We wish Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our friends!

Diva Karantanska Diva and Nuba Nuba


Just 10 days have passed, but we are celebrating again. Puppies from our V-litter are the reason for this, as they have their 2nd birthday today. Val, Vila, Vita, Viva, Mars and Venta happy birthday! We wish you awesome day and a great year ahead!

Last weekend me and Nuba pass the highest Rally obedience exam - RO IV. There are exercises performed not only of the left side of the leader, but also on the right side (right side heeling with all the elements). Judge: Mr. Rado Lukanc. I am very proud on both of us!

And at the end one nice picture of Baron, the "father" of our D-litter. He became Amsterdam winner on the biggest Dutch dog show past week. Congratulations to Baron and his owner!

Baron (Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard) and Roy

Amsterdam Winner 2009

foto: M. Velders


On friday we participated at speciality dog show, which was organised by Moloss Klub Zagreb. Nuba, Diva Karantanska and Val (Vilin Karantanski) were all very successful. Judge: Mr. Peter Monfoort (NL). Results are great:

Diva Karantanska excellent 1, PRM, JBOB, youth club champion (youth class)
Nuba excellent 1, CAC, club champion (champion class)
Vilin Karantanski excellent 1, CAC (intermediate class)

Congratulation! I am very proud on you!

judge Mr. Peter Monfoort (NL), Diva, Neca, Nuba

Puppies from our D-litter are celebrating their first birthday today. We wish them all the best in the future -to be happy and healthy, to get the best meaty bones for their lunches, to enjoy with their owners every single day, to be loved and petted as they deserve!

Diva Karantanska with her cake, 1 year old Dallas Karantanski (1 year old) and his cake

We made a long walk with Urša, Athos and Best few days ago. Dogs were enjoying as always.

Athos, Best, Nuba, Diva Diva and horses-Guys check here, I found a mouse Horse


Val (Vilin Karantanski) and his owner Matej have visited us. We made a long walk in a georgeous autumn weather. There are some photos...

Vilin Karantanski, Nuba, Diva Karantanska Vilin Karantanski, Nuba, Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska and Nuba
Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska Vilin Karantanski and Diva Karantanska
Nuba Nuba Vilin Karantanski


International dog show CACIB Šempeter. Judge: Mrs. Katrin Lahi (EST).

Diva Karantanska: excellent 1, PRM, JBOB

With this 3rd gained PRM, Diva became also junior champion of Slovenia in beauty (Ch.J. Slo). Congratulation my little sunshine. I wish you even more success in the future...

Diva Karantanska

Foto: Bešter and Merela


Nuba and me competed in the last national Rally obedience competition for the season 2009 on 18.10. 2009. We were placed on excellent 3rd place in category RO III. Judge: Mr. Sašo Cvek. And what is more-we were placed on 3rd place also altogether-in national championship of Slovenia, category RO III, for the year 2009. BRAVO!!! I think Nuba proved again, that she is not just excellent showing bitch, but also outstanding working female. There are not much dogs with such a results on both fields... I am very proud on her!

We are planning few dog shows during next months. First of all, Diva will try to finish her Slovenian junior championship in Vrtojba (international dog show) next weekend and at the end of November (20.11) we will participate on club show for molossoids breeds in Zagreb (CRO) with Nuba, Diva and Val. Can't wait to meet some swissy owners again...


We are back from the world dog show, which took place in Bratislava this year. I am enraptured with the results, specially with the results of Nuba. She became VICE WORLD CHAMPION in beauty, so second most beautiful bitch in the world! She proved again, that she really is very special, once in a lifetime dog, a typical representative of the breed with amazing character. My perfect girl! On sunday we participated also on speciality show, which was organised by Slovakian club for swiss mountain breeds. Results:

- World dog show Bratislava, 69 swissies entered, judge: Mr. Milivoje Uroševič:

Nuba (champion class): excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB, vice world winner in beauty

Val-Vilin Karantanski (intermediate class): excellent 4
Devil Karantanski (youth class): excellent 4
Diva Karantanska (youth class): very good
Diva showed all her "stupidities" in the ring. She was jumping all the time between running and later also didn't want to stand. We definitely need few "show trainings"...

-Special club show Čierna voda, 40 swissies entered, judge: Mrs. Uschi Eisner:

Nuba (champion class): excellent 1, CAC
Val-Vilin Karantanski (intermediate class): excellent 1, CAC
Diva Karantanska (youth class): excellent 4

With this 2nd gained CAC - on the world dog show and also speciality show, Nuba became also Slovakian champion in beauty! Thanks to all, who were keeping their fingers crossed for us!

Nuba, exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, vice european champion Nuba Nuba
Diva Karantanska Vilin Karantanski, exc. 4 (left) Devil Karantanski, exc. 4 (left)


Me and Nuba were competing today again-this time at national Rally obedience competition, which was held by KD Krim. We finished as 3rd in category RO III. Judge: Mr. Marjan Polajnar. Competition was really great and we spent another wonderful day there!

We were at international dog show in Celje past saturday. Results are quiet good:
Diva Karantanska-youth class: excellent 1, PRM
Val (Vilin Karantanski)-intermediate class: excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB
Kal (Dart Karantanski)-youth class: very good
Congratulations to us all! Judge: Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (CH). This was the first show for Peter and Kal and I am sure they will be yet better with a little of practice next time!

Diva Karantanska 10 months Kal (Dart Karantanski) 10 months Val (Vilin Karantanski) 21 months
Diva, Kal and Val (foto: N. Bešter) Tim, Nuba, Diva Val, Kal, Tim, Nuba, Diva

In the second part of september we were enjoying at the seaside. Our doggy friends were with us too. It was really super. Friendly athosphere, comfortable apartment, mostly great weather, delicious food. Matej, Urša, Val, Best and Athos thanks for your nice company...

Nuba Diva Karantanska Diva Karatanska
Val (Vilin Karantanski) Diva and Nuba Diva Karantanska
Best Best, Athos, Diva, Nuba Nuba and Diva

At the end of this week we are travelling to world dog show in Bratislava. Keep fingers crossed for us! I am sure we will have great time. 69 swissies is entered.


here were so much things going on during this summer months. I was quiet busy with studying for my last exam at the university, so I wasn't updating my web so regularly. This month and a half of studying was really long and tiring, but yes-I graduated and now I am officially-doctor of veterinary medicine. I am sure all the knowledge I got during this last 6 years of study will help me with ensuring the highest quality of breeding.

Me and Nuba participate at Rally obedience competition in KD Maribor yesterday. The work was mostly very good, Nuba shows her strong working abilities again and we finished as second in category RO III. I decided to change the way of our trainings about 2 months ago. Although we didn't work so much, because of all my engagements, I think some results are alredy visible (work is more dynamically). Judge: Mr. Kolman.


We compete also previous weekend at KD Barje where we were placed at 2nd place as well. Judge: Mr. Lukanc. We had a very nice time at the competition and both-Nuba and Diva enjoy meeting their four legged friends again.

More I have to mention excellent show results of our dogs. At the end of August we participate at two national dog shows. Nuba was entered at CAC Samobor (CRO) and she won in quiet strong competition. She gain excellent 1, CAC, BOB and in addition she got BOG 3rd place. With this fourth gained CAC she also finished croatian championship in beauty. Judge: Mr. Dušan Paunović (SRB). And the next day me and Diva drove to CAC Trbovlje. She won between young bitches, got excellent 1 and PRM and she opened her junior champion title. Judge: Mr. Miroslav Zidar (SLO). Well done my girls!!!

Nuba - 3rd place BOG II

foto: Nina Bešter

In the beginning of september our Val (Vilin Karantanski) pass his breeding test successfully (he gained 1st breeding class). He is from now on available for stud. More about Val ::HERE::.

Val Kal (Dart Karantanski)

We got a very funny photo of Kal (Dart Karantanski) from his sea vaccations at Pag. And also our Darma visited us. She became very nice young lady. Her photos available ::HERE::.

And at the end there are some photos of Nuba and Diva, taken during this summer months.


It's summer... Time for long walks, time to run around, to pose for a photo in the wheat, to go for a swimming, to dig a mouse,... Time for enjoying! We wish you nice holidays. New picture of Devil Karantanski (from his first dog show in may) also added. ::MORE::

Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska Diva
Nuba Nuba Nuba and Diva


Val (Vilin Karantanski) was X-Rayed past week and gained results are really great: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0. Congratulation! He was X-rayed on Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Ljubljana and pictures were checked by prof.dr. Bojan Zorko. After breeding examination in september will be Val available for stud! You can find information about him HERE.
And the other day me and Nuba finally visited Vita Karantanska. She is developing into very nice young lady, enyojing her life with her beloved family. Thank you to family Plešec for nice welcome and wonderful walk with dogs. You can find more pictures of Vita ::HERE::.

Vita Karantanska (18 months)

New pictures of Vila, Dijk and Dallas Karantanski also added on their pages (under puppies).


You didn't hear from us for a few weeks and many things happend in the meanwhile. Devil Karantanski visited his first dog show in Czech Republik and was rewarded with very promissing 1. Congratulation to his owner. This is already third puppy from our D litter with so nice judgement. Nataša and Vila Karantanska pass their BBh exam (exam from obedience and work in the urban area) successfuly past week. Bravo! Kal (Dart Karantanski) visited us and we made a long walk together. You can find his new picture HERE. He became very handsome young swissy. New pictures of Val, Vila and Duma also added on their pages.
We were on Pokljuka (part of the Triglav national park), where we spend 5 wonderful days. This alpine plaeau is really perfect for hiking with dogs-wonderful intact nature, never-ending forests and beautiful meadows with thousants of flowers. That were first "real" vacations for Diva and she was really enjoying them. We took many photos, you can find some here.

Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska Diva Karantanska
Nuba Nuba Nuba
Nuba and Diva Karantanska Nuba and Diva Karantanska Nuba and cows


Val (Vilin Karantanski) was very successful this saturday again. He participated on international dog show in Portorož (SLO) and won excellent 1, CAC and CACIB with perfect judging description. Judge: Hans Mueller (CH). With this third gained title, he became also junior beauty champion of Slovenia. Many congratulations to Val and his owner. Keep going this way! We are all very proud on you.

Val, 18 months


We participated at a national dog show CAC Hrusica (SLO) yesterday and finished with very nice results. There were 11 swissies entered. Judge: Uschi Eisner (A).
-Diva Karantanska (her first dog show)-puppy class: very promissing 1
-Nuba-champion class: excellent 1 and CAC
-Vilin Karantanski (Val)-intermediate class: excellent 1 and CAC
Here you can find one photo from BIS ring with Diva (thank you Matej) and 2 group photos which were made after the judging of our breed with other swissy owners and friends. Looking forward for new adventures. Thank you all for a nice show day...

Diva (foto: Matej U.) Klark, Diva, Nuba, Val, Leia, Tim Aaron, Leia, Klark, Diva, Nuba, Val, Hart, Tim


Nuba celebrated her 4th birthday past week. Happy birthday my perfect swissy! Time really flies by so fast. I long for many more years with you. As Diva was 6 months few days later, she got her own cake too. And today me, Andrej and Stane (buddies from our club) drive to Rakitna to visit schoolchildren who were there spending a week in the nature. We introduced them to dogs (different breeds, grooming, feeding, etc.) and search & rescue work. I took Diva with me. She was very happy among all those children petting her and giving her cookies. The "real work" was done by Var and Tisa, experienced SAR dogs from our club.


Me and Nuba were very successful today. At Rally obedience competition, which was organised by KD Ljubljana, we won 3rd place in category RO III. Judge: Marjan Polajnar. And here are also great news about our puppies. Dijk, Darma and Kal (Dart) Karantanski already finished their puppy class. Congratulations to their owners. We wish them a lot od joy with their dogs also in higher classes from obedience. Two pictures of our Diva enclosed.


We got super news from Czech Republik yesterday. Our Dora Karantanska won very promissing 1 on her first dog show this weekend (puppy class). Congratulations to Dora and her owners. Well done! We wish you a lot of good results also in the future. And here you can see short movie of Dora and puppies from kennel Lucky Swiss, which was made approximately one month ago. CLICK

foto: Krajčovičovi


After 2 months, which me and Nuba spend in Vienna (A), we are finnaly at home. I was fascinated at this old town, it's old buildings, glorious parks and it's friendly atmophsfere for dogs. Moreover my practical work at the veterinary university there was great. Despite that, it is so nice to come back home between our forests and meadows.
While we were abroad, many interesting things happened here. Diva grew up a lot and she is typical, puckish young swissy. We are starting with her trainings in these days and in may she is already entered for her first dog show. Nuba finished on the 5th place in the competition for the best show dog for the year 2008 under our breed club, which counts 32 breeds. The resultat is even more shiny, as she was entered into competition with only 6 shows (out of 10 possible), as I didn't show her so much past year. And that is not all. 19.4. there was a national dog show in Maribor (SLO) and our VAL (Vilin Karantanski) won JBOB and BOB there. That was only his second show and he is 16 months old now, so that is really great result for so young dog. Congratulation Matej and Val. We are very proud on you!

Photo from Val by Nina Bešter.


We paricipate on international dog show in Zagreb today. Nuba is not in the best form at this time, as she is changing her coat exceedingly, but she still got CAC and CACIB in competition with two other bitches. BOB goes to Austrian male this time. Judge: Heidi Kirschbichler (A). Here you can see also two newly pictures of our puppies with their owners.


We renovated page for puppies from our D litter. There are new pictures added- some already from their new homes. Click on the individual dog for more info. ::HERE::
Here you can see a funny film of our Dora Karantanska, which was made by her owners. ::CLICK::
In the last few days we finally got some sun. We made the best of it and took long walks around, some with our friends too. The pictures below are from walk with Athos and Best.


Our puppies are already in their new homes. Dijk, Dallas, Dart, Devil, Don, Duma, Dora and Darma will embelish future days to their new owners. Good luck in new homes my little tresures. And I wish also a lot of joy with our puppies to all new "swissy humans".
We keep one little girl (Diva) also with us, so you can read more about her on our pages soon.


We added new puppy photos in the age of 6 and 7 weeks on our page. ::MORE::

We were on specialitiy show for swissies, which took part in Ljubljana yesterday. We had our fingers crossed for Val (Vilin Karantanski) and Matej, as it was their first dog show. They really made a great job. Val received excellent 1, JW, junior club champion for the year 2009 and junior BOB. Judge: Satu YLÄ-MONONEN (FIN). Congratulation Matej and Val!!!

Matej, Val and sodnica choosing BOB - Val is the first in the row


Our small villain became real little devils. They are so lively. At the moment it is very interesting thing to practise, how to give a kiss on the cheeks or nose, how to tidy our hairs, how to bite the brother or sister in a tail and than run away, that he/she can not get you, how to snarl and bark in a "swissy way", etc. In the "sleepy" hours we are petting a lot. We spend an our or two outside every day. We made new individual photos and they will be here in a few days... For now I enclose some photos from today...


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