Multi.Ch. Nera (Nuba) × Ch. Taboo from Swiss Star

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Females (5)
Males (1)
ALARA (Alara Karantanska)    
ALEA (Alea Karantanska)    


From left to right: Admiral Berto, Arsien, Aruba Maisa, Alpina, Alea, Alara Karantanska

Juppppiiii, we have puppies-5 girls and 1 boy. More info about litter below.



Nera (Nuba)
SLR Vpp 000202

HD B, ED 0, OCD 0

(20.5.2005 - )

Yoster v. Ralligholz
SLRVpp-000179, SHSB 602130

(30.7.2001 - 27.2.2012)

Dragon v.d. Regenhalde
SHSB 571624

Perry v. Ralligholz
SHSB 543023

SLR Vpp 000007

Axel v. Gutten Ton

Lara od Art
SLR Vpp 000002


Taboo from Swiss Star

HD B, ED 0, OCD 0

(1.1.2009 - )

Berne v. Wumelsdorf

HD B, ED 1, OCD 0

(20.10.2005 - )

Dufenhof North to Alaska
AKC WS01453002(04-06)
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0
Riverwalk's Jeneva
AKC WRO1683203(03-05)
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0

Carmen from Swiss Star

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
(7.9.2003 - )

Areck von Judhbu
SSV-GS 34471 000072
HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, Ch.INT, VDH, DE
Xarah v.d. Gaensewiesen
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0, Ch. INT, CZ, SK



Father: Ch TABOO FROM SWISS STAR (born 01.01.2009)
(Carmen from Swiss Star × Berne v. Wumelsdorf)

Health results: HD B1, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments:VDH-Europajugendsieger, VDH Bundessieger 2010, German champion (SSV, VDH)
Height: 72 cm, weight: 70 kg


BITCH: Ch.INT NERA (NUBA) (born 20.5.2005)
(Miša×Yoster von Ralligholz)

Health results: HD B, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments: International champion (Ch.Int), Slovenian Junior Champion (Ch.J.Slo), Slovenian champion (Ch.Slo), Austrian champion (Ch.A), Croatian champion (Ch.Cro), Slovakian champion (Ch.SK), vice European winner for the year 2008, vice World winner for the year 2009, Slovenian club winner for the year 2007, 2010 and 2012, Croatian club winner 2009, 2nd place (res. CAC) at open class in the European dog show in Zagreb 2007, 1st place (CAC) at open class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Mallnitz 2007, 1st place (CAC) at champion class in a special show for Swiss Mt. Dogs in Čierna Voda (SK) 2009, Bundessieger Tulln 2008, BOS in specialty show (Raduno) C.I.A.B.S. Valeggio sul Mincio (2011), BIS in VSSÖ Jubiläumsklubschau, Spital am Pyhrn (A).
Working exams: Exam from obedience with test in the urban area (Bbh), RO1, RO2, RO3, RO4


21.1.2013 FIRST DAY




30.1.2013 --5-9 DAYS OLD

First week has passed and puppies are doing great. They doubled their bith weight, what was of course expected as their main tasks in this period are eating and sleeping:). They are hanging on the teats all the time and Nuba is almost not moving away from them. Only short walk and than quickly back to her little ones. Here and there we can hear first barking trials, but mostly voices like "grrrrr" and "ouuuu" can be heard while they are sleeping and dreaming.


8.2.2013 --10-18 DAYS OLD

Our little ones are developing very good and soon they will be 3 weeks old. Eyes are opened and they are starting to stand up on their feet, but they can still not hear (I believe also this is coming in next days). First real meal (minced meat) will be offered on the following days and than, step-bystep of course also other delicious natural food. We gave them antiparasitic pasta already and their nails were trimmed for the first time. Nuba is so caring and sweet mother, really a mummy to wish for! It is so nice to observe them all happy together.


11.-18.2.2013 --3rd WEEK

Third week is here. Time really flies by so fast when puppies are around and of course we are enjoying every moment spending with them in the whelping box. Moments spend with those little puppies are so precious, hard (or impossible) to describe to you... Day by day you can see their quick development-they became much more mobile, lively and curious. The pups are becoming steadier on their feet and spend a bit of time now playing with each other and scurrying around the whelping box. They are increasingly becoming more aware of our family and more connected to people. They adore any attention they receive and completely enjoy being snuggled and cuddled as much as possible. As their ear canals opened finally, we placed radio in their room to play them different voices (thanks Vesna for CD!). Sharp milk teeth are growng out and puppies love to gently bite toys and also our hands to lessen discomfort. More and more people are visiting puppies and we are looking forward to some nice weather that we can take puppies out in the "real world" for at least few hours. Nuba is still spending a lot of time with them, but she started to come up in the living room to have few hours only for herself available.



20.2.2013 --4 WEEKS OLD

New induvidual photos were made today. To look at them please click ::HERE::.


18.-25.2.2013 --4th WEEK

Our puppies are 4 weeks old and now they became a real "little dogs". They are so lively and curious and it is not surprising that their whelping box suddenly became too small. We enlarged their place, so now they have whole room available. I know this is the start of probably the most influential period of puppy's life and much of what is learned during this period may last throughout their life.  During this time they develop social skills and learn about their environment so we of course made their room interesting as much as possible. We filled room with many different toys and new objects and start to expose puppies to normal houshold noises. They are so happy, exploring their new surroundings, running around, playing, chasing, rolling and wrestling with littermates, growling, barking and enjoying real doggy life. Physical co-ordination is still not fully developed, but their mobility is better and better. Nuba doesn't have so much milk anymore (or on the other hand puppies need more and more food) and despite puppies still drink her milk regularly, we start adding meaty meals 4 times per day. Puppies also received their second worming in this week. They didn't like the taste of suspension, but what is needed is needed. Moreover we had some sun yesterday (and temperatures arise a little bit), so puppies were carried out for the first time. They were a little bit unsure in the beginning, but new smells and things made them curious enough to explore their new, big, wide place. They (still a little bit cautious) ran around and had fun with Nuba, Diva and our cat Grinta. Gues what was the most interesting thing of their first outing. White, fluffy, cold thing... Snow of course. It was too deep to walk in, but they could taste and smell it. From all the fun they had outside they slept like a log when they returned back to their room. We made some lovely photos which are attached below.



5th AND 6th WEEK

Puppies are 5 weeks old and we have a lot of fun-playing, cuddling, exploring new things... As we are very busy and rather spend time with puppies than behind the computer, writing about all our funny adventures, you should look at photos and make your own story this time. Hihi.



7th WEEK

And here are the photos from 7th week. Puppies are growing fast and developing nicely. They have a lot of fun playing and running around-you should see them chasing each other or pulling for toys, it looks really funny sometimes. We go for a short walks in the woods and pastures every day to burn some of their puckish energy away. Very often we make trips with car-if they were a little bit unsure in the beginning, now they love it. Moreover each day I am taking few puppies to the clinic with me-there is of course much different environment as we have at home (a lot of traffic outside, many people, new dogs) and I think this is important part of their socialization. And they are allowed to go on couch, hihi (this is not allowed at home of course). We made new standing photos to have better opportunity for evaluation of every individual puppy. My first choice from this litter is Alpina (in the middle on the photos below) and she will be staying here with us, keeping company with Nuba and Diva. She has great constitution and nice temperament and I have big plans with her in the future. Vaccination and microchipping is planned for next week. It is not far away when first puppy is going to leave us...



8th TILL 11th WEEK

Our beautiful story is slowly coming to the end. Smrk, smrk. Arsien is going to leave us as the first one. Next weekend she is going to her new home to the Netherlands. After that Alara and Admiral Berto will follow, both going to live in Slovenia. Aruba Maisa and Alea are staying with us a little bit longer, keeping company to Alpina. Actually I will be flying with Maisa to the Finland in next week. She is going to live with her half sister Genja Karantanska. I was very happy when Sofia invited me to bring Maisa there myself and spent some time with her and her family and than I am planning to visit some of the dogs and their owners in Finland. I can't wait to meet my Genja after more than 2 years! Moreover thanks to my pilot friend Andrej, Maisa will be able to flight with us in the cabin of the plane, despite she is more than two times havier as allowed. Than in few weeks we are travelling to European dog show in Budapest. Alea is going with us and her new owner will pick her up from there. As you can see below we are still very active otherwise. Daily walks are essential to keep puppies nicely tired. More dogs there are, more fun they have. We started with basic obedience training (give paw, sit, walking on the loose leash, looking into eyes) and puppies are really trying hard. We are not being bored at all...



14th WEEK

Aruba Maisa is in her new home already. Flight went very smoothly and the little one slept all way towards Finland. I was really happy that puppies were so good soclialized, as she was not having problems with anything during trip. Sofia came to pick us (Urša, Maisa and me) up at the airport and it was so nice to meet her. We spent few days with her family and than we made some sightseeings (Helsinki mostly) and visit some other swissy owners. Thanks Sofia and Heli for your hospitality, we had great time with you! Alpina and Alea were waiting for me at home. My family took nice care of them during my trip. When I returned, they covered me with their kisses. Silly girls. We also made last photoshooting in these days. Only 2 more weeks and than Alea is going to her new home to Ukraine. She will be having company of 2 swissies there and I am sure she will love it. For now all puppies are doing great and we already received first reports and photos. I am very happy we found so nice homes for them. I am sure we will stay in good contacts. Good luck little ones! Have great time with your new owners and see you soon!