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Eyes: free from all diseases (ECVO)


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best female on the Jubilaums-Klubschau, Switzerland, Langenthal 2012

With new owners


In new home

2 meseca / 2 months 2 meseca / 2 months 5 mesecev / 5 months
Gaia 6 months, Lianne, Barrat 8 mesecev / 8 months 8 mesecev / 8 months
8 mesecev / 8 months 9 mesecev / 9 months 9 mesecev / 9 months
12 mesecev / 12 months 12 mesecev / 12 months 12 mesecev / 12 months
12 mesecev / 12 months 14 mesecev / 14 months 20 mesecev / 20 months
20 mesecev / 20 months Karantanska swissies: Vilin, Nuba, Diva, Gaia 23 mesecev / 23 months
23 mesecev / 23 months 2 leti / 2 years Gaia (3 years) with 4 from her Z-litter puppies (foto: M. Velders)


Owners said about Gaia...

Gaia was a lucky shot for us. Having an interest in Greater swiss mountain dogs, we were always looking around a little bit to see which pups were available, which new breeders started having pups, which combinations they were using and so on. Of course the internet is a great help to see a lot.
One day we saw a beautiful female on the internet called Nuba and she lived in Slovenia. On the picture Nuba is standing in a river and she just looked beautiful and sweet and we fell in love straight away. I put the website in my favorites and looked at her once in a while. What a beauty...
The last nearly 20 years of our lives we have dogs, and the last 4 had been greater swiss mountain dogs since that is the breed that we really started to love. A couple of months after our Tara died, we started looking for a companion for our male dog Barrat. As he grew up having his sister Tara around, we thought it was a good idea to find him a new friend. So, we checked the internet and came across our favorite Nuba again. Since we were now living in Italy, Slovenia was not that far away... We sent an email and came into contact with Neca, the owner of Nuba. After several emails on and forth, and with a little help of friends that know us as good dog owners, (Neca was very careful about whom to give her pups, very rightfully I must say) Neca agreed that we could have one. Pfff, what a relief, and what a luck that this dog that we saw by incident on the internet and that we found so beautiful would now become the mother of our new pup! We were very happy and excited. But then the most difficult part started.... the waiting. Would there be females? After a couple of weeks we received very good news, there were 2 females and one was for us!

When the pups were about 4 weeks we drove to Slovenia to see them ourselves. These little bundles of joy were all wonderful and Nuba was simply great. We named our little one Gaia which means happiness.  That was what we want to give her so we found the name very suitable, also because the name both exists in Italy and in Slovenia. 
In December we went back to Slovenia and brought Gaia home. We can only say that she is the most easy pup we ever had. We must thank Neca for that! I believe she only had an accident in the house maybe twice. She is very eager to learn and was, and still is, a very good listener. She wants to please us and is always happy when we praise her. It is not so difficult to make her learn something new, as she is not only extremely intelligent ( you have noticed by now that we are very proud) but she has a hobby that really helps us a lot... eating! For food she will do anything and we know that her mother is the same!
She is very friendly to other people and other dogs. We could take her out for dinner when she was 5 months old and she would simply lay down with us so we could eat. She steals the hearts of everybody. The best moment of the day is when we wake up, and Gaia, who sleeps in our bedroom on her own bed, notices that we are awake. She then turns on her back, puts 4 paws in the air and starts wiggling her tail to greet us and demands bellyrubs, which we of course are almost forced to give her (and she always get themof course).

We had one reunion with Neca in April when we went to a dogshow in Verona, near the Garda lake. It was wonderful to see Neca, Nuba and Diva again, and it was also nice that Gaia was judged as being very promising with a beautiful head, expression, angulation and character. Well, we did not need a judge to tell us that! In short... Gaia is wonderful and we are extremely happy with this little lady.

Lianne and Ton


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