IN MEMORY OF MY DEAREST NUBA (NERA) (20.5.2005-18.5.2015)

I wish I did not have to start my writting this way, not for some years to come at least.  After two months I am still barely able to gather enough strength to say it out loud, and I am writting this with tears in my eyes. In May we had to say goodbye, way too soon and unexpectedly, to our dear girl Nuba-that incredibly unique Swissy who changed my life and started our Karantanska story 10 years ago. Without her our kennel and breeding would not exist. She was a perfect friend, a once in a lifetime dog. I still vividly remember the day, when I held her in my lap at the breeder and we went home together-this was one of the happiest moments of my life. Very quickly a special bond grew between us. Nuba had everything-great structure, with a perfect character, a big heart and attitude to match, she was very stable, faithful, even magical.  She had the most beautiful look and the softest hair in the world. With her charisma she could easily impress people and with only a glance she could tell other dogs where their place is. I am incredibly lucky she was mine!

  Nuba (20.5.2005-18.5.2015)  

It is impossible to count the unforgettable moments we shared together, all the paths we travelled together, our daily cuddling, trips, walks and all the joyful times. We spoke the same language. I took her almost everywhere with me and she was her happiest by my side. She led me in the world of shows, breeding and competitions with huge steps. In the show rings we achieved results, which will be nearly impossible to repeat. She is still the only Slovenian swissy, who gained success also in the obedience field-not only passing the exams, but successfuly competed in national RO competitions for many more years. She proved that swissies truly can work and many times she surprised even me. She left a big impact on the breed and deep footprints in Slovenian breeding, which other Swissies will not easily fill in the future. She is written in history with golden letters.

Nuba, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER, BOV (best veteran) progeny group (L-D): Vilin, Diva, Alpina, Nuba and Gandalf; BIS 2nd place Rally competition-with Nuba we won many national competitions, she was amazing

Nuba was prepared to do anything for me and I loved her to the rainow and back. She was an amazing mummy, an excellent breeding female. She gave us 4 litters and set up a magnificent foundation on which we work and will build upon in the future. She was just the best! Nuba, I sincerely thank you for everything. Thank you for being the best dog I could imagine. Thanks for all the Karantanska dogs, for all the friendships we built on our trips. I am proud of you, proud of everything you gave us. You will always stay with us in our priceless memories and all your progeny. Thanks to everyone who helped us, for all your sympathy and nice words. She left us way too soon and I was sure she would stay with us for at least few more years. She was in excellent shape and in June she would have run toward her veteran world winner title. I never doubted she would achieve it, she was without competition. But obviously it was not meant to be... I had already  bought everything for her birthday cake, this year it would be something special as is fitting for her 10th anniversary. But I never managed to bake it. Only 2 days before her birthday she closed her warm eyes forever. We buried her in the woods near us. Goodbye my beauty, we miss you deeply!

Nuba with her daughters Alpina and Diva and granddaughters Riiwa and Rumba, March 2015 Nuba with her children (L-D: Vilin, Nuba, Diva, Alpina) after successful competition at VSSO club show (A) with Nuba on Pokljuka (2014) where we spent one of our amazing vacations