As previous years, I decided to take part in special New Years "presents giving" with my dogs, which was arranged by members of Slovenian dog forum Members of the forum, who decide to take part in this ceremony, have to send Chritmas gifts to the animals of other forum members. The draw decides who you have to send present and who has to send present for your dogs. So it is really tense, as you can never know who will be your Santa Claus. This year, because of my numerous obligations (most of all care for our puppies), we didn't plan to take part in and we were actually too late for entry at the end. But there were more people like me and we decided to exchange gifts for our dogs amongst each other... Christmas gift for Nuba and Diva arrived today. We shouldn't open it until Christmas Eve, but I was too curious to wait so we already had our party today. As there was so much fun around this present, I decided to put some photos here on my web and share our joy with you. Present was send to us by golden retriever Rumba and Cane Corso Brihta. Thanks a lot! We really had a good time!


In the morning doorbell ringed and the postman was standing in front of our door. With big, variegated, nicely wrapped box in his lap. Smiling he told me-it is not for you, but for your dogs. Nuba and Diva is written here, look. Uiiiiiihhhaaaaa, we got our Christmas gift. What can be more fun! Nuba and Diva were of course very happy and Diva start with opening procedure right away (I just have to help her a little bit).
Gift was opened soon and his rich content was nicely seen, but more than this, the paper which was around the content (inside of the box) was interesting for Diva. So from the beginning the biggest fun for her was getting this paper out of the box, throw it around and if possible tear it into peaces. Nuba, who was till now just observing what is Diva doing, come near the box too. She looks into, to found out if there is something interesting for her. She was not interested in paper and...
And she found something there... Jolly ball! That must be something super. She took it out of the box and start to chew on it the very first moment.
While Nuba was having fun with big yellow ball, Diva decided to explore the box a little bit more. Perhaps there is somethinh interesting for her too. She pick up a small blue package. She already wanted to open it, but I have to spoiled her pleasure. What she found were chocolate sweets-of course meant for me not for them. I took bonbons away from her, but she didn't mind. In a few seconds she was back in the box again...
Digging into all that paper, she found another package. This time something for dogs-nice cookies.
Nuba went on her bed to chew on a Jolly ball a little bit more, but in a few minutes they were both back by the box. What could be more fun than playing with all that paper! I was laughing from the bottom of my heart and decided, next year we have to write to Santa Claus to bring them a box full of paper, hihihihi.
And here are some pictures for the end-after cleaning all that paper. Thanks to Brihta and Rumba for such a nice present. And off course their owners Nina, Črt, Tisa and Bor. As you can see we really had a lot of fun!