7.10. 2010
Multi.Ch. Nera (Nuba) × Ch.J.CZ Harley Swiss Star v.d. Wonneproppen (Czech)

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Females (2)
Males (3)


7.10.2010 Nuba gave birth to 5 wonderful puppies, 2 females and 3 males.Same as first and second time, she gave birth to all in a natural way. All puppies were again born completely without dew claws. Nuba proved us again that she is marvellus mother, but I didn't even doubt in her. More about litter and our adventures can be read below. This year, as the litter was not so big, we put even more effort into socialization and I think we really did an excellent job. Puppies were at the day of farewell completly self-confident and fearless. At the end I would just like to wish them GOOD LUCK in their new homes abroad.



Stud: Ch.J.CZ Harley Swiss Star v.d. Wonneproppen (born: 26.08.2008), import Germany
(Fanny v.d. Wonneproppen × Athos vom Ellernbruch)

Height: 71 cm, weight: 62 kg
Health results: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments: Junior champion of Czech Republic
Harley comes from German kennel v.d. Wonneproppen and lives in Czech. He is very nice stud dog, with strong bones and body, dark undercoat, nice movement and excellent character.



BITCH: Ch.INT NERA (NUBA) (born 20.5.2005)
(Miša×Yoster von Ralligholz)
Health results: HD B, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments: International champion(Ch.Int), Slovenian Junior Champion (Ch.J.Slo), Slovenian champion (Ch.Slo), Austrian champion (Ch.A), Croatian champion (Ch.Cro), Slovakian champion (Ch.SK), vice European winner for the year 2008, vice World winner for the year 2009, Slovenian club winner for the year 2007 and 2010, 2nd place (res. CAC) at open class in the European dog show in Zagreb 2007, 1st place (CAC) at open class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Mallnitz 2007, 1st place (CAC) at champion class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Čierna Voda (SK) 2009, Bundessieger Tulln 2008
Working exams: Exam from obedience with test in the urban area (Bbh), RO1, RO2, RO3, RO4




7.10.2010 FIRST DAY







Puppies are 17 days old today and they were out for the first time. It was beautiful autumn day, quiet warm and sun comes through the clouds here and there-so perfect for our sweeties to be introduced into real world. Eyes are opened already and they will get their first teeth soon. If they were more crawling till now, first steps have been made these days (of course they need some more days to walk properly). We didn't need to help Nuba with feeding for now, as she has a lot of milk, but in next days I am planning their first "real" meal, ground beef. They meet our cat Grinta today. Diva would like to play with them too, but she realised they are still to small for running around. Nuba was keeping a watchful eye on them, but puppies didn't care much about change of environment and after their meal by Nuba they fall asleep...




Our sweeties are every day bigger and more naughty. Now they can run around very good, so we had to make their sleeping room larger and more interesting. House full of balls, tunnels, balance toy and thousands of another different toys are now there to make them busy. I think this is very important for their mental and physical development. I would love to thank to friend Ole again, who send us a balance toy long way from Denmark. I think puppies will love that present! Pictures will follow... Today we took them on the first short walk (most of the time we carried them) and we met two beautiful berners - Athos and Best. Till now puppies tasted a lot of different food, but not yet kibble. I think different meet, vegetable and milk products are better for good start!




Puppies become very curious and they are exploring new things every day. Tasting our hands and trousers with their sharp teeth, playing and chasing each other, barking, growling and fighting, "attacking" the plush toys and chewing different things becomes their daily fun. Visitors are coming into our house almost every day, so puppies are exposed to wide variety of people. We are introducing different sounds and objects every day and soon we will take them to new places (car driving). Here are some photos taken during past week (4th week of age). Enjoy!




Time flies by very fast and our puppies will start to leave us in next weeks. Some are staying with us a little bit longer, as their way home will be quiet long and tiring one. Last weeks we are paying big attention to socialisation. We are driving them with car and accustom them to wide variety of different things. They are also spending more ours with us in living room every day, to get used to daily sounds (vacuum cleaner, TV, mixer, etc.) and I have to say they are almost house clean at this time. Of course some of them make "small mistake" here and there. All are microchipped already and in next days they will be also tatooed and vaccinated against infectious diseases. They got to know their very first snow yesterday. They were a little bit surprised by this strange white, cold, soft thing at first, but now they are running and playing in it with big pleasure.


And here two films made in this week:





8th AND 9th WEEK

Some of the puppies already left us and they are enjoying in company of their new owners. We received first photos and e-mails from new homes and I am very happy that all of them are doing so great. Gaia went to Italy (just temporary for a year or two, as her owners are there for business reasons, later she will live in the Netherlands), Gandalf to Germany and Grof Patoche to Belgium. Genja and Grant are leaving next weekend. Genja is flying to Finland and Grant is travelling to Netherlands. All are going to families and will be family dogs at first, but if they will be all suitable for breeding and will pass all the tests, they will be in breeding too. I was trying to find appropriate owners for Grant here in Slovenia (as I wanted to keep at least one puppy from this litter here), unfortunately without success. I had a little bit more strict expectations from new owners this year and moreover, I didn't want to send him in a kennel life. He has so extraordinary character and is really "will to please" dog, so I am sure he will bring a lot of joy to his new owners. According to all my effort to raise the best puppies (including choosing the right stud) and all the time I put into socialisation, I really think they deserve the best owners! In last weeks we visited so many different places, that they become completly indifferent to changes of environment. Wherever we go, they feel at home in a minute. Almost every day we were driving somewhere with car. Among others, we visited one of biggest shopping centers in Slovenia (BTC), their halfbrother Vilin Karantanski, berners Athos and Best,... They met thousands of different people (specially on our "socialisation tour" we were quiet an attraction) and they are because of this very open to all kind of people. I am very happy about this as in last time I can see too many scared or too reserved swissies... Last 2 weeks they spent most of the time outside and in our living room, but their own room was there only for sleeping. I always vacuumed when they were inside and they don't care about such a noises at all. From Diva and Nuba they were also learned how to beg for a food in the kitchen and how to dig a mouse:). So some nice skills, swissy should know. It is very hard to let them go into new homes and we will miss them with all our hearts, but I know they are all going into best possible hands. I wish you good luck in new homes little ones and I promise I will come to visit you soon! Kisses for all!