Multi.Ch. Diva Karantanska × Ch.Cro Oscar Zgornjesavska (Croatia)

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Females (2)
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Diva Karantanska
SLR Vpp 000471

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Ch. INT, Ch.J.SLO, Ch.SLO, Ch.A, Ch.CRO

(24.11.2008 - )


Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard
NHSB 2553035

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Ch.J.NL, Ch.NL

(5.4.2005 - )

Claus van't Keutenhoefke
NHSB 2267019

Inouk v.d. Zuiderwaard
NHSB 2414328

Nera (Nuba)
SLR Vpp 000202

HD B, ED 0, OCD 0
(20.5.2005 - )

Yoster v. Ralligholz
SLRVpp-000179, SHSB 602130

(30.7.2001 - 27.2.2012)

SLR Vpp 000007

Oscar Zgornjesavska
HR10039 VŠPP

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0

(16.7.2008 - )


Armstrong v. Creation Divine
NHSB 2553035

HD A2, ED 0, OCD 0
Ch.J.NL, Ch.NL

(30.7.2004 - )

Amazonas Broder Tuck
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0
Dodo v. Auli
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0

SLR Vpp 000202

HD A1, ED 0
(8.8.2004 - )

Brina od Radovne
SLR Vpp 000072
SLR Vpp 000029


In the evening on Sunday, 11.3.2012, Diva's first and so long wished litter finally come to the world. 4 wonderful small puppies-2 males and 2 females. Below you can read more about puppies, their parents, our adventures and funny time we spent together. Diva was excellent mother (I didn't expected she will be so great, as she is very lively and still a little childisch-but she became completely different when puppies were here). She almost didn't left nursing room in the first three weeks, caring for the little ones with all her care and love 24h/day. If Nuba was hardly allowed to come close first two weeks as Diva kept her eyes so close on her puppies, later Diva trust her more and they were enjoying their time together everyday. As usuall, we put a lot of effords in socialisation of puppies, so they were very self-confident and fearless when they went to their new homes. I hope their new owners will be happy and satisfied with them. At the end I would like to wish them GOOD LUCK with their new, lovely families. Long healthy lives and to be loved all the time. Sadly, with only 11 weeks of age, despite all our effords, we had to leave Porthos on the other side of the rainbow.



Father: Ch.J.Cro, Ch.Cro OSCAR ZGORNJESAVSKA (born 16.07.2008), Croatia
(Kessie × Armstrong v. Creation Divine)

Health results : HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments: junior champion of Croatia (Ch.J.Cro), champion of Croatia in beauty (Ch.Cro)
Height: 68 cm, weight: 63 kg


Mother: Ch.INT DIVA KARANTANSKA (born 24.11.2008)
(Nera×Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard)
Health results : HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Show achievments: Slovenian junior champion (Ch.J.Slo), Croatian club winner for the year 2009, Slovenian club winner for the year 2010, International (Ch.INT) champion in beauty, Slovenian (Ch.SLO), Austrian (Ch.A) and Croatian (Ch.CRO) champion in beauty, vice European winner 2010
Working exams : Obedience exam with behaviour test in the city (BBh), RO1, RO2


11.3.2012-- 1st DAY


14.3.2012---3 DAYS OLD

with mummy Diva

swissy sleep:))

Pal Karantanski

Porthos Karantanski

Papaja Karantanska

Prima Karantanska


18.3.2012-- 1 WEEK OLD


30.3.2012-.-2 WEEKS OLD


5.4.2012 ---3 WEEKS OLD

Our puppies are 25 days old and they are more and more curious and lively. Eyes are opened and they will get their first teeth soon. Noses turned from pink to almost completely black. Now they can run around very good, so we had to enlarged their sleeping room and make it more interesting (specially for rainy days, when they can not be outside). House full of balls, tunnels, balance toy and thousands of another different toys are now there, to make them busy. I think this is very important for their mental and physical development. We didn't need to help Diva with feeding, as she has a lot of milk and the litter is small, but in these days some natural-first "real" meal-was provided: ground beef, chicken backs, etc. to get their stomach used to new food. As you can see they were very enthusiastic about it. When the wather is nice we take puppies outside. They are so interesting and you can watch them playing or spent time with cudling them hours and hours. It's so nice to have puppies again and there is no better occupation than pettng small, warm, soft little swissy.



11.4.2012---4 WEEKS

Our puppies are getting bigger and bigger. Till now they tried many different kinds of meat, vegetable and milk products (youghurt, cottage cheese), but we didn't feed kibble at all, as I am of opinion that natural food is far better for them. We will wait with dry food untill at least 6th week. Time of numerous visits has begun and puppies love to be petted above all. They usually climb in your lap or just give you a sloopy kiss on your face, when you bow too low. We are introducing different sounds and objects every day and soon we will take them to new places (car driving).


all 4 together

Papaja and Pal

Papaja Karantanska

Pal Karantanski

Porthos Karantanski

Porthos and Prima

Prima Karantanska


5th AND 6th WEEK

Puppies become very curious and they are exploring new things every day. Tasting our hands and trousers with their sharp teeth, playing and chasing each other, barking, growling and fighting, "attacking" the plush toys and chewing different things becomes their daily fun. We try to do many different things every day. We already spent a very nice day on a real picnic with whole pack and we also visited new owners to be, who live about 1 hour away from us. We had great fun. Puppies didn't have any problems in car. But when we returned home, they were so tired and just fall into their beds and sleep untill early morning. So funny!



7th AND 8th WEEK

Puppies are wonderful and we are spending a lot of time with them everyday. It is such a pleasure to observe them at playing or exploring surroudings. Sometimes they are still so unsure and clumsy, but in next moment they surprise you with their inventiveness and self-confidence. They can walk through small , unsteady bridge over our stream and also walking in the wather is not new to them. Every day they are also spending more hours with us in living room to get used to daily sounds (vacuum cleaner, TV, mixer, etc.) All are microchipped already and they will be vaccinated against infectious diseases before their leaving. Time flies by so fast and they will soon go into their new beautifull homes, this time in Slovenia, so we will have a lot of chance to meet. Thanks to Nina, Aljoša and Urša for their help with photographing the little ones and special thanks to Nina who made those wonderful photos for us. We will miss our puppies a lot!



It was one of the hardest things in my life, but sadly, with only 11 weeks of age we had to say goodbye to our Porthos. He was so nice and cool puppy and we all got attached to him so much, but despite all our effords and care, we had to leave him on the other side of the rainbow. Life is sometimes not fair. RIP Porthos, you will live in our hearts forever!


Package they got at the farewell...