We wish you merry Christmas and a happy, fascinating, joyful and successful New year 2011! Have a lot of fun with your four-legged friends and try to spend as much time as possible with them. They will pay you back a thousand times-without words. And you will just simply know, you mean them everything in this world. Their always wagging tail when you come home, their warm look, infinite loyalty and their undying devotion. Make sure they will feel loved in this holidays too...

And ::HERE:: you can read our story about Christmas and gifts. We really had a lot of fun!


Few more days and all the puppies will be in their new homes. Gaia went to Italy, Gandalf to Germany and Grof Patoche to Belgium. Genja and Grant are leaving next weekend. Genja is flying to Finland and Grant is travelling to Netherlands. All are going to families and will be family dogs at first, but if they will be all suitable for breeding and will pass all the tests, we will meet them in breeding too. I was trying to find appropriate owners for Grant here in Slovenia (as I wanted to keep at least one puppy from this litter here), unfortunately without success. I had a little bit more strict expectations from new owners this year and moreover, I didn't want to send him in a kennel life. He has so extraordinary character and is really "will to please" dog, so I am sure he will bring a lot of joy to his new owners abroad. Good luck my litte ones and I hope we meet again soon!!! More about our adventures in last weeks can be read ::HERE::.

Genja and Grant visiting Vilin Karantanski

in the shopping center

after the lunch...

We got the X-ray results for Dijk Karantanski. He is HD A, ED 0, OCD free too! Congratulations!!!

If the time will allow me, I am planning next litter in late spring/summer 2011. For more informations and reservations please contact us.


V litter is celebrating his 3rd birthday today! All the best to V-dogs and their owners.


Puppies from our D-litter celebrated their 2nd birthday on Tuesday. Happy birthday my big sweeties-I wish you long, healthy and happy life with your owners! Kisses to all of you. And few days ago we got our first snow. Nuba, Diva and puppy gang were really happy about it. Well, puppies were a little bit surprised by this strange white, cold, soft thing at first, but now they are running and playing in it with big pleasure. My friend Nina made few excellent photos of our dogs (when it only started to snow), which are attached below. Many thanks to her!

Diva Karantanska and Nuba

Diva Karantanska


And here is one group photo of little ones. Moreover new induvidual photos can be seen ::HERE:: and some more pictures and videos ::HERE::.

from left to righti: Grant, Gandalf, Genja, Grof Patoche, Gaia Karantanska

Grant Karantanski is still looking for his new owners. If you are interested, please contact us.

And another wonderful news . We got X-Ray results for Dallas and Duma Karantanska.
Dallas Karantanski: HD A, ED 0, OCD free
Duma Karantanska: HD A, ED 0, OCD free, eyes: PRA, glaucom, cataract free
That means 5 puppies from our D litter with perfect joint results till now!
Thanks to their owners for getting them screened. It really means us a lot and is importanat for our future plans.


Grant Karantanski is looking for new owners again (after my cancellation of reservation). For now just in Slovenia, as I would like to have at least one puppy from this litter near us. He is very stable, kind and open to strange people and other animals, of nice constitution and appropriate for breeding. Available in new home in the beginning of December. Contact us for more informations.

We paritcipated on two dogs shows with Diva and Vilin Karantanski this weekend.

Speciality show Moloss club Zagreb, judge Joao Vasco Pocas (P):
Diva Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC

International dog show CACIB Zagreb, judge Brigitte Schjoth (DK):
Diva Karantanska (intermediate class):
excellent 1
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC

Val also fullfiled all conditions for his second Ch title and become Champion of Croatia in beauty. Congratulation! Grete send us new picture of Duma in the age of 22 months. Thanks!

Matej and Vilin Karantanski

Neca and Diva Karantanska

Duma Karantanska, 22 months

And we have another wonderful news. Diva was on X-rays and she is completly free from all sceleton diseases. Her results are HD A, ED 0, OCD free. I am very happy about this.


Puppies become very curious and they are exploring new things every day. Tasting our hands and trousers with their sharp teeth, playing and chasing each other, barking, growling and fighting, "attacking" the plush toys and chewing different things becomes their daily fun. Visitors are coming into our house almost every day, so puppies are exposed to wide variety of people. We are introducing different sounds and objects every day and soon we will take them to new places (car driving). We are adding first induvidual photos in standing position ::HERE::. And more new pictures of our puppies are ::HERE::. I hope you will like them.


Our sweeties are every day bigger and more naughty. Now they can run around very good, so we had to make their sleeping room larger and more interesting. House full of balls, tunnels, balance toy and thousands of another different toys are now there to make them busy. I think this is very important for their mental and physical development. I would love to thank to friend Ole again, who send us a balance toy long way from Denmark. I think puppies will love that present!

New pictures of little ones can be found ::HERE:: and ::HERE::. Enjoy!


Puppies are 18 days old today and they were out for the first time yesterday. It was beautiful autumn day, quiet warm and sun comes through the clouds here and there-so perfect for our sweeties to be introduced into real world. Eyes are opened already and they will get their first teeth soon. If they were more crawling till now, first steps have been made these days (of course they need some more days to walk properly). Nuba was keeping a watchful eye on them, but puppies didn't care much about change of environment and after their meal by Nuba they fall asleep... More pictures of the puppies are found ::HERE::, new induvidual photos ::HERE::.

And here some new photos of Nuba and Diva, taken during these sunny autumn days. On the last picture you can see Val and Kal, halfbrothers from first and second litter. Nice guys!

Diva Karantanska, 22 months

Diva Karantanska, 22 months

Diva and Nuba

Vilin and Dart Karantanski


New photos of our small sweeties in the age of 10 days aded ::HERE::.

Great news from Czech. Devil achieved great result on speciality show in Zarybnična Lhota (CZ). He won in intermediate class again and gained his new CAC. Many congratulations Pavla and Devil!

Devil Karantanski

Devil Karantanski (left)


All the puppies are doing excellent, gaining more and more weight and keeping me plenty busy. Their main tasks are still just sleeping and feeding. New photos in the age of 4 days aded ::HERE::.


Nuba freewhelped 5 beautiful puppies - 2 females and 3 males. All of them are doing just great, including their careful mother. All puppies were born without dewclaws again and I was very happy about this. I love those little, cute, small babies and enjoy cuddling them every minute.

puppies - 1st day
puppies - 1st day
puppies - 1st day


Dogs from our kennel achieved amazing results on European dog show in Celje (Slovenia). They all won in their classes and moreover Diva obtained 2nd place between all entered bitches and became VICE EUROPEAN WINNER. Way to go my little villain! There were 36 swissies entered, males were judged by Mr. Andrey Klishas (RU) and females by Mr. Janez Plestenjak (SLO). All our dogs were handled by their owners! We are very proud on them.

Diva Karantanska (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB, VICE EUROPEAN WINNER
Devil Karantanski (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC, champion of Slovenia in beauty
Vilin Karantanski-Val (open): excellent 1, CAC

Diva Karantanska

Devil Karantanski

open class males, Vilin Karantanski 2nd from left

Devil Karantanski and Korolestvo GP Pamir

Vilin Karantanski

CACIB (from left: Devil and Vilin Karantanski, Klark)

We were very successful also on speciality show. Dogs were judged by lovely Mrs. Ramune Kazlauskaite (LV) and bitches by Mr. Andrey Klishas (RU).

Diva Karantanska (intermediate): excellent 2, res. CAC
Devil Karantanski (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC
Vilin Karantanski (open): excellent 1, CAC

With 2 victories in his class (on European dog show and specialtiy dog show), Devil fullfiled also conditions for the title champion of Slovenia in beauty. Congratulations Pavla and Devil! Let me add, that past weekend they won also on international dog show in Tulln (A), where Devil achieved excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and became Tulln Bundessieger. Judge: S. Frisk (S).

Nuba is nicely rounded and she is still doing great. Her puppies are expected in next week. Few days ago, I can feel them moving in her belly for the first time. Good luck Nuba!


Nuba is in the 44th day of pregnancy and she is still in great condition. Her belly is growing more and more and soon we will have to make our daily walks shorter. I am so happy that there will be little swissies in our house this autumn again. Keep fingers crossed for nice and easy delivery!

Nuba, 44th day of pregnancy

We are attending speciality and European dog show with Diva and Vilin Karantanski next week. This time the show will take place near us, in Celje (Slovenia). Quiet few swissies are entered and I just can't wait to meet some freinds and breeders from all the Europe again.


We are announcing with great joy, that very promising litter of Greater swiss mountain dogs is expected in October (pregnancy confirmed with ultrasound) in our kennel. Parents will be our Nuba and Harley Swiss Star v.d. Wonneproppen (import Germany). More informations about litter are HERE. If you are interested in a puppy from this combination, please feel free to contact us.

Nuba (Nera)

Harley Swiss Star v.d. Wonneproppen

On Sunday we participated at national dog show in Trbovlje, where 9 swissies were entered. Diva and Val did great work again, as they both get excellent I and CAC and crushed for BOB at the end. Val is still a little bit stronger and better developed, but Diva is following him very closely.

Diva Karantanska excellent I, CAC, BOS
Vilin Karantanski excellent I, CAC, BOB

Val fulfilled all conditions and became Champion of Slovenia in beauty. Congratulation!

I visited Vran Karantanski (Mars). He became very nice young swissy boy. Pictures HERE.


We are finally back from Denmark, where we spent lovely vaccations and achieved quiete nice show results on world dog show and speciality show. I would like to thank all our friends for nice time we had together. More about world dog show, swissy camp and our road trip you can read HERE.

with Diva in the ring

Nuba, me, Diva

Dora Karantanska with her puppies

Dora Karantanska delivered her first puppies few days ago-4 boys and 4 girls. We wish them all the best: good health and wonderful new families in the future. Good luck little swissies!

Devil achieved junior championship of Czech Republik. That is his second junior champion title. He did great work with Pavla also on world dog show and we congratulate him on his success.

Dogs from our kennel are diligent also in obedience. Vila Karantanska passed her Rally obedience I (RO I) exam and Dallas Karantanski his obedience exam with test in the urban area (Bbh). Way to go Dallas and Vila. I am very proud on you.


We were at international dog show in Klagenfurt (A) yesterday. Judge: ga. Gabriela Schrank (A).
Diva Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC
On our way home we stopped at Vrbsko lake, which lays only few minutes away from the show ground. It's so wonderful there and next year I will definitely have my swimming clothes with me...

Vilin and Diva Karantanska-Vrbsko lake

Peter and Dart (foto: P. Zupančič)

Matej and Dijk
climbing a hill

Dart Karantanski and Peter pass their first obedience exam - RO 1 on saturday. Congratulations! One photo of them from canicross training is attached above. Great team!

Devil participated on national dog show- Klatovy (CZ), which was judged by Mr. Václavík Miroslav. He won again and gained excellent 1, CAC, national winner, BOB. Bravo Pavla and Devil!

We added some new photos of our dogs-Dallas, Dart (Kal), Dijk and Vila, on their pages. Check under the litters, V or D litter, and click on the name of the dog in the table or click the name here.

Only 10 days left and we will headed towards Denmark. I hope we will come back from world dog show with great memories and new friendships... Only that is what counts. I just can't wait!


Nuba is celebrating her 5th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my super swissy. I've learned so much from you and I appreciate the positive zing you've brought to my life. Your always wagging tail, special smile on your face and thousands of foolish tricks, made life so relaxed and easy. I met so many wonderful people because of you! You are one such dog I'm thankful to have in my life.

Nuba with her B-day cake


Nuba, Neca and Diva Karantanska

And we made long walk with Urša and her berners (Athos and Best) on sunday. We climb on hill Golica, which is well known for it's special white flowers. There are hundreds of them... The day was really perfect and I think we all had excellent time! There are some photos attached.

Athos, Best, Nuba, Diva

Diva Karantanska

Pizza time after long walk...


What an absolutely wonderful show weekend it has been. Dogs from our breeding really outdid themselves. Devil and Dora attended speciality dog show Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (Czech) on Saturday. Judge: Mrs. Lisbet Ramsing (DK). There was 73 swissies entered to the show!

Dora Karantanska (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC, BOS (winning bitch), club champion
Devil Karantanski (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC, BOB (best of breed), club champion

Devil and Dora won over all entered swissies with only 17th months and at the end they clashed for the best dog of breed. Devil won over Dora this time. According to the number of entered swissies, this is fantastic result!!! BRAVO! Thank you Milena for sending this wonderful news and photos.

Devil Karantanski

Dora Karantanska

Me, Matej, Nuba, Diva and Vilin Karantanski headed towards Vrbljene near Ig on Sunday, where national dog show for all breeds took place. Diva and Vilin competed in show ring, while Nuba just supported them from outside. Judge: Mr. Mile Aleksovski (MAK). Show grounds, surrounding countryside, weather and atmosphere were realy nice and we had a great time meeting our friends!

Diva Karantanska (intermediate): excellent 1, CAC, BOS (winning bitch)
Vilin Karantanski (open): excellent 1, CAC, BOB, BIG (winning dog of the 2nd FCI group)

Diva Karantanska (foto: Jevšnik)

Vilin Karantanski during BIS judgement (foto: Merela)

Vilin did great work and achieved super result. To win in 2nd FCI group (which counts over 40 breeds) is really not a piece of cake. This show will always hold a special place in my heart, not because of the results we achieved, but because of wonderful time we spent there. Congratulations to all dogs and their owners for those exceptional results. And thank you for sharing the photos of our "youngsters" with us. We are very happy to see them growing so nice. Till next time...


New health results of "our" dogs. Devil Karantanski: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0. Congratulation!!!

We are very happy to announce, that little Vili (Cerber Refugium Polonica) came to Slovenia yesterday. He is coming from the oldest breeding in Poland and will live with our friends. I hope his new blood will be quiet an acquisition to breeding in Slovenia in the future. Good luck in new home!

Vili - Cerber Refugium Polonica (FCI)

And another important decision was made today. As there will be no puppies in our house this summer, we decided to participate on world dog show in Denmark (with Nuba, Diva and Vilin). I just can't wait to meet all those swissies and their super owners! Uiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa... See ya!


We got some excellent news about our dogs from abroad. Dora and Devil Karantanski attended club show KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav (Czech), which was organized on 17th April. There were 23 swissies participating.

Dora Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC
Devil Karantanski (youth class): excellent 1, PRM, JBOB, junior club champion, BOB

Devil manage to win over all entered swissies again (only 16 months old). He is really excellent in the show ring lately. Congratulation to both. I am very proud of both of them!

Devil Karantanski, 16 months

Dora Karantanska, 16 months

Diva and Nuba



And there are exciting news coming from Germany. Health results of our Venta Karantanska are: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, so she is perfectly healthy. Way to go Venta!


Vilin Karantanski participated on internationl dog show in Maribor today and took first place and of course BOB. Judge: Mrs. Lidija Okleščen (SLO). Way to go Matej and Val. Congratulations!

Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

On our way back me and Matej visited Vilin's and Lolita's puppies. They are 7 weeks old now and a real sweetis. We made some photos... One male and few females are still looking for good homes.

Vilin Karantanski, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Lolita and puppies

Matej, Val and "little Val"

And some not very good news for the end. UZ examination showed, that Nuba is unfortunately not pregnant this time. She will be most probably mated again in autumn, more informations soon. We are so sorry for all, who are waiting for Nuba's puppies...


Devil Karantanski was very successfull again - on dog show in Nitra (Slovakia) he won among all entered swissies (out of youth class again) and gained his second BOB in row. We are very proud of him and we wish him even more success in the future. Go Devil!

Devil Karantanski (youth class): excellent I, PRM, JBOB, BOB

Bravo Pavla and Devil!

Devil Karantanski, 16 months

Devil Karantanski, 16 months

Diva Karantanska

We added new contribution about NUTRITION in our dogs to our web page... For now unfortunately only in Slovenian language, but you can check some photos. More HERE.


Dora Karantanska was X-rayed past week (as the first from our D-litter) and her hesults are just perfect. She is HD A, ED 0, OCD 0. Bravo Dora! We were very happy to hear that news. Many congratulation also to her owners. We wish you all the best!

Me and Nuba came back from our little "journey" yesterday. We spent few days in Czech Republik, where Nuba was successfully mated to nice stud dog Califfo v. Blasenneuhaus (import Switzerland; HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes free from all diseases). Puppies are (hopefully) expected in May.

Califfo and Nuba

Califfo v. Blasenneuhaus

During our stay in Czech we visited also Pavla and Devil. I made some new photos of him, which can be found HERE. I think, he is developing very nice and I am sure we will hear more about him in the future. Thanks to Pavla and the owners of Califfo for warm welcome and all the hospitality!


We participated on international dog show IHA Graz (A) yesterday and achieved excellent results. Our Diva Karantanska gave us pleasant surprise, which we didn't expected at all and she really left us open-mouthed. She won between all bitches with only 15 months, which is amazing. Bravo! Judge: Poduscha-Aigner Phyllis (A).

Diva Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent I, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent I, CAC, res. CACIB

Conratulations also to Matej and Vilin!


Me, Matej, Diva and Val took part on international dog show CACIB Zagreb, where we achieved great results. Judge: Mr. Nikša Lemo (Cro).

Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Diva Karantanska (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

With this result, at the age of only 15 months, Diva opened her croatian and international championship. Bravo! Next week you can meet us at IHA Graz (A).

Diva Karantanska, 15 months
(foto: Bešter)
Vilin Karantanski, 2 years me and Diva

And the best for the end: Nuba became grandmother past week. Vilin Karantanski and his girlfriend Lolita got 9 wonderful puppies. Congratulation to Lolita and her owners!


We received new photos of our Dora Karantanska in the age of 14 months. She is developing very nice and is becoming beautiful swissy lady. Thank you family Krajčovičovi for those pretty photos! And some more news - our page will be renovated in the next week.

Dora Karantanska, 14 months
Dora Karantanska, 14 months


At the beginning of this year the weather is really fantastic for our swissies. Diva and Nuba are enyojing our daily walks, chasing each other and running around in extensive snow-fields. There are some photos we made in the last days... At the end of February and in the beginning of March we are attending two international dog shows with Diva and Vilin Karantanski - in Zagreb (Cro) and Graz (A). Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Nuba Nuba Nuba 4,5 years
Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska, 14 months
Diva Karantanska and Nuba Nuba and Diva Karantanska Nuba and Diva Karantanska

We received great news from Czech Republic yesterday. Devil Karantanski (youth class) won excellent 1, PRM, JBOB and BOB on international dog show in Slovakia (18 swissies were entered). Congratulation to Devil and his owner. That is a great success for such a young dog!


We participated on speciality show for swissies on saturday, which was organised by our breed club (SKVPM) in Ljubljana. 21 dogs from Slovenia and abroad were entered. The quality of the showed dogs was wery high, especially among bitches, as first three from world dog show were entered. Results are just incredible! Judge: Mrs. Katja Rožman (SLO).

Nuba (champion class): excellent 1, CAC, BOS, club champion for the year 2010
Diva Karantanska (junior class): excellent 1, PRM, J BOB, junior club champion for 2010
Vilin Karantanski (open class): excellent 2

Diva Karantanska, junior club champion Nuba, club champion Vilin Karantanski and Nuba

I was also very happy to see Nuba's father, Yoster v. Ralligholz. He has 8,5 years, but is still in great shape. He was entered in veteran class and become best veteran. I enclosed here one group photo of the dogs and their owners, but unfortunately not all dogs are on it. I would love to thank all the friends for great atmosphere on the show and also to all the people who came there to cheer on our dogs. See you on next shows. Till than...

Some of the dogs (from left to right): Odin od Art, Romanticarca, Vilin Karantanski, Yoster v. Ralligholz, Nuba, Diva Karantanska, Jantar, Klark, Princess Leia from Swiss Star, Farao from Swiss Star

Missing: Double D Dana, Tim, Gran Vencedor Aragorn, Berta Superstar, You are not alone della Blenda, Remember the time della Blenda, Raylai v Augusta Raurica, Sennenhund Rossi Hosta della Blenda, Gran Vencedor Beatriss


New Year's celebration is behind us and we are preparing for new advetures already. First of all, I would like to express many thanks to all of you, for sending us good wishes and nice words. Family Birsa send us also two lovely gifts for Nuba and Diva and we were pleasantly surprised. Many thanks also to Urša, who made a swissy calendar just for us. It is glorious and is already hanging on my wall.
On saturday we are attending speciality dog show for swissies in Ljubljana. We entered Nuba, Diva, Val and Kal. I am sure we will have a lot of fun there, as we will meet some swissy friends from abroad. And for the last I enclose some new photos from last week. Nataša send us a beautiful photo of Vila. She is becoming a very nice female. And I visited Don finally. We made some new photos of him, that can be find HERE. Thanks to their owners for warm welcome and for all hospitality.

Vila Karantanska, 2 years Nuba with her favourite snake Small present for Nuba and Diva
Diva and her lovely octopus Diva, 13 months Don Karantanski, 13 months


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