This year I didn't plan to participate on world dog show, as Nuba should become her puppies in May, so I adapt all my plans for this spring and summer to Nuba. But things actually didn't go according to plan and ultrasound examination in April showed that Nuba was empty. As in every bad thing there is also something good, new decision was made in a moment– we are going to Denmark. Five people and four dogs: me with Nuba and Diva Karantanska, Urša, Matej and Vilin Karantanski (Val), Mateja and Jan and their lovely Jantar. We etered just before deadline and started with preparations, as we decided to spent some vaccations there too.
The main reason why I wanted to go on this long way was actually not dog show, but »grosser camp«. Danish swissy lovers organize a camp for swissy owners and breeders from all ower the Europe. There were so many breeders I knew only through e-mails (and some of them really helped me a lot with my breeding), but I never met them in real. I just know this will be one fantastic experience and we have to be there. And I had right.

Our van was fully loaded with luggage and we headed towards Herning on Wednesday. Ride was very long and tiring, but after 20 hours we stood in the middle of our camp. For 4 days a caravan with tent become our home.

Grosser kamp

dinner time

Diva and Nuba (foto: Maud V.)

Ole, Klavs and other organizers really made great work and make sure we had excellent time there. During the day we went for some sightseeings, long walks with our dogs or did some nice things (cart pulling, etc.) and in the evenings we had parties till late in the night. We chatted about thousands of  things: dogs, different breed lines, exchange the experience about feeding our dogs, etc. and of course we had fun in many other ways.

Matej and Val, cart for 1 dog

Diva pulling cart

Val and Diva, cart for 2 dogs

On Friday there was a speciality show. Judge was Mr. Seamus Oates (IRL). Our dogs did great work, despite I had a feeling judge prefered not so heavy type of swissy. Vilin Karantanski won in open class (in Denmark this was the only class where CAC was awarded (which counts for Danish champion) so many dogs were entered in this class) and later became second most beutiful male, Nuba was third in open class and than fourth between bitches (she was really in awful coat condition so I couldn't expect more), Diva won in intermediate class. Also for BOB the system of judging is a little bit different as in our country. All excellent dogs need to go in the ring, so my friend Urša helped me and they made nice couple with Diva. BOB goes to Danish male Bendix (Home of Zoya's Bendix). Congratulations to his owner.

open class-bitches
(foto Pawel K.)

Urša and Diva (foto Maud V.)

BOB male, Home of Zoya's Bendix (foto Pawel K.)

Nuba (foto Maud V.)

open class-few males, Val behind
(foto Pawel K.)

Jantar and Mateja in the ring (foto Pawel K.)

After the show we made long walk with our swissy friends from Poland. Thank you guys for nice afternoon!

walk with our friends from Poland (foto Pawel K.)

Tara (Jantar) and Jan

one small group photo

On Saturday it was time for Legoland. Our dogs waited in the camp (we decided they need some rest, hihi) and we asked our friends to doggy-sit a little bit. We were amazed what people made out from Lego bricks. There are 58 millions of bricks used in sculptures in the park... The whole small cities are builded out of them.

in front of the entrance to Legoland

everything made of bricks

with Urša and Matej by "photographer"

This day owners of Diva's father Baron (Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard) came in the camp. We met each other after long time again and some nice family portrets were made that evening.

happy family: Diva, Nuba, Baron (foto Maud V.)

Diva, me, Nuba, Baron, Linda (foto Maud V.)

our Slovenian team

Next day the world dog show was waiting for us. There were 58 swissies entered (I must say I expected some more). The show ground was very nice, a lot of parking places, big rings and a lot of place around them, not too crouded. We met some new dogs and it was really nice to see them.
The judge was a madam from Switzerland: Mrs. Christine Rossier. The same as last few years all the titles went to Russian dogs owned by Mr. Klishas. World winner and BOB went to his bitch Gran Vencedor Beatriss, world winning male was his Sennenhund Rossi Zhrets Gran Vencedor.

Diva in element... First place-intermediate class

...and competing for world winner

both world winners
(female left, male right)

Among our dogs, Diva and her brother Devil Karantanski, got the most. Both win in intermediate class. Nuba and Vilin were excellent, but didn't managed between first four. Later I run with Diva with two Russian handlers for CACIB. We didn't have any chance, but it was very funny experience.


On Monday we moved in nice wooden houses and after that  we visited Jelling. Jelling is one of Denmark's most important historical sites. There are 2 big rune stones, which stand in the churchyard of Jelling church between two large mounds. In 1994 the stones were included on UNESCOs list. The Jelling burial mounds and one of the runic stones are striking examples of pagan Nordic culture, while the other runic stone and the church illustrate the Christianization of the Danish people towards the middle of the 10th century.

our small big house


with Nuba and Diva on a mound near church

In the afternoon we stopped by Farup lake. The water was very cold and beside dogs, Matej was the only one who went to swimm. Others just took some sunbathe.


wind mill

with Nuba by the lake

On Tuesday we visited open air museum in Arhus (Den Gamle By). 75 historical houses, gardens, exhibitions, houses, shops, and workshops were vaiting for us to be explored. The museum is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days. Here it is possible to experience a market town at the time of Hans Christian Andersen, where fairytale awaits just around the corner. We spend nice time there. Late in the afternoon we drive towars the beach. Our dogs really enjoyed it. We tasted Danish sea and we found out it is almost not salty at all...

We went to Givskud ZOO – safari park on Wednesday. Givskud Zoo first opened in 1969 and was originally known as the Lion Park since the only residents were lions. Since then, many new animals have been introduced and the park is now home to some 90 different species. This park was one of the best sightseeings we made on our tour-seeing so many animals from the comfort of our own van. We drive through the savannah zones and the lion enclosure. Here and there we stopped on large car parks and we can go between wild animals on our foot. Excellent experience. Dogs were with us too. If they were not allowed to enter in some parts of ZOO, we left them on a leash in a shade and they nicely waited for us...


lions-just few meters away from van

Khm, he looks a little bit angry...


Mateja, Jan, Matej, Urša, Neca

Uf, she almost put her head in our van between dogs...

wild animals:)

Diva and Nuba meeting their relatives


On Thursday we moved to Funen and visited Egeskov castle and the beautiful garden around it. Egeskov is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe. There are also more museums around castle (Egeskov's Veteran Car Museum, Motorcycle Museum, Falck Museum,...), but we just take a quick look of them as the weather was very hot and our dogs didn't really enjoy walking in hot halls. In the evening we camp near Egeskov castle. They really have a nice camping site.

Diva, Nuba, Vilin Karantanski (Val)

me with Nuba and Diva, Urša, Matej and Val, Mateja and Jantar, Jan

Val, Nuba, Diva Karantanska

rest after doing tiring sightseeings

Nuba and Diva Karantanska

Diva-sleeping in our tent

On Friday we drive to island Langeland and visited Tranekær slot and huge park around it in Valdemar (where we got lost). Later we go to a seaside and swimm the whole day. I could't believe how nice (warm) water was. In the afternoon we drive also to Great Belt to see the famous bridge between Funen and Zeeland. It is the World's second longest suspension bridge, with a span of 1,624 meters.


with Nuba and Diva in front of Great Belt bridge

Jantar, Mateja, Jan

On Saturday  we packed all things and started our long way back towards Slovenia. After 14 hours of driving, just befoure Austrian border, our van tyre collapsed. Grrrrr. We called the road assistance and after few incidents (screws didn't go on our reserve tyre) we managed to continue our drive.

our van with collapsed tyre

from Slovenia to Denmark

exploring Denmark

Denmark is really beautiful country and it is a pitty we didn't have few more days to spent there. We didn't have any problems because of dogs. People are mostly friendly with them and we can go with our four legged friends almost everywhere. But it is true we planned our trip that way. Altogether we drove more than 4000 km.

It is nice to win in the ring, but that is not the reason why we are participating on the shows. New friendships, new experiences, great time spend with all those swissy friends, seeing all those beautifull dogs in real, chatting hours about our breed,... is what really counts. And that is why we will keep going on the shows – as competitors or just as visitors! So see you soon guys (I hope)! And thank you for all that beauriful moments we spent together in the camp. It was really great!


PS: Maud and Pawel, thank you for beautiful photos!