Ch.INT. Nera × Ch. Laris Corbett Canis v.d.Zuiderwaard (Netherlands)

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Females (4) Males (5)
DIVA (Diva Karantanska) DIJK (Dijk Karantanski)
DORA (Dora Karantanska) DALLAS (Dallas Karantanski)
DUMA (Duma Karantanska) KAL (Dart Karantanski)
DARMA (Darma Karantanska) DEVIL (Devil Karantanski)
    DON (Don Karantanski)

On 24.11.2008 Nuba gave birth to her second litter - 9 beautifull puppies. She delivered 5 males and 4 females this time. The birth lasts for 6 hours and it went completely without complications. Nuba prove again, that she is perfect mother - one you could wish for. She cares for the puppies so nice and gentle. All the puppies are very nice colourated and their character is really excellent, despite very lively. All were born totaly without back dew claws again, as in our first litter.


Sire: Ch. LARIS CORBETT CANIS v.d. ZUIDERWAARD (05.04.2005), Netherlands
(Inouk v.d. Zuiderwaard × Claus van't Keutenhoefke)

Health results: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes: free of all eye diseases except distichiasis (ECVO)

Show results: Dutch youth champion (Ch.J.NL), Dutch champion (Ch.NL), Dutch club champion for the year 2007, Amsterdam Winner 2007
Working results: character test (excellent - A)
Breeding mark: excellent, 1st breeding class
Baron (as owners call him) comes from one of the most famous Dutch kennels with long tradition. He has a little bit more lively temperament and a lot of energy. He loves people and also other animals and love to spend full time with his family. His body is very correct, he has beautiful head and moves very easiliy, with powerful rich and drive. He is middle strong male. There are some excellent dogs back in his pedigree and I expect from this mating, among other things, to bring some fresh blood.


(Miša×Yoster von Ralligholz)

Health results: HD B, ED 0, OCD 0, eyes: free of all eye diseases (examination under ECVO)

Show results: International champion (Ch.Int), Slovenian youth champion (Ch.J.Slo), Slovenian champion (Ch.Slo), Austrian champion (Ch.A), champion of Slovakia (Ch.SK), champion of Croatia (Ch.CRO), European vice winner 2008, Slovenian club winner for the year 2007 and 2010, 2nd place (res. CAC) at open class in the European dog show in Zagreb 2007, 1st place (CAC) at open class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Mallnitz 2007, World vice winner 2009
Working results: Bbh, RO 1, RO 2, RO 3, RO 4


Our Road trip to Netherlands or how we mated... ::MORE::

25.11.2008 -----1ST DAY

27.11.2008--- 3 DAYS OLD - ::MORE PICTURES::

4.12.2008----- WE HAVE 10 DAYS

14.12.2008--- WE ARE ALMOST 3 WEEK OLD - ::PHOTOS HERE::


24.12.2008-----4 WEEKS OLD - ::PHOTOS HERE::

9.1.2009-- 6 WEEKS OLD - ::PHOTOS HERE::

10.1.2009----- ALL TOGETHER

16.1.2009---- 7 WEEKS OLD

----------------------EIGHTH AND NINTH WEEK

We cafefully chose males for Nuba-they have to be healthy (with all important health tests done), with excellent character and well socialized. The combination of Nuba and Baron was chosen in that way. It was very hard work for me to find a male, that will suit to all my demands. If I am honest, I was looking for appropriate male for Nuba for almost a year - checking pedigrees and health results again and again. I paid attention to health (HD, ED, OCD, epilepsy) and character, but also want a typical representative of the breed.

I foud Baron to be nice combination for Nuba for many reasons:

  • He has an excellent health background. All his brothers and sisters are HD A, ED 0, OCD 0.
  • He is well muscled dog with deep and broad chests. He has a very nice stand (except a little bit soft wrists) and angulation.
  • Like Nuba, he has an excellent character and is full of energy. It's very important for those who want to work with swissies.

I decided to mate Nuba because I think this could contibute in development of this breed. I hope that we will achieve our goals!

All our puppies are healthy (they are health checked by our veterinary), ID-marked, vaccinated and dewormed several times when they leave our home. They are growing up in a family enviroment and they are socialized with great attention!
They got a packet of food (for 1 week) (Hill's, puppy, large breed, chicken), a can, leash, collar, a toy, blanket (that smells of mummy, brothers and sisters), pig's ears for chewing, 2 nappies for peeing, tablets for dehelmintisation (against hooks and tapeworms), EU passport and export pedigree (FCI recognised) when they leave us.

Puppies are breed in a family environment.