We added new individual puppy photos in the age of 4 weeks. ::MORE::


I get the new year's card today, that really impressed me much. Linda, the owner of Baron (father of our D puppies), and her friend, Maud, made this wonderfull card with Nuba, Baron and all our little ones. Thank you so much! It is really a nice surprise.
From kennel KARANTANSKA we wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to all owners of our puppies, all swissy lovers and other visitors of our web page. And of course - we wish you a lot of joy with your dogs! May be year 2009 wonderful also for them.


Matej and Val passed their first obedience exam (A exam) very successfuly yesterday. Many congratulations to both. And keep going this way!
We have a beautiful sunny day today, so our puppies went out for the first time. They were a little bit unsure from the beginning, but later on they explore around the house. ::Photos HERE::


Puppies are almost 3 weeks old, so we added new photos on our page. ::MORE::


Our puppies from V litter are celebrating their first birthday today. Val, Vila, Vita, Mars, Viva and Venta we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

And little ones are already 10 days old. They look really funny, when they crawl around and try to get on their feet. But the day when they will run around is not far anymore. I think they will open their eyes in these days too. I added also one picture of their proud mummy in Friday's snow. Nuba is really great with the puppies... Excellent mother.


We added first individual puppy photos at the age of 3 days on our page. ::MORE::


Nuba gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies today-5 males and 4 females. The whelping last for 6 hours-luckily there were no complications. All little ones and Nuba as well are healthy and feel well. As in our first litter, all puppies were born totaly without back dew claws, which is excellent-and one thing less to concerne, because we won't need to remove them. I am so happy that they are already here...

I would like to thank all of you, who are patiently waiting for our puppies!


The whelping is almost here, but Nuba is still full of energy. If she doesn't have her clumsy big belly, I could not affirm that she will become mummy in a few days. She really feels excellent and I am happy that it is so. We are fully prepared for the arrival of little ones.
I visited Matej and Val today. Val developed into georgeous dog. He has excellent character and nice constitution. We will see him at his first dog show very soon. We added new photos of Val, Vila and Viva in our puppy section. You can see them ::HERE:: (click on Val, Viva or Vila). And here I enclose two pictures of Nuba in her last days of pregnancy...


Just 14 days more to go and the little ones should be here. Nuba is still feeling excellent. She calms down a little bit and her belly becomes nicely rounded. Keep your fingers crossed for the easy delivery. My friend Urša and her bernese mountain dogs, Athos and Best, visited us today. We went for a nice long walk.


We made UZ scan today and now I can announce with joy that Nuba is pregnant. Hurrrraaaaa! Just another month and the little ones will be here. Nuba feels great and she is hungry as a wolf all the time. We are expecting litter around 25.11.2008. If you have some questions about puppies, please, don't hesitate to contact me.


This weekend we took part in obedience seminar, which was organised by Canin Team from Slovenia. The lecturer was famous Finn Mia Skogster (MORE), who has perfect results from obedience this season.

She fascinate all the participants with her openness, exceptional feeling for dogs and her devotion to training. She really is a wonderful person, with such a tallent and perfection and I am sure she will have even more excellent results in the next years! We really had a great time. This seminar gave us the conformation that we are training in a right way (of course a little bit in a different way) and gave us some new ideas for the future trainings.
Congratulations to organizer for a nicely arrange seminar. Hope, more events like this will be held in our little country in the future.

On sunday afternoon me and Nuba went to KD Krim, where we had the final presentation of awards for the national competition in Rally obedience for the year 2008. We won a 2nd prize in this season, what is a great success, specially for such a breed. BRAVO for the two of us!



We were in Budapest this weekend, participating on Eurodogshow on saturday and on speciality dog show for swiss mountain breeds on sunday.

Nuba was extremely successfull on saturday. She won in champion class (9 bitches entered in that class) and was than also placed on the 2nd place among all bitches.

She got excellent 1, CAC and res. CACIB and became VICE EUROPEAN WINNER!

That is a great success, which will not be easily repeated. Judge: Milivoj Urošević (SRB).

On saturday it was not really our day. Nuba had enough of everything and she was really exausted. Even there were not many dogs entered, she got just excellent 2 and res. CAC.

I am very satisfied with all the results. Thanks Živa, Katja, Urša, Uroš and Grega for the great company. We really had a great time together and I hope, that we could go on some similar show trip soon.

It's almost 14 days from our breeding. Just a few weeks and we will made UZ scan. Keep your fingers crossed that our mating was successfull.


Me and Nuba went on a long "journey" towards Netherlands previous week, where we mated Nuba and Baron successfully. The puppies are expected at the end of november. READ MORE ABOUT THAT

We have done also some sightseeings there with my friend Ksenja. More about our "road trip" through Netherlands you can read HERE (only in Slovenian language for now).

From Netherlands we drove direct to Tulln, as we were entered for the international dog show yesterday. Nuba did a great job, she won and got CACA, CACIB, BOB and become Tulln Bundessieger 2008. Judge: J. Eberhardt (D). All results are listed HERE.

With this 4th received CAC she closed her Austrian championship and become beauty champion of Austria (Ch. A). Way to go Nuba!


6th national Rally obedience competition, KD Maribor, judge: Štefan Kolman, SLO

category RO III, 1st place

Bravo Nuba!


We participated on the 5th national Rally obedience competiton, which was organized by KD Barje. We were placed on 2nd place in category RO III.
Judge: Štefan Kolman, SLO

In the afternoon I snap some nice photos of Nuba and our cat...


I participated at the TTouch seminar, which was held by Linda Tellington Jones, lecturer and animal expert from USA. Tellington method based on a special circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body (TTouch), which stimulate the activity of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence.

The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions. This method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

Using a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, TTouch helps to release tension and increase body awareness. This allows the animal to be handled without provoking typical fear responses. The animal can then more easily learn new and more appropriate behaviors.

The Tellington TTouch can help in cases of: excessive barking and chewing, leash pulling, jumping up, aggressive behaviour, extreme fear and shyness, resistance to grooming, excitability and nervousness, car sickness, problems associated with aging.

This gentle method is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers in several countries.

foto: Bizjan    

More about this method can be read on : http://www.lindatellingtonjones.com.

I don't agree with all presented accessions, but this seminar was very instructive and gave me some new ideas for the training and also breeding.


Litter announcement
We are planing a very perspective litter at the end of 2008.

Nera (Nuba) × Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard (Netherlands)

- Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard (Inouk v.d. Zuiderwaard × Claus van't Keutenhoefke)

foto: Maud V.    

Health results: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes: free of all eye diseases except distichiasis (ECVO)
Show results: Dutch youth champion (Ch.J.NL), Dutch champion (Ch.NL), Dutch club champion for the year 2007, Amsterdam Winner 2007
Working results: character test (excellent - A)

- Nera (Nuba) (Miša × Yoster v. Ralligholz)

Health results: HD B, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes: free of all eye diseases (examination under ECVO)
Show results: International champion (Ch.Int), Slovenian youth champion (Ch.J.Slo), Slovenian champion (Ch.Slo), Slovenian club winner for the year 2007, 2nd place (res. CAC) at open class in the European dog show in Zagreb 2007, 1st place (CAC) at open class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Mallnitz 2007
Working results: Bbh, RO 1, RO 2, RO 3
Breeding mark: excellent, I. breeding class


We are accepting reservations!


Yesterday we visited Nina, Rina and Trixy. We made some long trip together and Nina shot few nice photos... (foto: Nina Bešter)

Tomorrow we are going to vacations! Have a nice time during this hot summer days...


Me and Nuba drive to Austria today, to make an eye examination. The results are excellent. Nuba is completely free from all eye diseases. That means she doesn't have PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), cataract, distichiasis, entropium, ectropium,... The examination was performed by ECVO specialist, dr. Hannes Gressl.
With this last examination, Nuba fulfiled also all demands for breeding of German (SSV) club (German club for swiss mountain dogs).

Last week we were hiking in Triglav national park. We gather some mushrooms. We also take some new snapshots. We are taking care for dalmatiner Bran these days, as his owners are on vacations. He is playing with Nuba a lot...

Just a few days and we are leaving for our holidays on Croatian coast!


I decided to add one short and funny film of our puppies on my web page. In the second part of this film, you can see Vran and Viva Karantanska-just 8 weeks old, doing sit exercise (even with distractions). It's unbeliveable how fast can puppies learn, if we work with them in a wright way. I have to emphasize, hat we are "training" this sit exercise second or third time here.

New puppy owners frequently ask me, when they have to start working with their puppy. Never is too soon! It is very important that puppy finds out as soon as possible, that it's worthy to cooperate with us, that we are full of new ideas, always interesting and we always have some tasty food in our pockets. It's even not important what we are trying to teach him, it is important just to have a good time! There will be still time for "real training"...



Finally, me and Nuba visited also Vila. The little one becomes vivacious and very energic young lady. Nataša prepare delicious fruit salad. Mmmmmm. Thank you!

More pictures of Vila - HERE.


I wish I never had to write this... Just 3 days after our visit by Nodi, tragical accident happened and he left us forever. We miss you so much - with your kindness and great temper you fascinate all of us... You were such a great dog!

In memoriam of Nodi - watch HERE


This weekend was very successful for our dogs...

Me and Nuba finally passed RO III exam and was placed also on 2nd place in RO III category (4th national competition, KD Pluton, judge: Štefan Kolman, SLO). Well done!!!!!!!! Hurraaaaa.

After the competition we visited Nodi and I snaped some nice Fotos. Look here.

Our Viva Karantanska participated oh her first 2 dogshows this weekend.

14.5.2008 CACIB Erfurt (Deutschland) - very promising (judge: A. Finke-Meyer).
15.5.2008 CAC Erfurt (Nemčija) - very promising (judge: U. Eisner).

Viva and Torsten, congratulations from Slovenia!


Our Valur Karantanski participated in national dog show in Hrušica. He was very promising again. Nice work Nodi and Helena! Congratulations!


We took part in second Rally obedience competition today. We were nonalignet again, because 3 of our excersises were estimated as negative (overturned cone, incorrect slalom entrance and deficient recall with down command). But, in contrast to previous competition, I am very satisfied with our work! Despite high temperatures, Nuba made her obedience almost excellent. It was me who made few mistakes in leading and also competition field was not adapted enough for such a big breed (cones too close, not enough space for excercise "slow" and because of this incorrect slalom entrance,...). We had to make some agreement with our competition committee about details in judging, that ther will be no disagreement between judges and competitors...

Our short film can you see here.


What can I say: "Good luck for the next time!"


We weren't really successfull on Saturday's Rally obedience competition. We showed the poorest work in our competition career and unfortumnately we exceeded the time limit (3 min) and were because of this disqualified. The temperature was too high for Nuba and she was completely unable to work. You can see our "non-work" on video below... I hope we will be more successfull in the next competition at the end of May!


Val and Matey came to support us. Val is developing into magnificent male! You can see some new pictures of Val. Click Puppies---Val (Vilin Karantanski).


Nuba won on international dog show in Klagenfurt (A). We were competing for BOB with Klark and this time we celebrated. Nuba got CACA, CACIB and BOB. Judge: Regina Weingartner (A). Way to go Nuba!!!

On Saturday we are starting with the Rally obedience competitions (national championship). May good luck go with us!

During the holidays we were hiking around. We visited also Arboretum-Volčji potok.


It was a very successful show day today! We participated on international dog show, CACIB Celje, and made great efforts...

Puppy from our V litter, Valur Karantanski (Nodi), recieve very promising 1 and became (with only 4 months) the most beautifull puppy of the show (BIS puppy). That is amazing result!!! Many congratulations to his owner for this great success!

Nuba was very successful as well. She got CAC and CACIB and with this last titels she became Slovenian beauty champion (Ch. Slo) and also international beauty champion (Ch. Int).


On our way home we visited Vran Karantanski (Mars). You can find pictures under

Puppies---V-litter---Vran Karantanski

We are looking forward to new dog show with pleasure! In May we are going to international dog show in Austria (IHA Klagenfurt).


We visited Matej and Val today and we went for a wonderful snowy walk...


We take part on international dog show IHA Graz today. Nuba was very successful again. She got CAC and CACIB. As well the father of our V litter, Klark, was excellent. He got CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, BOD 2. Congratulations! I am so proud of them both! ::MORE::


Yesterday we participated on international dog show in Zagreb. Nuba proved that she is in great condition after having puppies. She got CAC, CACIB and BOB (best of breed) with excellent judgement of the Croatian judge. Well done Nuba! ::MORE::


We added pictures of puppies with their new owners... ::MORE::


With the permission of Mrs. Lori Price (Jotunheim kennel, USA) we published breed study on our web page. ::MORE::


We added new puppy photos.... ::MORE::


New photos again! ::MORE HERE::

Bernese mountain dogs Athos and Best visited us...


New photos! ::MORE::


We were outside for the first time and really enjoyed it!!!


New photos! ::MORE::


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