Papaja Karantanska × Hart v.d. Wonneproppen (import Germany)

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Females (4)
Males (4)


From left to right : Mr. Balou, Mango Zar, Meja, Megi, Majaron, Mailo, Melona and Mali Karantanska

There are 4 girls and 4 boys in our M-litter (10 puppies were born, but 2 females died after birth). This is Papaja's first litter, but otherwise the 3rd generation of our own breeding (grandmother and great-grandmother are still in excellent shape and both can be seen at our home). Both parents (Papaja Karantanska and Hart v.d. Wonneproppen) have lovely temperament, nice structure, excellent health (HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free-both evaluated at Slovenian University clinic by prof. dr. Zorko) and are great family dogs. Litter is co-owned (our first co-owned litter) and puppies were raised by Boris's family-of course with our help and menthorship. If you would like to find more info about litter, please read forward.



Papaja Karantanska
SLR Vpp 000759

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0

(11.3.2012 - )


Oscar Zgornjesavska
HR10039 VŠPP

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0

(16.7.2008 - )


Armstrong v. Creation Divine
NHSB 2553035
HD A2, ED 0, OCD 0, Ch.J.NL, Ch.NL
(30.7.2004 - )

SLR Vpp 000202
HD A1, ED 0
(8.8.2004 - )

Diva Karantanska
SLR Vpp 000471

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Ch. INT, Ch.J.SLO, Ch.SLO, Ch.A, Ch.CRO

(24.11.2008 - )


Laris Corbett Canis v.d. Zuiderwaard
NHSB 2553035
HD A, ED 0, OCD 0, Ch.J.NL, Ch.NL
(5.4.2005 - )

Nera (Nuba)
SLR Vpp 000202
HD B, ED 0, OCD 0, Ch.INT, Ch.J.SLO, Ch.SLO, A, CRO, SK, Ch.V.SLO
(20.5.2005 - )

Hart v.d. Wonneproppen
SLR Vpp 000 835

HD A, ED 0, OCD 0

(26.8.2008 - )


Athos v. Ellernbruch
SSV-GS 43892

HD frei, ED normal, OCD frei

(22.7.2003 -6.6.2013 )

Elixus v. Roddenser Busch
SSV-GS 36261
HD frei, ED normal, OCD frei, DT.VDH-CH
Frieda v. Hopfenland
SSV-GS 38941
HD L, ED normal, OCD frei
Fanny v.d. Wonneproppen
SSV-GS 46634

HD frei, ED normal, OCD frei
(13.6.2005 - )

Gordon-Karlsson v. Ahorneck
SSV-GS 42255
HD frei, ED normal, OCD frei
Gundelin v.d. Lischmatt
SSV-GS 41400
HD frei, ED normal, OCD frei



Father: HART V.D. WONNEPROPPEN (born 26.8.2008)
(Fanny v.d. Wonneproppen×Athos v. Ellernbruch)

Health results: HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Height: 67 cm,weight: 62 kg
Hart comes from a well known German kennel v.d. Wonneproppen. With a wish and vision to use him for my females in the future, I helped to import him to Slovenia more years ago. I love his pedigree with some famous dogs in it (who had actually great impact on European breeding). Also age structure in the pedigree is above the average. He is calm and very self confident male of great temperament. He has nice, compact, muscular body, heavy, strong head with a little bi too prominent stop, nice coat with dark undercoat, excellent movement. We had litter with him in 2013 with our Diva Karantanska. Combination proved to be very promising, so we decided to do a similar one. This will be second litter for Hart and we are really looking forward to those puppies!


Mother: PAPAJA KARANTANSKA (born 11.3.2012)
(Diva Karantanska×Oscar Zgornjesavska)
Health results : HD A, ED 0, OCD 0
Height: 67 cm,weight: 57 kg
Papaja is out of our Diva's first litter, where we had only 3 puppies-2 females and 1 male. She is second generation of our breeding and her mother and grandmother are still both in great shape and could be seen at our home. As I found pedigree of the puppies very interesting and also conformation was of great promise, I decided to give the most promising female into co-ownership for 1 litter; to be able to continue with this line in the future. Papaja has a little bit more lively character and very strong bones and body-she is a real "machine" who is capable of heavy physical work for more hours. She adores daily running with her owner and also hiking in the mountains is piece of cake for her. She was never lame or something like that in whole her life. She is very sweet and nice lady, happy to meet other dogs and people-but when needed she will also guard her owners's property with deep bark. She lives with Boris and his family in Slovenska Bistrica, approximately 1,5 hour from our home.


25.7.2014 THE FIRST DAY

Papaja few hours before delivery started most females will pant really bad before delivery, but Papaja was very calm co-owner Boris and Papaja Karantanska
Papaja and her big belly first puppy was born around 9 p.m., until 4 a.m. we had 5 cute, little bears Papaja is very careful-cleaning, feeding and nursing puppies
our box of happiness puppies with their mummy mama's paws are the best pillow
first born puppy-male (blue) second was female (violet) third was male again (white)
male (green) female (red) female (yellow)
female (trikotnički) female (krogci) male (indijanski vzorcek)



our puppies are out for the first time proud co-owners with Papaja Papaja cleaning the little one
first manicure Papaja posing sweetie
cuddling siesta on the grass "swissy" pose
male (blue) female (violet) male (white)
male (green) female (red) female (yellow)
female (trikotnički) female (krogci) male (indijanski vzorček)
Boris and his Papaja my, my with Papaja and her little copy
box of happinness Papaja whispered me a secret on my ear caring mummy Papaja with her puppy


22.8.2014 FOUR WEEKS OLD

Papaja feeding the little ones Boris and female (yellow) red strip beauty
female (violet) male (indijanski vzorcek) teeth are growing and puppies love to gently bite fingers to feel more comfortable
male (blue) female (violet) male (white)
male (green) female (red) female (yellow)
female (krogci) male (indijanski vzorcek) she kissed me ...
female (yellow) male (green) female (krogci)
ku-ku male (indijanski vzorcek) female (yellow)


10.9.2014 PUPPIES HAVE 6,5 WEEKS

female (krogci)-Meja Karantanska female (krogci)-Meja Karantanska female (yellow)-Megi Karantanska
female (yellow)-Megi Karantanska female (red)-Mali Karantanska female (red)-Mali Karantanska
female (violet)-Melona Karantanska female (violet)-Melona Karantanska male (white)-Mailo Karantanski
male (white)-Mailo Karantanski male (blue)-Majaron Karantanski male (blue)-Majaron Karantanski
male (indijanski vz.)-Mr. Balou Karantanski male (indijanski vz.)-Mr. Balou Karantanski male (green)-Mango Zar Karantanski
male (green)-Mango Zar Karantanski group photo lunch in the rain



4 generations-few of M-puppies, great grandmother Nuba, grandmother Diva and mother Papaja Meja Karantanska Meja Karantanska
Megi Karantanska Megi Karantanska Mali Karantanska
Melona Karantanska Melona Karantanska Mailo Karantanski
Majaron Karantanski Mr. Balou Karantanski Mr. Balou Karantanski
Mango Zar Karantanski Melona and Meja Karantanska Melona, Meja and Megi Karantanska
mmm, mud is so delicious so sleepy I am ... my, my Melona



Mali with grandma Diva Karantanska M-litter pumpkins and small swissy
zzzz zzzz zzzzz Papaja with Melono Mali, Meja, Mango Zar Karantanski
Meja Karantanska Alpina and Mali playing Boris with Papaja and puppies
Majaron Karantanski she kissed me... La vita e bella!
so, so sleepy Boris with puppies our cat Grinta and Mali
Majaron and Papaja mother Papaja, grandma Diva, great-grandma Nuba among flowers ...