: Mrs. H. Davenport-Willis (GB), Mrs. M. Heinila (N) and Mrs. R. Rieger (A).

Gandalf Karantanski (open): excellent 1, CACA
Vilin Karantanski (champion): excellent 2, res. CACA
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate): excellent 1, CACA
Diva Karantanska (champion): excellent 1, CACA
Nuba (veteran): excellent 1, best veteran, Veteransieger, best female (BOS)
breeding group Karantanska (Diva, Alpina, Gandalf, Vilin): BIS 1st place
progeny group (Nuba with her children-Alpina, Diva, Gandalf, Vilin Karantanski): BIS 2nd place

proud Karantanska dogs: Vilin, Nuba, Diva and Alpina with their cups and rosettes cups-6 of them went into our hands progeny group after Nuba (L-R): Vilin, Diva Alpina, Nuba and Gandalf; BIS 2nd place
Gandalf Karantanski, 3,5 years-1st place among open class males with Ad and Gandalf-thanks for coming this long was from Germany Ad! Vilin Karantanski-powerfull, energetic movement in the ring
Matej baked great pancakes for us... Yummy! group photo-thans to everyone for nice day! Alpina always finds kids on the shows (or better said they find her)-special sense...
Alpina Karantanska in the ring, 1st among intermediate class females with my friend Ksenija-she was wearing typical dress from Carinthia region best male and female : Giorgio Armani from Swiss Star and Nuba with the judge
Vilin Karantanski and Matej in the ring Alpina and Gandalf playing only Swissies among many Berners in BIS ring (couples, Diva and Vilin)

We haven't show our American boy Boston for awhile, so some of his new photos are posed below. As you can see he is growing fast and is not little puppy anymore. He was 7 months old already and I still have the feeling we just flew all the way from USA yesterday. His co-owners are doing great job with him and he really knows how to behave and is very sweet dog. I am very happy with him.

Aegis Boston Karantanski, 7 months Aegis Boston Karantanski, 7 months Aegis Boston Karantanski, 7 months

And here new photos of our future mummy Papaja Karantanska. Her belly is getting bigger and bigger. Boris already prepared nice whelping box and counting down has started. Only 14 days still to go. We can't wait to greet little ones to this world and wish her nice and easy delivery! Keep fingers crossed...

Papaja Karantanska, 6th week of pregnancy Boris and Papaja Athos, Best, Alpina, Diva, Vilin, Nuba, Papaja

For the end few photos of Nuba's children and grandchildren. It means a lot to me, that we are still staying in regular contacts and friendly relations with all of them, always consulting decisions, mating combinations and everything else regarding breeding. I can't wish for more and I think we can all learn from that. I am always happy to get new potos! Thanks friends and good luck with your future plans!

Gaia Karantanska (Netherlands) and 4 puppies from her Z-litter (foto: M. Velders) Gandalf Karantanski-Germany (right) and 3 of his offspring 4 months old (left) puppies of Genja Karantanska (Finland) will soon leave for their new homes...


There have been so many news that I really don't know, what to start with. We were very busy last months. First of all we are very happy to announce that Papaja Karantanska is expecting puppies (pregnancy confimed with ultrasoud). This will be our first co-owned litter and puppies will be born and raised at Papaja's home in Slovenska Bistrica-of course with a lot of our help and mentorship. If this is a good advantage for us to be able to use wider genetic pool without getting stuck with too many dogs (I want family life for any of my dogs and it is above anything else to me), I hope I can give Boris some good start and basic knowledge about breeding for the future. We decided to use Hart v.d. Wonneproppen for Papaja. It is same stud I used for our Diva's last litter and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Both parents are completely healthy with perfect joint results (both were X-rayed at veterinary faculty in Ljubljana in the age of 2 years) and have very nice temperament. If Hart is very lazy and easygoing, Papaja has more temperament-but despite that being very stable and easy dog. Puppies are awaited about 25th June. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Arsien Karantanska participated at club show in the Netherlands, where she lives. Despite her young age she managed to win over all girls again. She gained titles JBOB and BOS and became NL junior club champion for the year 2014. Judge: Mr. R. Doedijns. Sincere congratulations!

BOB and BOS: Bonanza the Boss van de Dovondolin and Arsien Karantanska (right)

Arsien Karantanska, 16 months

Arsien Karantanska, 16 months

Our T-litter celebrated their 1st birthday on 25th of May. We wish them all the best and long, healthy, happy life with their wonderful owners. Happy birthday and many hugs babies!!!

And as I said in the beginning already, we were very busy this month. We attended 4 dog shows, two in Slovenia and two abroad. On this place I would like, first of all, thanks to all my friends: Matej, David, Tjaša, Urša and Milan for all amazing moments we spend together on these (and many other) shows, unforgettable chatting, chilling around, having fun, delicious meals, photos and many more... This is what makes shows so special to us. Thanks!!! We are great team. And now to our results...

At the end of May we went to national show in Hrušica (SLO). Alpina was enterd in intermediate class for the first time (minimum age of 15 months is requested) and she did great. I haven't even doubt.
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC and BOS (best female!)
She opened Slovenian championship in beauty. Juge: Mr. Štefan Šinko (SLO), well known international judge and also a member of slovenian breeding comitee for swissies-so yes, he knows our breed well.

Weekend after that we headed to international show in Umag (Croatia). Also Pal, Tjaša, Filip, David and Urša with her berner Athos joined us and we had so much fun together. Judge: Mrs. Maria Luise Doppelreiter (A). What a show! In a lovely park under big pine trees, plenty of space and just few steps away from the sea. We had a real picnic and enjoyed a day as much as possible. There are many bars all along coast where dogs are warmly welcomed. We had few drinks and inbetween bathed in perfect mediteranian sea. If Alpina loves to swim, Pal doesn't. He loves to go into water too, but just until he feels bottom under paws... But on this great, sandy beach, which slowly dissappear under water, we  manage to teach Pal to swim and at the end he was eagerly competing with Athos who will first get a Wubba toy out of the waves... Despite we waited for final BIS, we didn't complicate about coat and salty water. After swimming we bathed our dogs quickly under the shower at the coast and while we were having lunch they dried and looked perfect again. This is why I love short hair, hihi.
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, short-listed (among 6) in BIS
Nuba (veteran class): excellent 1, VBOB
Pal Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Great results which only made our day more perfect! We were really very proud of them.

Weekend after Umag we spent in Austria. We attended IHA Klagenfurt. Judge: Mrs. Istvanne Juhasz (H). Best male and female titles went on russian champions this time. However Pal and Alpina gained their CACIB title (certificate for international championship) as both Russians are Ch.INT already and that means title is given to the dog on the second place. Great!
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CACA, res. CACIB
Pal Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CACA, res. CACIB

And past weekend we attended international show CACIB Bled. Alpina made a huge success again, winning over all swissies with great description and praise from the honorable judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland). I was very pleased to hear her opinion as she is well known breed specialist.
Alpina Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
I have also shown my neighbours's male, Bosco v. Zündli (Swiss import), who managed to gain excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS. We were very happy about it too. After the show we went to the lake (after which Bled is famous for). Dogs got their swim and we got our well deserved lunch!

Alpina Karantanska, 17 months

Alpina in movement

Alpina Karantanska, 17 months

Alpina Karantanska, 17 months

with the judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (CH)-BOB

swimming at lake Bled after the show

We received excellent results on all the shows which is great. I am very satisfied with the fact, that all the shows we have chosen to participate recently, were judged by a breed specialists, who gave our dogs nice descriptions. I am above the clouds as Alpina is developing so promisig and I am sure she will have something to offer to this breed in the future...

Since last year 2 Karantanska females, Taïga in Tell, live in France. They both attanded more shows and were very successful too. I would like to point out 2 bigger success which they achieved recently...

In the beginning of June Taïga Karantanska attended 2 shows CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE and NATIONALE D'ELEVAGE where she won among jouth females. Judge: Mr. Soulat and Mr. Hinque.

And few days ago another great news came from France. Tell Karantanska (12 months old) won REGIONALE D'ELEVAGE AFBS WIHR AU VAL (she started in junior class, 32 swissies were entered) with excellent 1, JBOB, BOB and RBIS. Judge: Mr. Salvatore Giannone (FR). RBIS-really big success for such a young female. Judge was amazed by her strong structure and excellent movement. Despite Tell won BOB about a month ago in a smaller competition in Colmar, nobody expect such an achievement. Many congratulations!!! Tell is otherwise working also as a therapy dog-she is visiting aged people.

Tell Karantanska, 12 months, JBOB, BOB, RBIS

Taïga Karantanska, 11 months, JBOB

Taïga and Gordon, best friends

This weekend we are going to Austria (Mallnitz), to take part at their specialty (club) show. I am really looking forward to it, mostly as we will meet our Gandalf and his owners, who otherwise live in Germany. We haven't met since last year. Can't wait. All our girls are enetered (Nuba, Diva, Alpina) and also Vilin Karantanski and Matej are coming. I am sure we will have a lot of fun again.

At the end I should add some new photos of our ladies from our everyday walks! "Life is beautiful!"

Diva Karantanska, 5,5 years

Alpina Karantanska, 16 months

Diva, Alpina, Nuba and Vilin Karantanski

with my dearest veteran Nuba (9 years)

Diva, Best and Athos; foto: Katja Jemec

Vilin and Diva

Diva Karantanska and a fly

Diva (5,5 years), Nuba (9 years), Alpina (16 months)

Nuba, Diva and Alpina; Let's go fishing!

Despite the news are very show-oriented this time and it looks like all we do is going to shows and nothing else, this is way far from the truth. There are so many other things going on, but we will speak about it on some other occasion... I am preparing Alpina for her BBh and Diva for RO III exam. In Autumn we have plan to go to some obedience competitions again. We are also looking forward to vacations at the seaside and in the mountains during the Summer. We enjoy each day as it would be our last and we have so much fun with the dogs! As you can see they enjoy too!


Today is a very special day. On this day, 9 years ago, my sweet Nuba was born. My very first swissy who started all the »swissy« story and the one who is and forever will hold a special place in my heart. I can't imagine how many smiles and amazing moments we shared in the last 9 years, how many steps we made together-should this be in the forests and blooming meadows on our daily walks or in the show ring and obedience fields. There is a strong bond between us. She gave us some wonderful puppies and many of them are already following in her footsteps. With 9 years she is still in great shape and I really hope her paws keep going for many, many years. Happy 9th birthday beauty!!!!

Nuba, 9 years

Nuba, 9 years

Nuba (middle) with daugthers Diva and Alpina

Nuba, 9 years

Nuba, 9 years

Nuba, 9 years


At the beginning few photos of our Diva Karantanska. She usually doesn't want to be photographed and will constantly look away from camera, but this time I managed to get few nice shots. She is in great condition (5,5 years) and is looking forward with big pride to (hopefully) became grandma soon.

Arsien Karantanska achieved great success on the club show in Luxemburg. In the strong competition she succeed to win over all swissies and gained excellent 1, JBOB, BOB, JBIS and BIS 2nd place. The most beautiful youth dog of the show and second BIS adult dog with only 14 months! What an amazing result! And not to forget our Gandalf Karantanski. He also participated and got excellent 3 among open class males. Congratulations to both!!! Judge: Mrs. Petra Schultheiss (DE).

What a nice visit we had! With Nina and her Berners, Bibi and Paris, we enjoyed lovely weather and great walk in our surroundings. I enclose few photos. Boston was staying with us for short vacation.

Boston, Alpina, Diva, Nuba, Bibi, Paris

Aegis Boston Karantanski, 5 months

Aegis Boston Karantanski, 5 months

We participated on Slovenian club (specialty) show in Maribor (31 breeds under our club). What a day we had, great success for our dogs and breeding!!! We took many prices, not only in breed competition but also in the final BIS program: three first and one second place! Particularly I would like to highlight great Alpina's achievement. With only 14 months she won junior BIS in the strong competiton of youth dogs (among babies and veterans competition was not that big). Alpina, Diva and Nuba also became junior club, club and veteran club winner for the year 2014. Breed judge: Mrs. Bonka Georgieva (BG). BIS judges: Mrs. Katja Rožman, Mr. Branislav Rajić, Mrs. Bonka Georgieva. Thank you!!!

Aegis Boston Karantanski (baby class): very promising 1, best baby, BIS baby
Vilin Karantanski (champion class): excellent 1 CAC
Alpina Karantanska (junior class): excellent 1, PRM, junior club winner for 2014, JBOB, BIS junior
Papaja Karantanska (open class): excellent 1, CAC
Diva Karantanska (champion class): excellent 1, CAC, club winner
of Slovenia for 2014
Nuba (veteran class): excellent 1, veteran club winner of Slovenia for 2014, best veteran, BIS vetran II

Moreover Karantanska breeding group (Alpina, Papaja, Diva and Vilin) won BIS 1st place. Many thanks to all the owners of our dogs who entered for specialty show. Thank you for nice day!

swissies on the club show in Maribor (L-R): Bosco, Papaja, Boston, Vilin, Nuba, Alpina, Diva, Kinga, Ota, Tango Tao

Few photos from our visit of Pal Karantanski and his owners and our trip around Kamnik. Nature there is really wonderful (just like here where we live): lots of hidden places, nice trees and forests, colorful flora and many small streams-perfect for dogs. We had great time!

and so we went...

Best, Alpina, Vilin, Diva

another group photo

Filip and Pal Karantanski

Filip and Pal Karantanski

Pal Karantanski

Last weekend we had our first Karantanska official gathering-1st Karantanska picnic. Thanks to the owner of Papaja, Boris, we had the best possible location near Slovenska Bistrica: a wooden cottage, small lake (where dogs could swim) and many nice places for running and playing. The weather was great (sunny) so we had all we needed. It all started with a nice hike (where dogs used some of their energy while running and playing) and continued with a lovely party. Thank you all for coming and for making our day unforgetable and filled with tons of good energy. It was great to see so many of our dogs reunited. I hope our picnic will become traditional and we will meet again next year!

P-litter Karantanska: Prima, Papaja, Pal

group photo

Prima Karantanska, 2 years

Aegis Boston Karantanski, 5 months

girls prepared delicious sweets

"barbacue masters " Matej and Boris

Troja Karantanska with her family

Aegis Boston Karantanski with family

Prima Karantanska with family

And for the end few photos of Papaja. We are waiting for her heat to come and to go to breed her.

Papaja Karantanska, 2 years

Boris and his Papaja

Papaja Karantanska, 2 years


We have been on vacation at snowy Pokljuka (part of Triglav national Park with perfect nature) and of course our dogs went with us. We stayed in a nice wooden cottage and really enjoyed it. As we didn't have much snow here in the valley this year, dogs couldn't hide their excitement when they saw snow. We made over 2000 great photos, so it was not easy to choose which to publish here...

Nuba, Diva, Alpina and Vilin Karantanski

Diva Karantanska

Nuba, Diva and Val waiting their cookie

a little of recreation for everyone-us and dogs

Alpina and Nuba playing

resting after looonnng walk

friends: Vilin, Nuba, Alpina, Diva, Best, Athos

Matej and his Vilin Karantanski

Nuba,almost 9 years, still in perfect shape

Uiihaaaaa, who's gonna win...

with my "ladies"

skijoring with swissies

David and Peter attended dryland sled-dog competition. David and Pal competed in category dog scootering (activity where dog pulls a human riding an unmotorized scooter) and Peter and Dart Karantanski (Kal) in canicross (cross country running with dog). Both couples did a great job!

David, Tjaša and Pal before start

David and Pal Karantanski, 2 years

Peter and Dart Karantanski (Kal), 5 years

We received few photos of Alpina's big brother Admiral Berto Karantanski. He is becoming strong and massive male, with nice head and perfect character. With 14 months he weights more than 60 kg.

Admiral Berto Karantanski, 14 months

Admiral Berto Karantanski, 14 months

Admiral Berto Karantanski, 14 months

Pal Karantanski and his family. Great photos and I couldn't resist to publish them here. Filip was just 1 year old and they are big friends with Pal. Swissies and babies seem like a perfect match.

Pal Karantanski (2 years) and his Filip (1 year)

Pal and his lovely family

Filip (1 year) and Pal Karantanski (2 years)

We received great news from France. Tell Karantanska (10 months old) gained JBOB and BOB on the national show in Colmar. Very nice description and exciting victory for this young girl. Congratulations!

Next weekend we are heading to Maribor, where Slovenian club show is taking place. We will participate with 6 dogs from our kennel-Nuba, Val, Diva, Alpina, Papaja and Boston. Weekend after this, we will be joining competition canicross Mekinje. Few Karantanska swissies and their owners will compete and I am sure we will have a lot of fun. And in May first Karantanska picnic is planned. Can't wait!


Our P-litter puppies celebrated their 2nd birthday. Pal, Papaja and Prima we wish you all the best!

Pal Karantanski

Papaja Karantanska

Prima Karantanska

Papaja Karantanska was X-rayed with perfect results: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free (hips, elbows and shoulders completely clear). Evaluation was done by prof. dr. Bojan Zorko at University clinic in Ljubljana. Congratulations!!! We are really happy with this result.

Pal and Papaja attended breeding examination yesterday. Both passed it successfully with excellent grade and nice remarks. Pal is now available at stud to approved females and we are planning our first co-owned litter this Summer with Papaja. She will be mated to a nice male Hart v.d. Wonneproppen.

Our American boy Boston is growing fast. Here are some new photos of the little one from our walk.

best friends : Alpina and Boston playing

Aegis Boston Karantanski (3,5 months)

Aegis Boston Karantanski (3,5 months)

This year we entered few dogs from our breeding for TOP10 competition (10 most successfull show dogs of the past year under our SKVPM club (which counts 31 breeds!!!)). All 4 swissies from our kennel were among TOP10 and Pal Karantanski even took the podium-great 3rd place. Bravo David and Pal! Veterans are out of competition, but Nuba got special price for a show successful veteran.

Finally we got some sun. It was great for hiking and long walks. Some photos attached...

Alpina, Diva and Nuba

Alpina Karantanska, 12 months

Matej and Vilin Karantanski

Vilin Karantanski, 6 years

Pal Karantanski (2 years) and Tjaša

Vilin, Nuba, Boston, Diva and Alpina

We are planning few dog shows in next months. First in a row will be slovenian club show in Maribor on 19.4.2014. All swissy owners and lovers kindly welcomed. I hope for a big entry and a lot of fun.


I am very happy to announce our new swissy addition, Aegis Boston Karantanski, new Karantanska member who flew with me all the way from USA. When I was wondering what name I should choose for him, I came across to the idea, his name needs to represent some part of his origin-and that is why we named him Boston-after the city where he was born and raised. It was nice trip, enjoying some sightseeing, meeting old and new friends, breeders and swissies I've only seen on photos before. I was very happy to found out that all the breeders I've met, value their dogs like we do-as true family members, living with them in the house, not outside in the kennels and have a similar approach to breeding as we do. That is very important to me. It was great experience and new lesson also from the breeding point, especially litter evaluation where I got some ideas on which fields (structure-wise) we should put more attention in the future. Thanks Lori, Kristin, Eric, Katie, Cathy, Laura, Virginia, Holly, Marjie, Dave and Ann for all the great moments and all your hospitality. I hope to meet you guys again in the near future! Moreover I am really grateful to Katie, Eric and Krisitn for allowing us the opportunity to take Boston to Slovenia. We are thrilled to have him joined our swissy  family and we are looking forward to see him growing... Boston is going to live with coowners.

And while I was abroad, our A-litter puppies celebrated their 1st birthday. Alpina wishes her brother and sisters all the best and happy, long life! A lot of delicious treats, meaty bones, a little, nice praises, long pettings and unconditional love from your families! Hug our babies for us today, please!


The New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams, may you rediscover new strength and garner faith with you, and be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and put a brave front for all the challenges that may come your way. May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. May 2014 gives you wonderful moments to cherish and to store in your heart to create wonderful memories that you would like to look back upon every now and then. Have a wonderful year ahead to spend!

This time I would like to publish some results achieved by dogs from our breeding on the shows abroad. Some did really great and I think we should mention their success. Alpina's beautiful sister Arsien Karantanska became Dutch youth champion in beauty (J.Ch NL) with only 10 months of age. On all consucetive shows she attended (5 shows alltoghether) she won in her category with JCAC and JBOB and moreover she gained titles as junior Amsterdm winner, JBIS-4th place and 2 times she was awarded with the best representative of the breed (BOB). She is developng great and we are very proud of her. Amazing results for such a young lady. Congratulations to her owners!

Amsterdam: PRM, JBOB, resCAC, junior Amst. winner

Katwijk: PRM, JBOB, CAC, BOB

Den Bosch: PRM, JBOB, resCAC, JBIS-4.

Grof Patoche Karantanski was competing at Amsterdam winner show as well. He also did great, gaining excellent 1, res.CAC and res.CACIB from open class. With that result he also fullfiled regulations to become Dutch champion in beauty (male from champion class who won this show is already Ch.NL, so CAC went to Patoche). Despite big competition, both dogs from our kennel did a great job. Way to go Arsien and Patoche! Not to only mention shows, I am also attaching one photo of Patoche's brother Gandalf Karantanski. He had a date with a nice German lady Isa v. Derschau. If everything goes well, we will be welcoming his second litter in February. Fingers crossed!

Grof Patoche Karantanski (3 years), movement

Grof Patoche Karantanski, res.CACIB

Gandalf Karantanski, 3 years (foto J. Harder)

Genja and Aruba Maisa Karantanska attended one of the biggest show events in Finland, winner dog shows. They were presented on Nordic winner and Voittaja winner. Maisa was both days second in her class, but Genja won excellent 1, CAC and res.CACIB both days! Congratulation girls.

In January Alpina is entered for international dog show in Ljubljana. Can't wait!


On the first day of December me and Alpina competed on international dog show, CACIB Celje. Judge was Mrs. Olga Dolejšova (Czech). Alpina did a great job. She gained excellent 1, PRM, JBOB and BOB. Best of breed with only 10 months, uuuiihaaaa!!! Well done my beautiful Alpina...

After the show we visited Papaja Karantanska and together we went for a nice winter walk. Lovely and very friendly female. She is 20 months old now and is really strong for her age (especially chest). If all goes according to our plan, we are expecting to have first coownership litter with her in 2014.

Papaja Karantanska, 20 months

Papaja Karantanska, 20 months

Papaja Karantanska, 20 months

The day before, on Saturday, it was Pal's turn at CACIB Celje. Pal Karantanski won excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and was shortlisted in BIS under skilled eye of the judge Mrs. Mirja Lapanja (SLO). Conratulations!!! This time we don't have any show photos, so I decided to publish a short video of Pal and his baby friend Filip. For all the people who still wonder if swissies are good with children...


And some new photos of our swissies from today's long walk for the end. Matej and Val visited us...

Vilin, Diva, Alpina, Nuba

Alpina Karantanska, 10 months

Vilin, Diva, Alpina, Nuba


Juuuupiiii, Gaia Karantanska became mommy for the first time. Two days ago she gave birth to 7 wonderful miracles, 5 females and 2 males. Big and strong puppies, weighing around 700 g (and all delivered naturally!), all born without dew claws and perfectly colourated. Father to the puppies is French stud Obi v. Koneser. If you are looking for a nice puppy from good lines, you should contact Gaia's owners Lianne and Ton for more info. 2 females still available. They live in Italy (near Milano).

Last weened we took part on the club show in Zagreb (Croatia) with our Karantanska swissies and achived amazing results. Judge was Mr. Štefan Šinko (SLO).

Alpina Karantanska (bitches, junior): excellent 1, PRM, junior club champion of Croatia for the year 2013, JBOB, JUNIOR BIS 2nd place
Pal Karantanski-owned and loved by Tjaša and David (males, intermediate): excellent 1, CAC
Vilin Karantanski-owned and loved by Matej (males, champion): excellent 1, CAC
Diva Karantanska (females, champion): exc. 1, CAC, club champion of Croatia for the year 2013, BOB
Nuba (females, veteran): exc. 1, veteran club champion for 2013, BVOB, BIS VETERAN 1st place
braces: Pal and Diva Karantanska, best brace of the show-BIS 1st place
breeding groups: Karantanska (Diva, Pal, Alpina and Vilin)-second best breeding group, BIS 2nd place

Pal and Diva, breaces BIS 1st place

Nuba, BISS veteran 1st place

Alpina, JBOB, JBIS 2nd place

Pal Karantanski, 1st place in intermediate

Vilin Karantanski, 1st place champions

Diva Karantanska, best of breed-BOB

These achievements, especially great  successes in BIS (where the most beautiful representatives of various breeds compete against each other) are for us great conformation of our work. Thanks Matej, David and Tjaša for all your help and support at the show. And thank you for perfect and relaxing weekend at Thermal Riviera Čatež. We all (humans and dogs) enjoyed it so much.

Pal Karantanski

Nuba and Pal Karantanski


Our Diva has celebrated her fifth birthday on Sunday. We wish her and all her brothers and sisters from our D-litter HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Should they bring joy to their owners for many, many years to come. At this point I would like to mention, that Dallas and Dart Karantanski are both available for a stud. Both have excellent health screenes results and friendly temperament.

Dallas Karantanski, 5 years

Dart Karantanski (Kal), 5 years

Diva Karantanska, 5 years; good night!

We have also received new photos of our T-puppies. They just reached the age of 6 months. This time I enclose photos of Tell, Terabono and Thyra Karantanska. For now they are developing nicely.

Tell Karantanska, 5 months

Terabono Karantanski, 6 months

Thyra Karantanska, 5 months, with her owner

On Sunday we are going to attend international show CACIB Celje with Alpina. This will be the last show of this year, followed by a short pause until CACIB Ljubljana in January. Otherwise we are having great time with our dogs-long walks every day, playing, cuddling (cold evenings are ideal for some cuddling in fron of TV) and so much looking forward to the first snow...


We were attending Slovenian club show in Vrtojba, where our dogs achieved very nice results. They gained titles Slovenian club winner, Slovenian junior club winner and Slovenian veteran club winner for the year 2013. It was nice event and we had a lot of fun. Judge was Mrs. Mirja Lapanja (SLO).

Tyron Karantanski (puppy class): very promising 1
Pal Karantanski (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, Slovenian club winner 2013
Vilin Karantanki (champion class): excellent 1, CAC
Alpina Karantanska (youth class): excellent 1, PRM, Slovenian junior club winner 2013, JBOB (junior best of breed), shorlisted between best 4 in JBIS
Diva Karantanska (champion class): excellent 2, res CAC
Nuba (veteran class): exc. 1, Slovenian veteran club winner 2013, vet. BOB, BIS veterans 3rd place
With Vilin, Diva, Pal and Alpina we attended also breeding groups competition and got BIS 2nd place.

Diva Karantanska during evaluation,
2nd place in champion class

Karantanska swissies (L-R): Pal, Vilin, Nuba, Diva, Alpina and Tyron with owners

the best males (L-R): Pal Karantanski, Vilin Karantanski, Kenan Aga Cesar v. Carintia

breeding groups , BIS 2nd place

Alpina Karantanska, junior clun winner, JBOB,shortlisted in junior BIS

Alpina Karantanska with her award

After the show we were really tired, but went to celebrate our results with nice dinner. In 14 days we are going to attend club show in Zagreb (Croatia). And to combine nice show with great vacation, we rent a cottage in spa center near Croatian border, where we will spent whole weekend with our dogs and friends. I am sure it will be great and I can't wait. Keep fingers crossed for the show!

Finally we almost complete page for our T-litter (DOB 25.5.2013), Diva×Hart. More info ::HERE::.


We have almost spring temperatures here and it is really amazing. Autumn colours mixed with spring flowers, good reason to have a photoshooting isn't it. I decided we have to do some new photos of our 3 girls. As you can see Alpina has grown a lot and she is almost as high as Nuba and Diva, but of course she still needs to gain a lot of weight to catch them. In November we are going to attend 2 specialty dog shows-one in Slovenia (Vrtojba, 9.11) and another in Croatia (Zagreb, 22.11.). I am sure there will be many swissies in Vrtojba as this is one of the most important shows for our breed in our country. Welcome to join with your swissy or just to come to meet us! I am sure we will have fun!

Alpina Karantanska, 9 months

Diva, Alpina, Nuba

Nuba, 8 years and a half

Alpina, Nuba, Diva

Diva Karantanska, almost 5 years old

Alpina Karantanska, 9 months

We received 2 promising news. Gaia Karantanska is pregnant and she is expecting her first litter at the end of November. She was mated in France with very nice stud, Obi v. Koneser. Puppies will be born in Italy. Moreover also first puppies out of Gandalf Karantanski are expected. Mother will be lovely Marguery's Anneli (Germany). If you would like to get more info about planned combinations, please feel free to contact us or the owners of both dogs.

As the first from our P-litter (19 months old), Pal Karantanski was X-rayed. His health results are great: HD B/B, ED 0/0, OCD free (X-rayed on veterinary faculty in Ljubljana, evaluated by prof. Bojan Zorko). Soon he will have also his eye check done and in Spring breeding examination is planned.

Below you can find some photos of puppies from our breeding from their new homes. More next time.

Arsien Karantanska, 8 months

Aruba Maisa Karantanska, 5 months

Genja Karantanska, 3 years

Tell Karantanska, 4 months

Prima Karantanska, 18 months

Pal Karantanski, 18 months

Finally we almost complete page of our A-litter (DOB 21.1.2013), Nuba×Taboo. More ::HERE::.


We have so many interesting news and adventures to share that I don't know where to start... But let's start with our little ones. In the beginning of August puppies from Diva's T-litter left for their new homes, all abroad: Troja to Austria, Tyron to Italy, Tell and Taïga to France, Terabono to Finland and Thyra to the Netherlands. We have already received many photos and nice reports from new owners and for now they are all doing great in their new families. We wish them all the best-to be loved and to have perfect doggy lifes for many, many years to come! Good luck my sweeties.

Taïga Karantanska

Troja Karantanska

Tyron Karantanski

At the end of August we participated on the national dog show CAC Trbovlje (Slovenia) with Nuba, Alpina and Pal Karantanski. Judge was Mr. Miklos Levente (Hungary). It was very first show for Alpina and she did it great. All three dogs won in their classes and with this last given title Nuba fullfiled all conditions and became VETERAN champion of Slovenia in beauty (CH.V SLO). Way to go!

And in the beginning of September we finally went to so well deserved holidays. Our fury friends travelled with us too (and this time it was 6 dogs). As for the last few years we decided to go to beautiful island Vir (Croatia). And it was great, amazing. Who would expect such a perfect weather in September. It was almost 30 degrees, perfectly sunny during days, with nice, clean sea all around and marvellous, orange-red sunsets in the evenings. What more could we wish for... Dogs had fun too. As terrain was not that suitable for long walks (a lot of sharp stones-not nice for doggy paws), we burned off dog's energy with swimming. I was specially amazed by Alpina, who is a real water fish, not really typical for swissy:). We took many photos, some of them are attached below.

Alpina Karantanska, 8 months

Best, Athos, Diva, Nuba, Alpina, Val

enjoying on the beach

in the sea with Alpina

Matej and "no more so little " Alpina

our veterans: Nuba and Athos


Diva and Nuba and beautiful sunset

our swissies : Alpina, Val, Diva, Nuba


Nuba, Alpina and Diva

posing for photo

Matej and Val

with Alpina and Nuba


While we were enjoying our perfect holidays in Dalmatia, Grof Patoche Karantanski represented us on European dog show in Geneve (Switzerland). He made it excellent and won his class (open) on this big show, gaining another CAC. Titles of European champion and vice champion went to Russian dogs this time. Many congratulations to Patoche and his owners. Great success!

Gandalf Karantanski atended club show KC Geleen (the Netherlands, 8.9.). Under strict eyes of the judge, Mr. Wieldraaier, he got excellent 1, BOB (best representative of the breed), BOG (most beautiful dog of 2nd FCI group) and was even shortlisted in BIS. BRAVO!!!

We try to visit at least 2 big shows abroad every year. Goal is to pick up shows where more swissies and their owners are expected, where we can meet other breeders and where we have oportunity to see what is coming on the swissy scene, which stud dogs are/will be availabe, what is the quality of their offspring, etc. On 15.9. we were attending Jubilaumsausstellung in Rieden, which was organized on the occasion of 90th anniversary of German SSV club. Despite there was not as many swissies entered as we expected, this show was very special to me. Not only because the exceptional results our dogs achieved, but on the first place because we were meeting (after more than 1 year) some of Nuba's lovely G-litter puppies: Gaia, Gandalf and Grof Patoche. Evaluation of the dogs was performed by the president of German SSV club, Mr. Norbert Bachmann.

Grof Patoche Karantanski

Gandalf Karantanski

my veteran Nuba

our young hope : Alpina Karantanska

the most beutiful: Diva Karantanska

our winning group with the judge

Judging was quiet strict and every dog was precisely evaluated. Stacking the dogs was not allowed (judge demanded "free handling") and a lot of emphasis was on movement, which was not that funny in corelation with slippery floor (show was moved indoors because of bad weather). Many dogs were given very good and their owners were not happy about it. In contrast to them me and Matej had a great success. Unbelievable. All 4 dogs won in their classes and we gained 3 anniversary winners.

Alpina Karantanska, puppy class, very promising 1
Nuba, veteran class, excellent 1, Anw DtVetCh (VDH+SSV), BVOB, Jubilaums Veteran Sieger
Diva Karantanska, champion class, excellent 1, Anw DtCh (SSV+VDH), Jubilaumssieger, BOB
Vilin Karantanski, champion class, excellent 1, Anw DtCh (SSV+VDH), Jubilaumssieger

And that is not all. Among many (7+/-) breeding groups we became also best breeding group. Amazing results for our dogs and we are very proud of them.

Karantanska dogs (L-D): Gaia, Diva, Vilin, Grof Patoche, Gandalf; best breeding group

I also have to mention nice result of Slovene Jože Pleterski and his swissy Kenan Aga Cesar v. Carintia (Nuba's grandson and Vilin's son), who finished as second (from 5) in open class. This was their first bigger show and I think they did it just great. Congratulations!

Our day ended with a delicious dinner in nice company. There was a lot of topics to speak about, but of course not enough time for everything. So we promised each other to meet again soon. Thanks to everyone for wonderful and unforgettable day and til we meet again...


We haven't updated our web a little bit longer, but I have to confess we are in lack of time lately. We spent all spare time with our beloved dogs and puppies, playing with them, showing them new things and environments (also with puppies we do at least 3 short walks per day in our perfect surrounding countryside) and cuddling them for hours. They will always surprise you with some new trick or thing they've learned. They had thousands of visitors, they are completely used to drive in car (3 puppies per day were going to work with me), to different noises, to people of all ages and shapes, to other dogs, cats, etc. I think we made great job socializing them in best possible way, so they have nice chance for good start in new families. On Saturday they turned out to be 8 weeks and upcoming weekend first puppies are going to their new homes. It will not be easy to let them go, but new owners promised us to stay in touch and I am sure we will meet soon. Here are some photos from last week, more will be added in their topic (puppies, T-litter) when we have a little bit more time.

A-litter puppies (Nuba×Taboo) were 6 months old few days ago. Happy 1/2 birthday my little ones. Our Alpina is sending best wishes to all her brothers and sisters. Good luck!

Alpina Karantanska, 6 months

Alpina Karantanska, 6 months
Nuba with her daughters-Diva and Alpina

And here is one short "obedience" video of Alpina. It is a little bit older, but I forgot to post it before.


Grof Patoche Karantanski was successfull on the international dog show in Echt in the Netherlands (judge Mrs. Schjoth). There were many German dogs this time. He gained titles excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB (best of breed). Nice, isn't it? Moreover Patoche and Emmy got their first puppies. They were born in reputable kennel Jomatanjo's in Sweden. Congratulations!

Best male (BOB) and female (BOS)

Grof Patoche Karantanski, BOB

Patoche's first puppies

Days here are very hot and we can't wait to go to the seaside. Also this year dogs are joining us!


Our puppies were 4 weeks old and they are doing really great. Right now they look like small teddy bears. We moved them to the outside playing area, where they have fun with running throught the tunels, playing in wooden houses, climbing on the balance toy, pulling for toys and of course cuddling with us. We have started with intensive socialization-introducing new people, sounds, taking them to new environment and getting them used to different objects. First induvidual photos had been made in last week. Few photos are attached bellow, but more can be find in their own topic ::HERE::.

Dogs from our breeding achived excellent results in last few weeks. Not only in Slovenia, but on the dog shows all around the Europe. So I need to mention at least most important results. Pal Karantanski attended international dog show in Umag where he achieved excellent 1, PRM, JBOB and BOB and was shortlisted between 5 in JBIS. He also finished Croatian junior championship (Ch.J.Cro).

Gandalf Karantanski was showed on Landesgruppenausstellung Rheinland in Oberhausen (Germany). He gained excellent 1, CAC SSV, CAC VDH and BOB under the Swiss judge Mr. Arnold Sommerhalder. There were 33 swissies entered. Really nice success for our young boy.

I enteredm my veteran Nuba for international show CACIB Bled. She got excellent 1 and best veteran title. Just one more victory and she is going to be Slovenian veteran champion in beauty. It was very hot day, but despite that we had great fun. We met with Nuba's children Alara and Admiral Berto Karantanski. Alpina was very happy to see her sibling again. Because of the hot weather we decided not to wait for BIS, but rather went to swim in the nearby Bled lake. Some photos attached.

Nuba, best veteran

Nuba with daughter Alpina Karantanska

with my lovely Nuba and Alpina

Admiral Berto and Alpina Karantanska

under our tent

swimming in Bled lake

Gandalf and Grof Patoche Karantanski were both attending Beglian club/specialty show with nice number of swissies entered (24). Both brothers were entered in open class and Grof Patoche won over Gandalf with excellent 1, CAC and than gained also BOB and even BISII (second most beautiful dog of the show). Judge was Mrs. Onstenk-Schenk Ilona (NL). BRAVO!!!

Gandalf Karantanski

Grof Patoche Karantanski

Grof Patoche Karantanski, BOB, BIS II

I would like to compliment all Karantanska dogs and their owners for those excellent show results!!!


We have so many news to share, that I almost don't know where to start... Perhaps I should start with the sweetest and so much awaited news, that we got 6 little puppies-2 males and 4 females. They were born on a very special day, 25.5. out of our Diva Karantanska and Hart v.d. Wonneproppen. I know for a fact that some of you were getting a bit anxious for more updates and pictures on the puppies, so today I appointed some time towards posting pictures. In anticipation of puppy news, I hope that the following makes everyone very, very happy! So far their coats, colouration, strong heads and physical appearance are indicating to be very promising to me. We are very happy and thrilled about this litter. One female is still looking for her home. She will be able to go to new owners at the end of July. More about litter ::HERE::.

In May we participated on the World dog show in Budapest. What a nicely organized show and great judging from the judge Mr. Tibor Havelka (SK), all the compliments to the organizers. I have to announce with a big pride, that our Vilin Karantanski gained title VICE WOLD WINNER. We are very happy about it and this said I would like to expres warm congratulations to his owner Matej. Moreover I would like to say thanks to Matej, Urša and David for a great company, we had a nice time in Hungary. We also placed Alea in the arms of her new owners after the show and here is the first photo from her home. She has 2 swissies to keep her company, so good luck litte one!

Vilin Karantanski, vice world winner 2013

with the judge Mr. Tibor Havelka (SK)

Alea with her new friends

On 20.5. Nuba celebrated her 8th birthday. Now she is officially a veteran, but on the other hand she is still in great shape and she keeps making our everydays perfect. What a nice and friendly female she is. So, happy birthday my perfect dog, stay with us as long as possible. We love you!

Last weekend in May, Nuba and Pal Karantanski participated on a national dog show in Hrušica (Slovenia). It was first show where Nuba showed herself in the veteran class. She finished with excellent 1 and title best veteran. But this time it actually was Pal's turn. He won with excellent 1, PRM and best junior (JBOB) and than he even took best of breed (BOB) title. What a day! With this last PRM Pal became also junior champion of Slovenia in beauty. Congratulations to his owners!

our "place" on the show, Alpina in front

David and Pal Karantanski, doggy scootering
doggy walk: Pal, Val, Diva, Nuba, Athos, Best

Genja, Grof Patoche and Gandalf Karantanski were lately successfull on few dog shows abroad. Genja took CACIB in Lahti and Helsinki (Finland) and last weekend both G-brothers participated in the club show in Dutch Heteren and took 1st and 2nd place in open class. Some beautiful photos were made at this occasion and I am publishing few here on our web. Congratulations to all the dogs and their owners. We are very pleased with all the results and we are cheering on you. Well done and we wish you a lot of nice results in the future! Thanks for the photos Maud and Bianca.

Gandalf Karantanski

Gandalf Karantanski

Grof Patoche Karantanski

Gandalf in Grof Patoche Karantanski


We are still looking for a caring home for one of the females from Nuba's A-litter. She is 3 months old, is nicely socialized and she is visiting puppy school already. Very lovely, lively, curious and strongly attached to family members. We would like to find a home, where she can live with her humans as a real family member. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

And we have another exciting news. At the end of May promising litter out of our Diva is expected. Pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound. Father will be German import, Hart v.d. Woneproppen. He is brother to Harley, who was father to our G-litter in 2010 (with which we are very satisfied). Both parents have perfect health screens and both are very nice representatives of the breed.

Hart v.d. Wonneproppen

Hart v.d. Wonneproppen

Hart v.d. Wonneproppen

In the beginning of April Pal Karantanski took part at the national dog show CAC Barje. He was shown in youth class again. Under skilled eye of the judge Mr. Andras Polgar (SRB) he received titles excellent 1, PRM, JBOB and BOB. Congratulations to Pal and his owners. Way to go!

Grant Karantanski (Liam) was X-rayed (as the last of the puppies from our G-litter). His health screenes are also perfect and we are very happy about it! Thanks to all owners of the puppies from our G-litter for doing screeneing and sending us results. This is very important to us.

Past weekend we fligh to Finland with our sweet Aruba Maisa Karantanska. Everything went pretty smooth and Maisa was completely opened and very self-confident, nothing put her of the stride. She actually slept through almost all our way. New owners were already waiting for her and her half-sister Genja fall in love with her on the first moment they met. Thanks Sofia and Juho for your hospitality. I was very happy to meet Genja after such a long time, she is woderful. While in Finland we met some other swissy lovers and than we spent few interesting days in Helsinki.

our plane

Aruba Maisa Karantanska in her new home
with Genja Karantanska (2,5 years)

Before our trip to Finland we went for a nice doggy walk with some swissy and berner friends. Dogs had very nice time running around, playing in the water, swimming and chasing each other. And we enjoyed time spent together too. Few photos attached.

We are very happy to share first photos of A-litter puppies from their new homes with you. They are all doing great and already settled nicely in their new families. Miss you guys! But I know you are in great homes. Maud thanks for this lovely photos of Arsien.

Alara Karantanska (SLO)

Arsien Karantanska (NL)

Arsien Karantanska (NL)

Genja Karantanska successfully passed character test on Sunday. Moreover lately she also finished her first champion title and is now Finnish champion in beauty (FIN CH). Congratulations!


There are many things happening at our home and we are fully busy. That is the main reason that our web is not updated up to date, but I promise I will make it up in next weeks, also page of our current A-litter need to be updated and completed. Puppies were 9 weeks old and slowly, one by one, they are leaving us-going to their new families, mostly abroad. Some will be staying with us a little bit longer as their way to the new homes will be long. I am happy to announce that in April I am flying to Finland with Aruba Maisa and I am visiting our Genja Karantanska for the first time (I havent seen her since she left 2,5 years ago). Can't wait to meet her and bring her a little sister!

Admiral Berto, Arsien, Aruba Maisa, Alpina, Alea and Alara Karantanska, 7 weeks (Foto: N. Bešter)

Admiral Berto Karantanski, 7 weeks

Arsien Karantanska, 7 weeks

Alpina Karantanska, 7 weeks

Our P-litter puppies (out of Diva and Oscar) celebrated their 1st birthday in March. Can't believe it, this year turned around so fast. All are developing very nice and have a lot of fun in their new families. All 3 puupies are already attending advanced dog classes to be prepared for Bbh exams. What a nice and strenuous owners they have. We wish them happy birthday and all the best in the future. I am really grateful to their owners for sending me photos and "updates" so regularly.

Prima Karantanska, 11 months

Pal Karantanski, 12 months

Prima Karantanska, 11 months

In the beginning of March there was breeding examination in Slovenia and our Dart Karantanski passed it successfully. He is now available for stud to approved bitches.

Moreover on the last weekend of March there was Koerung (breeding examination) also in Germany. I am very proud of Gandalf Karantanski who passed it with excellent remarks. He is available for stud under German SSV/VDH club. He has new web page which can be found :HERE:.

Diva, Nuba, mother and father attended charity run organized around Bled lake in the memory of Ruth Podgornik Reš (project "never give up") who unfortunately died under avalanche at the end of 2012. She was a lady who runned Spartathlon (247 km) and a big fan of nature and animals. She always had her small dog Dik with her and Dik was lucky survivor-he survived accident. Nuba attended too and I was having fun with the puppies at home...

Pal Karantanski was participating on 3 international dog shows and achieved great results:
IHA Graz (Austria): youth class, judge Mrs. Istvanne Juhasz (H), exc.1, PRM, JBOB
CACIB Zagreb (Croatia): youth class, judge: Mr. Seamus Oates (IRL), exc. 1, PRM, JBOB
CACIC Zagreb (Croatia): youth class, judge: Mr. J. Sanchez Fernandes (E), exc.1, PRM, JBOB, BOB

Pal Karantanski

Pal Karantanski

Pal Karantanski

Vilin and Pal Karantanski are entered to world dog show in Budapest in May. Because Diva should be expecting puppies around that period, this time I didn't eneter my dogs, but we are going to support both Karantanska guys from the outside of the ring. See you there and good luck!

Gaia Karantanska was X-rayed and her eyes were examined (ECVO). Results are perfect: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free, eyes free from all diseases and of course we are very happy about it. Gaia fulfilled all the needed criteria for breeding in Italy and in next months she will be bred. If you are interested in a puppy from her litter, please do not hesitate to contact us for more info. Puppies will be born and raised in Italy where they currently live. ::HERE:: is the link to her own web page.


Time really flies by so fast and puppies are already 5 weeks old today. We are enjoying every moment spending in their whelping box and it is hard to describe how precious those moments are. They are so lively and curious and it is not surprising that their whelping box suddenly became too small. We enlarged their place, so now they have whole room available. I know this is the start of probably the most influential period of puppy's life and much of what is learned during this period may last throughout their life.  During this time they develop social skills and learn about their environment so we of course made their room interesting as much as possible. We filled room with many different toys and new objects and start to expose puppies to normal houshold noises. They are so happy, exploring their new surroundings, running around, playing, chasing, rolling and wrestling with littermates, growling, barking and enjoying real doggy life. Physical co-ordination is still not fully developed, but their mobility is better and better. Nuba doesn't have so much milk anymore (or on the other hand puppies need more and more food) and despite puppies still drink her milk regularly, we start adding meaty meals 4 times per day. They tasted many different kinds of meat and vegetable, but more is to come. We finally  had some sun yesterday (and temperatures arise a little bit), so puppies were carried out for the first time. They were a little bit unsure in the beginning, but new smells and things made them curious enough to explore their new, big, wide place. They (still a little bit cautious) ran around and had fun with Nuba, Diva and our cat Grinta. New photos from the past 2 weeks are added on their page ::HERE::.

We received lovely news about our Gandalf. He participated on 2 dog shows (Belgium-CACIB Hoogstraten and Germany-CAC Alsfeld) and made excellent results on both. Congratulations! With that he fullfiled all the conditions needed to attend Koerung which will be held in March and than he will be available as a stud under SSV/VDH club. Some newest photos of him attached below.

Gandalf Karantanski, 2 years

Gandalf Karantanski, 2 years

Gandalf Karantanski, 2 years

Gaia Karantanska and her owners have visited us. They come to pet our puppies and we went for a long walk together. It was so nice to meet them after some time! Gaia is very lovely bitch with great character. I must admit I am very satisfied with our G-litter in general.

Gaia Karantanska, 2 years

with Diva on a snowy fields...

Diva and Gaia Karantanska playing in the snow

And not to end with great news too soon. Dart and Gaia Karantanska were X-rayed lately, both with perfect health results-clear of joint diseases. More can be found on their personal sites HERE and HERE. Many congratulations to their owners! Gaia will be most probably mated soon (spring 2013). If you are interested in her puppy, please contact us for more information.


Our little ones are developing very good and soon they will be 3 weeks old. Eyes are opened and they are starting to stand up on their feet, but they can still not hear (I believe also this is coming in next days). First real meal (minced meat) will be offered on the following days and than, step-bystep of course also other delicious food. We gave them antiparasitic pasta already and their nails were trimmed for the first time. Nuba is so caring and sweet mother, really a mummy to wish for! Few photos are added below, but more can bee seen on their own page ::HERE::.

We received great news from Belgium. Grof Patoche took part on 2 dog shows and achieved great results. In Moeskroenu (BE) judge Mr. Hjorth from Norway awarded him with the title best male and last weekend in the Dutch Eindhoven he became best of breed (BOB). Congratulations!

There is a lot of show in Finland and Genja was introduced to new sport-having fun while pulling her youngest human owners on the sledges. You can see on the photos how much fun they all have! In next months she will be attending some dog shows, so this is also a very good way to keep her fit:). And in April new family member will be joining her, a little female "mouse" from our A-litter. Genja impressed her owners with her appearance and character so much that they decided they would like to have another Nuba's offspring. And I agree, Nuba and her children are special!

Genja Karantanska, 28 months

Genja Karantanska, 28 months

Genja Karantanska, 28 months

And for the end some photos of the puppies from our P-litter (born in March 2012). They have almost 11 months now, time flies by so quickly. For now they are all in good condition, healty and are developing very nicely! Mother Diva is sending them warm hugs.

Papaja Karantanska, 10 months

Pal Karantanski, 10 months

Prima Karantanska, 10 months


Hura puppies are finally here! Five females and 1 male, born 2 days ago. We were looking forward to those little ones so badly and it is impossible to describe how happy I am. First photos attached.

Pal Karantanski made great results on Sunday's CACIB Ljubljana international dog show. Portuguese judge Luis Pinto Teixeira gave him excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, title Slovenian junior winner and CRUFTS qualifications. Congratulations to Pal and his owners. Way to go!!!


We wish all our friends (2 and 4-legged, of course) fun-filled, peaceful holidays and happy 2013. Always keep the smile on your faces. May hapiness, sunshine and health be with you!

Just before Christmas my day was made perfect by finding out the best possible news. Nuba is pregnant and we are expecting her last puppies at the end of January. My dreams turned into reality and I am so excited to welcome little Nuba*Taboo puppies soon. Below you can find some newest photos of future mummy Nuba. More about expected litter is written ::HERE::.

Diva Karantanska, 4 years

mother and daughter: Nuba and Diva

Nuba, 7,5 years

In December we celebrated 5th birthday of Karantanska oldest puppies, Nuba's V-litter. We wish them many, many more joyful and prosperous years with their owners in the future!

Vilin Karantanski, 5 years

Vilin Karantanski, 5 years

Vilin Karantanski, 5 years

We received also some beautiful photos of Prima and Pal, puppies from Diva's P-litter. They are now 9 months old. Amazing how quickly they are growing and developing. Pal will be visiting 2 international dog shows in January and we are having our fingers and paws crossed for him!

Prima Karantanska, 8 months

David, Pal and Tjaša

Pal Karantanski, 9 months

Gandalf and Grof Patoche attended international dog show in Wijchen (NL). They both competed in open class and were awarded with very nice description from the Swedish judge Mr. Bogren, who was really impressed by both. Patoche won over Gandalf and he gained excellent 1, R.CAC and later also R.CACIB. What a nice results for boys! Many congratulations to both (specially Gandalf, as this was his first show). Some photos from the show are added below. Next to lovely pictures of guys, we are adding also one nice photo of their sister Genja, which was taken after snowy walk.

Ad and Gandalf Karantanski in show ring

Grof Patoche Karantanski (left), R.CACIB

Genja Karantanska (right) with friend

Cherish every moment that life gives you and have a wonderful time with your dogs during holidays! We are planning some nice, snowy vaccation in the mountains and I am sure dogs will love it. They are always so happy in the snow. Hope we will make some nice photos to share!


Our sweet D-litter puppies: Diva, Duma, Darma, Dora, Devil, Dallas, Dijk, Dart and Don are celebrating their 4th birthday today. From small rambunctious puppies they grow into real, big swissies who are bringing joy and hapiness in their new families. Unbelievable how quickly time passes by. We wish everyone long, happy, healthy and bright future! Thanks to their owners who are taking good care of them, we wish you many, many happy years to come!

Diva with her birthday cake...

...and her birthday gift...

...which she had to "try" immediately

Our dogs achieved great results on the specialty show (club show) in Vrtojba. We managed to take all the trophies. There were 14 swissies enetered, which is a big number compared to most of other Slovenian shows, but however-it is a small number for specialty show. We missed few Slovenian breeders, pity they don't bring their dogs to such an events. Judge was Mr. Claudio de Giuliani (ITA) instead of Jana Štefancova (SK) who should be juding (but was cancelled because of small number of swissies). Vilin won over males and became Slovenian club winner. Among bitches same title went to our Nuba. She took the title Slovenian club winner for the third time! Moreover she also took best of breed title (BOB) this time. Our 8 months old Pal was awarded with title very promising and than in the ring of honour he won BIS 3rd place among the dogs of all breeds in his category. And this is not all. We compete also as breeding group and gained 2nd place. Great results for Karantanska swissies and thanks to all the owners who bring their dogs to this show!

Pal Karantanski: puppy class, males, very promising 1, BIS III
Vilin Karantanski: champion class, males, excellent 1, CAC, Slovenian club winner
Prima and Papaja Karantanska: puppy class, females, promising
Gaia Karantanska: intermediate class, felames, excellent 1, CAC
Nuba: champion class, females, excellent 1, CAC, Slovenian club winner, BOB
Diva Karantanska: champion class, females, excellent 2, res. CAC (she finished just behind Nuba)

Diva in the ring with my friend Urša

Prima and Zdenka first time in the ring

breeding group Karantanska, 2nd place

During the dog show I got very pleasant message delivered. How happy I was!!! We finally got official X-ray results for Gandalf Karantanski (SSV). He is completely healthy: HD-A, ED-0, OCD-free and eyes free from all diseases (ECVO). Way to go and congratulations to Gandalf and his owners!

And some nice news for the end. Last week we spent some days abroad, in Germany. This time we didn't visit a dog show nor go to some trip. We went to mate Nuba and if everything goes according to our plans her puppies should be born at the end of January. Keep fingers crossed!

with Nuba and Taboo

Taboo pulling sleds

More info about both parents will be published on our web after conformation of pregnancy.


If lately we reported more of dog shows, I should introduce some sports news this time. Many of Karantanska swissies are not only show dogs, but can prove theirselves successfully also on the obedience or running competitions. At the beginning I would like to sincerely praise Peter and Kal (Dart Karantanski) for their incredible result at the special "Running with dogs" competition around famous slovenian lake-Bled. Among 78 couples they finished as 6th, which was enough for 4th place in mens category at the end. You rock boys! I am really proud of you.

Peter and Dart Karantanski, running wit dogs, Bled 2012 (Foto: Nina Berlič, LOOMP)

And I attended another Rally obedience competition with Nuba and Diva, this time organized by KD Kamnik. Despite the rain and soaked terrain we demonstrated quiet nice obedience and spend a great day. Not only because all the competitors were in a good mood and we had lots of fun, but also organizer made his best with nice picnic and delicious food (specially pancakes-must say Nuba and Diva loved them too, hihi). Judge was Marjan Polajnar (SLO). Diva finished as 7th in category RO II and Nuba as 2nd in category RO III. We were on the podium again. Two thumbs up!

listening what the judge has to tell us ( Diva)


and with Nuba-judgement of our work

We are always very happy to get news about our little ones. Our G-puppies celebrated their 2nd birthday in the beginning of October, so they deserve some place in today's news too. All are doing great and owners are very satisfied with them. So are we. You can understand this is the most important thing for every breeder. To girls. Genja achieved some great show results in past months and recently become mother for the first time. Also Gaia's first litter is planned for spring, but before she is visiting some shows and enyojing her last months in Italy. Grant is entertaining his recently married owners (congratulations!), Gandalf is enjoying company of his new Entlebucher "brother" Aratan and Patoche is putting in order his geese, goats and ponies. Everybody happy. We are waiting for all the X-ray results and I hope soon I will be able to publish them on our web. Below you can see some newest photos, more is on their induvidual pages...

Patoche with friends-2 goats and pony

Genja and her sweet puppy

Gandalf and Entlebucher Aratan

Gaia enjoying on the coast

Grant-resting time

Genja playing with a stick

From sport to the shows. Slovenian specialty show will be organized in November the 10th in Vrtojba and 7 dogs from our kennel are participating. Nuba, Diva, Vilin, Gaia, Prima, Papaja and Pal will be there. Way to go! Despite P-litter puppies are still to young to compete for prices, I am very happy to see them there and I am sure we will have great fun together.


We are back from Switzerland and it was great! First of all our dogs achieved excellent results in a strong competition on the "Jubilaums-Klubschau" and I am really happy obout it. Moreover we had so much fun meeting old friends, visiting some interesting places and speaking and learning about our breed. We met many breeders from all over the Europe and on the top of everything was to make acquaintance of the owner of one of the oldest kennels in Europe, Ruth Glauser (kennel v. Ralligholz), where Nuba's father, Yoster v. Ralligholz (sadly no longer with us today), was born. How happy I was! Show was organized to honour the 100th anniversary of their breed club in the lovely city of Langenthal. This place was not chosen by chance-Langenthal is where everything has begun, where our breed was actually born. It's a place where prof. Albert Heim, a little bit more than 100 years ago, recognized "short haired berner" as an example of the old-time, almost extinct, butcher's dog which was than named Greater swiss mountain dog. There were around 50 dogs from Switzerland and approximately 45 dogs from other countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech, Poland and Russia) entered. Quiet a nice number, I must say!

dinner time on the eve of the show

obedience with swissies

Ruth Glauser, kennel v. Ralligholz

cart pulling

nice, typical Swiss village

Tizja v. Ayala, 16 years, oldest swissy

Vilin, Nuba, Diva, Gaia Karantanska (foto: L.S.)

with Nuba and Diva (foto: L.S.)

coffee time after show ...

We spend few wonderful days in nice company and this are things to remember! All the dogs from our kennel were placed between first four in their classes (in strong competition-Diva had for example 23 bitches in her class) and as a highlight our Gaia Karantanska become the best bitch of the show (with only 23 months). Despite she is not yet fully developed (which is normal for her age) she looks beautiful and I am sure we will hear more about her in the future! I am so proud.

Karantanska dogs in Zurrich

Rhein fall

Matej with Val, Nuba and Diva



mother and son: Nuba and Vilin Karantanski

Diva, Nuba, Vilin Karantanski

powerful waterfall

with Nuba and Diva on the pier

Results are amazing, all our dogs were placed on the high places (selection) in their classes and this was opinion of the breed specialist judges, who know what to look for (so they know the breed very well). It means our dogs closely match standard and that we are working toward the right goal. At least we are trying to:)). Besides Nuba, there were puppy from each of her 3 litters entered to this show (V, D, G). Diva's P-litter was unfortunately too young to attend.

Vilin Karantanski: males, champion class, judge: dr. Horst Hollensteiner (D), excellent 2
Nuba: females, champion class, judge: Regina Rieger (A), excellent 3
Diva Karantanska: females, open class, judge: Regina Rieger (A), excellent 3 (among 23 bitches!)
Gaia Karantanska: females, open class, judge: Arnold Sommerhalder (CH), excellent 1, best bitch of the show in the opinion of all three judges (with 23 months!!!)
On this place I have to congratulate also Nuba's lovely granddaughter, Frency Wanda Lucky Swiss (daughter of Devil Karantanski), who won in the youth class (12 bitches) on her very first show.

best dog and best bitch of the show: Icco v.d. Woneproppen and Gaia Karantanska

Gaia Karantanska, 23 months

selection in champion class females; with Nuba on 3rd place

Nuba during judgement

with Diva in the ring

Val and Matej under strict eyes of the judge

And for the end I have to write, we are already entered for Slovenian club show, which will be organised in November in Vrtojba. Judge will be well known breeder of swissies and specialist for the breed Jana Štefancova (SK)-kennel from Balihara Ranch. Nuba, Diva, Val, Pal and Prima are enterd already, but I hope also Papaja and Gaia will be there. See you!


Last weekend in August our Pal Karantanski attended his very first dog show. And he did it great! Breed judge U. Eisner (A) awarded him with a very promising 1 and than in the ring of honour judge P. Machetanz (D) pick him on the third place (BIS III baby). What a result for this little sweetie! Congratulations to Pal's owners and many more success in the future!

Pal, BIS III baby, foto: mojpes.net

Pal Karantanski, 5 months, movement

checking teeth

With the puppies of our P-litter, Val, Nuba and Diva we made a lovely walk together. It was so nice to see the little ones after 3 months again and I hope we will meet again soon. Dogs really loved it.

group photo , P-litter 5 months

Pal and Papaja playing

Papaja Karantanska

Our summer vacation are unfortunately over, we enjoyed them so much. Despite we had 5 big dogs with us, we were warm welcomed everywhere and there were no problems at the beach. Actually we were real little attraction and many people stop by just to pet our dogs and ask about the breed. We made more than 3000 photos, some of them are published here.

Diva Karantanska

Diva, Nuba, Athos, Best

Vilin Karantanski


Diva is resting


all together

Nuba posing

Nuba with her Wubba toy

We just come home, but we are not staying long. Upcoming weekend we are driving toward Switzerland where specialty show for swissies will be held. This show is only organized every 4th year, so we said we must be there. We entered Nuba, Diva and Val. But as Diva started her heat during our vacation, she will have to stay at home this time. Also our Gaia Karantanska is coming. There will be something to see, around 100 swissies will be there. We are planing to do some sightseeings too and I am really looking forward to meet all the friends and breeders from abroad.


Ultrasound examination unfortunately showed, that there will be no puppies in our house this summer. Nuba is not pregnant. If everything goes according to plan, we will try again in the next heat, which is expected at the end of this year. We are a little bit sad (so as many who are waiting for her puppy), but on the other hand there will be more time for fun and meetngs with friends during this hot days. Below you can see some new photos we made in Bohinj last week. Moreover we are going to the seaside soon and Nuba and Diva with us of course. Can't wait!

Nuba and Diva Karantanska

Nuba in the water

Vilin Karantanski and Nuba

Thanks to all our puppy buyers, who are sending us informations and photos of "still a little bit ours" dogs. I am so happy that all are doing well and have such a great owners. We are always very, very pleased, when new photos are waiting in the mailbox! New photos of Gaia, Gandalf, Grof Patoche, Don and Duma are added on their pages. We visited Don this time and moreover spent a lovely and special day with Pal and his owners by the lake, which ended with a delicious, big pizza.

Gaia Karantanska, 20 months

Gandalf and Grof Patoche (21 months) with friends

Don Karantanski, 3,5 years


It's summer and hot, sultry weather beginns these days. Our girls mostly stay inside the house during the highest day temperatures and on the walks they both like to cool down in the stream. So much things are happening here and we are enjoying every day, making some funny things together. Puppies already settled down in their new families and they are all doing fine, but we were so happy as last weekend Pal and Prima came to visit us. It was so much fun to pet them again and on the other hand they were so enthusiastic and excited to play together after 1 month.

Pal Karantanski, 3 months

Prima Karantanska, 8 weeks

Prima and Pal, 3 months

Salzburg is behind us and all Karantanska dogs did it well. Nuba, Val, Devil and Gaia all gained excellent marks and Gaia was moreover placed on 3rd place in her class (intermediate). We met a few old acquaintances, breeders and friends and have fun speaking about this and that. Despite high temperatures and terrible crush in the halls, we had nice time and we already start to make planns about new trips in the future-most probably specialty show for swissies in Langenthal (Switzerland) in September and specialty show in Slovenia in November.

World dog show : Nuba in the ring

Nuba in standing position, 7 years

Devil Karantanski, 3,5 years

Devil take part on international dog how in Prague and won over all dogs with CAC, CACIB, BOB. He also take part in dog show Mlada Boleslav gaining CAC and best male title. Congratulations!

We were on 2 Rally obedience competitions in-between. Nuba did specially well again, so we were placed on 3rd place in Grosuplje (in keen competition!). Most important was that we spent 2 wonderful days with other competitors and fellows from our club, went for a nice walks and swimming with all the dogs. Nuba and Diva really enjoyed our trips, same holds for me. Thanks guys for all the little things, lovely walks, cake and nice atmosphere!

RO competition Krim, group photo of competitors

Diva on the teeter

Nuba-side step

Some great news for the end. Nuba was mated with a lovely stud dog from abroad 3 weeks ago. We mated quiet late in her heat cycle, as she was very fast. So I have my fingers firmly crossed and hope we were successfull. Pregnancy will be confirmed in the beginning of June and after that more info will be published here. Reservations for this litter are for now closed.


Our puppies are in their new homes already. Farewell was of course not easy, but this time they are all staying in Slovenia, so I am sure we will meet them very often. All got super new owners who already sent us photos and reports from new homes. Thanks for taking such a good care of them. On this place I would also like to say thanks to my friends, Nina and Urša, for their help with taking photos of the puppies which you can see below and will be a great memory. Foto: N. Bešter

playing together

group photo

Papaja with Cuz toy

my dear sweetie

grandma Nuba and mother Diva Karantanska

Pal Karantanski

Page for our P-litter puppies with all the information is finally added ::HERE::.

On Sunday we will participate in world dog show in Salzburg with Nuba and Vilin. There are 61 swissies enetered and I can't wait to see them all and of course to meet their nice owners. After quiet a long time we will also meet our Devil (CZ) and Gaia Karantanska (I) and I am very happy about it. But there is one more important thing, which will make this Sunday very special to me. Nuba is going to celebrate her 7th birthday! She is so perfect swissy girl in every aspect. I am happy for every single second she spent with us and I hope for many, many years to come. Happy birthday Nuba! If everything goes accorrding to plans, she will have her last litter this Autumn.

And 2 exciting news for the end. Gaia and Genja Karantanska attended international dog in their countries and they both achieved best of breed title (BOB). Way to go girls! Congratulations.


Last weekend me and Nuba participated on the first national Rally obedience competition for the season 2012, which was organized as a part of national dog show CAC Barje. Nuba showed she can still perform excercises on the highest level, despite beeing almost 7 years old, so we did our work quiet good and won category ROIII again! Jupiii! But more than our own sucess, I am happy to announce, that 2 students from my class achieved great results too. Elizabeta was just behind us (so she was second) in ROIII category with her Australian shepherd Elsi and Sanaja was third in ROI (beginners) category with her Samoyed Missy (among 19 competitors!). It really was great day. Many congratulations on both and thanks for wonderful time we spent together!

Placement in RO III category

Our team (KVRP Kranj)

Puppies were 6 weeks old on Sunday. Unbelieveble how quickly time flies by. Beeing small and all clumsy, they are now becoming real dogs-running around, playing vigorously, sniffing, jumping, barking,... Time of intensive socialisation has begun. Every day we do some funny and new things: bursting ballons (they are completely "crack proove"), running through tunnels, striking a balance on "balance toy", getting to know different surfaces, toys and objects. Besides natural food, they got kibble (dry food) for the first time too. They ate it, but not even close as fast and with such an enthusiasm as fresh meet. There are some new photos from 4th to 6th week.

Papaja Karantanska, 4 weeks

All in a row, 4 weeks...

Papaja and Pal Karantanski, 4 weeks

My, my puppy

Prima Karantanska, 6 weeks

Uma and puppies

Let's play...

Prima and Pal Karanstanski, 6 weeks

Papaja, Pal, Prima Karantanska, 6 weeks

Pal Karantanski, 6 weeks

Me and my sweetie

Porthos Karantanski, 6 weeks


Puppies are growing very nice and you can imagine they are more curious and lively every day. Diva is excellent mother. First two weeks Nuba was hardly alowed to come by as Diva kept her eyes so close on puppies, but now Diva trust her more and they are enjoying their time together everyday. When the wather is nice we take puppies outside, but also in the house their room with toys and playground is prepared for rainy days. They are so interesting and you can watch them playing or spent time with cudling them hours and hours. It's so nice to have puppies again and there is no better occupation than pettng small, warm, soft little swissy. On Sunday they will be 5 weeks old.

Mmmmmm, it's so good(2 weeks)

Porthos and Pal Karantanski (2 weeks)

Tired... (2 weeks)

2 weeks

With mother Diva and granny Nuba (2 weeks)

Meal time(3 weeks)

Pal Karantanski (3 weeks)

Prima and Papaja Karantanska (3 weeks

Porthos Karantanski (3 weeks)


Finally they are here-4 wonderful little puppies: 2 males and 2 females. Diva and the small ones are feeling great. Diva is such a gentle and caring mother, completely devoted to her newborns and she keep her eyes on the puppies all the time. This time the labour was not very funny for me. Diva went 3 days over her due date and than, when labour finally started the puppy I could feel deep in the birth canal was so big, I couldn't say for sure he will be born natural way. As I didn't want to loose any of them, I decided for cesarean section. Many thanks to the team of Animal hospital Postojna, who were in readiness for us the whole weekend and perform operation on Sunday evening. All's well that ends well and here are some of the first photos of the little ones... Enyoj!

Nursery room-all prepared for labour

Little ones-1st day

With mummy Diva, 3rd day

3rd day

3rd day

3rd day


With great joy and pleasure we are waiting for the first Diva's litter. Only 10 days and than the final "count down" begins. Diva is in great condition and even her growing belly doesn't bother her too much to spend some great time running and playing with mother Nuba and her best Berner friends: Athos, Best and BeeBee. Those photos were taken by our friend Nina during one of our walks 2 weeks ago. Keep us in your mind and please have fingers crossed for nice and peaceful delivery!

Athos, Best, BeeBee, Nuba, Diva

Nuba with Berners

mother Diva and grandma Nuba

Diva and company

Diva and Nuba in sprint

Nuba, Athos, Best, Diva and laying BeeBee

And at the end I would like to congratulate Genja Karantanska and her owner for her nice show result. In Lohja (FIN) she won best junior, best bitch, got her first certificate and BOS (best of opposite sex). Judge was Petra Schultheiss (GE). I think quiet nice success for such a young bitch!


I am so happy to announce that our lovely Diva is EXPECTING PUPPIES! Juuuupiiiiii. The pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound and her first litter should be born in the beginning of March. Lucky father is Oscar Zgornjesavski (Cooper), who lives in Croatia. The combination of parents has been chosen with great care and both parents are completely healthy and most important-of very nice character. More about Diva could be found under "our dogs".

Diva Karantanska; 3,5 years old

Cooper; 3,5 years old

Cooper; 3,5 years old

World dog show is taking place in Salzburg (A) in May. Can't wait for this big show-mostly to meet many swissies and their lovely owners. Nuba, Lona and Val are entered! Let the countdown begin.

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